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   Chapter 5 Isaac

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Isaac was in the middle of the meeting when the phone rang again, it kept on ringing, the presenter paused occasionally as he thought Isaac would pick up the phone but he ignored it and stared at the screen, his assistant who stood on his side glanced at Isaac and he gave him a nod. The assistant Jermy Swan picked up his phone and left the meeting room.

“Hello, madam.” “Jermy! Where is Isaac? Tell him to get to the airport right now!” She shouted in an angry voice.“But Madam, Boss is in the middle of a meeting he can’t leave just like that,” he explained.“I don’t care what he is doing, tell him to hurry up and pick her up!” Mia gave a command and ended the call.Jermy breathe In deeply and looked back in through the glass door to see Isaac ,keenly listening to the words of the presenter. Jermy took a deep breath and walked in, he whispered slowly into Isaac’s ear to which he showed no response, and after a few seconds he muttered.“Let her wait,” He was least bothered about his fiancee's arrival.“But—““I said let her wait, we will go once the meeting has ended,

On the other hand Alex had successfully taken Charlotte in his car, telling her that her family had ordered her to bring her to the mansion. Ada waited at the airport alone for a long time but no one came to pick her up, two hours had passed but there was no sign of Issac, She was already tired and wanted to end the act when suddenly someone brought a cup of coffee. Ada looked up to see Peace standing before her.“Peace! I thought you weren’t coming,” Ada spoke in a relieved voice.“I wasn’t—“ She replied.“But you did!!” Ada got up and hugged her tightly, Peace managed the cups in her hand avoiding it to spill on her hands again, “I was so scared without you,” she winned.“I told you to not do it,” Peace added.“I am so sorry that I am late...I was caught up in some work.” Jermy ran over to them, Ada was facing him while Peace had her back towards him.“You are Miss.Charlotte-right?” He confirmed while glancing at Peace’s back.“Yes, it's me…” Ada replied.“Boss is waiting for you in the car, let’s leave,” Jermy added, and picked up the suitcase from beside the chair.“Is she coming too?—“ Jermy asked.“Ye-“ she was about to say something when Peace looked at Jermy and spoke.“No, I am not,” She directly looked into Jermy’s eyes, which caused him to freeze. He intently stared into her eyes and was drawn towards her.

“She will be going alone,” a Peace replied with a stoic face, Jermy got back his senses and he gave a half smile and pulled the bag, he wanted for Ada to move who stood in a state of shock.“ARe you really not coming?” Ada asked.“I can’t, I am here to meet someone,” She responded, she was about to step away when Jermy spoke up.“Have a nice day, Miss,” His words caught Peace by surprise and she glanced at him with a thankful gaze.Peace gave a light nod and mumbled, “You too,” and just like that she walked away. And it was just about time when the people she had been waiting for arrived. There was an old man in his fifties followed by many fresh faces. Peace slowly approached him and spoke with utmost respect.

“Mr.Derek, Pleased to see you,” she spoke with her usual voice. She wasn’t even trying.

“Haha!! If I didn’t know well… I would have suspected that you were least interested in talking to me.” He chuckled.“Thanks for understanding,” s

he gave out a polite smile, “let’s begin the meeting, I don’t want you to miss your fight.” Peace added.

“Wow! I am impressed…” he was a jolly man and he liked laughing but his words were really true, “ I wish I had a daughter like you who was this ambitious...but all I have is a useless son,” he clicked his tongue sadly.“I would have made you an offer to join my family but it seems like you are already taken,” he spoke.“Pardon? I didn’t get you,” Peace’s eyebrow twitched a little.“I meant I would have asked you to marry my son, but you are already-“ he glanced at the silver ring in her finger that had a bright red ruby beautiful crusted in it. Peace glanced at the ring and then back at the old man, her face formed into a bright smile this time even her teeth were visible, “You are right! I am already taken,” she chuckled. After some light conversation, The guy pulled out a file and handed it over to Peace. “I will be waiting for the good news then, I have high hopes.” He patted her head like an affectionate father and walked away. The young men that were following the man were awed by her beauty and most of all her talent. But the ring in her finger made disappointment appear in their eyes.Peace walked out of the airport while holding onto the file. The smile on her face was unfading when she glanced at the file. Her dream was finally coming true.She walked in a half dancing manner towards her jeep, and as soon as she got into the driver's seat she gave a loud scream of joy.

“Yes! yes! yes! I did it...yES!!” She squealed happily.

Ada got into the Balck Mercedes where Isaac was already seated, Jermy placed her bag in the trunk and sat on the driver’s . Ada’s heart was thumping as she was alone, and Isaac wasn’t even slightly interested in making a conversation with her. Ada chanted Alex’s teachings in her heart.

‘Always remember, Guys like Isaac likes to control things, so the best way to get closer to him is by acting weak, make him pity you and then you are good to go—‘

Ada breathed in deeply and spoke.“I am Charlotte-thanks for picking me up,” she blinked her attractive brown eyes, her eyelashes flickered like butterfly’s feathers, she held out her slender fair hand for a handshake but Isaac gave her a nod and rejected her hand coldly. ‘Sigh! Keep calm-they all start like cold blocks of ice and then they melt—he will melt too,’

She mumbled to herself and looked outside the window.“The weather is really nice,” she spoke, Isaac glanced out the window but that too didn’t interest him.Ada sat silently waiting for either of them to speak but No one did. The atmosphere was uncomfortable for Jermy as well and an idea struck him. He abruptly stood a sharp turn to the right making Ada’s body sway in Isaac’s direction, she fell flat on his lap in a romantic way, Isaac who was shocked for a second glanced at Jermy’s back he could feel him snicker he frowned and looked down at Ada’s stiff body, she was in the state of a daze.“You can get up now!” Isaac spoke in an indifferent voice making Ada uncomfortable. She slowly got up and curled herself in the corner.Isaac looked out the window to notice that they were on the wrong way, Because Jermy had taken the turn they were driving through a long route.“Jermy! Drive back—we have to reach the mansion quickly. I don’t have all day.” “Yes, Boss.” He replied in a dejected tone.

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