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   Chapter 4 Alex

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“Isaac! Listen to me for once!” Mia Mandoza spoke in a furious tone when she saw her son ignoring her once more.“I already know what you are going to ask me! And you know my answer,” Isaac replied, his eyebrows were knitted when he spoke.“Are you telling me that in this whole wide world, you have no one that interests you?” her forehead creased in irritability.Isaac stared at her for a few moments, he was silent unlike usual when he would reply to her right away, and then he finally looked away and said.“No, I have none,”“Okay! If you are not going to give me a daughter-in-law then I will find one myself,” she sneered at him. “Do whatever you want,” he responded grumpily and walked up the stairs.Mia waited for him to vanish out of her sight and then pulled Out her phone and dialled a call. And as soon as the other side picked up she uttered excitedly.

“He agreed!! Now let’s proceed with the plan,” She spoke with twinkles in her eyes. …………………………………………..

Peace woke up to see nothing but darkness, the night had already come. The cold wind entered the room through the open window but she wasn’t cold as Isaac was lying beside her. He was lightly snoring, Peace felt light and active so she slowly slipped away from the bed and walked out of the room in her cami top and waist trousers. Her long hair was untied and looked a bit messy giving her a seductive look. She walked around the second floor but there was no sign of anyone around, she slowly walked towards Alex’s room, she bragged without knocking and there they were sitting before a huge screen studying something.Her eyebrows ceased and she parted her lips.“Don’t tell me that you have started it again,” Peace spoke in a tired voice.

“Come! We have great news for you,” Alex pulled her in and seated her on the couch beside Ada, who was keenly taking notes, but when she saw Peace, she felt like she had committed a crime.“Okay, so we have a new prey . And this time we are catching a big fish,”Alex rubbed his hands and began,“Look at this,” he pointed at the screen that showed an image of a girl about their own age, she had short brown hair and a clear white face. She had bright eyes and a small nose. In short she was a pretty girl. Alex had an evil grin on his face. “This is Charlotte Evan Woods, the last and only owner of the EW Group,” he spoke in a greedy tone.“ARe you planning on going after A girl this time?”Peac

e asked.“No! —we are going after him!” He cackled and changed the slide ,a man’s face appeared on the screen. The familiar features danced before Peace’s eyes and she still emotionlessly stared at him. “This is Issac Mandoza, the successful and the most wanted bachelor of the country...and above all he is loaded! He was named the richest man in the country a few months ago,” Alex whispered.“What is the plan?” Ada asked while Peace stared at his face with a serious expression, her lips parted and she spoke up,

“Don’t do it! It’s not going to end well,” Peace’s eyes were calm as water but they carried a deep warning.“Nothing is going to happen,”Alex replied.

“So this lady here! Charlotte is the girl Isaac Is going to marry...what we have to do is, Kidnap this Charlotte and replace her with our Charlotte,”

“Hah! You think it’s that easy? What about the face! None of us resemble her even the slightest.” Ada added, her face was twisted.“Good question, but you asked that too soon!” Alex chuckled.“This lady here is nothing like a rich brat we know, she had no social media presence, no criminal record and above all she is a complete loner, no one knows her by face,” Alex chuckled.“What about her family? Do you think they are blind?” Ada asked.“Another good question— the best thing about this plan is that Charlotte has never been to the country before and her parents are already dead, she was brought up abroad away from her aunt family that were supposed to be her guardian, all they cared about was money so they sent her away and never had any sorts of contact with her for 15 years, and that makes her the best target because no one knows how she looks like, not even her family.” Alex fixed his glasses and looked at them to get some praise.“Where did you get this picture from?” Peace finally decided to speak.“I was waiting for this one—but that’s a secret.” He grinned.“So now what we need to do is, take away the real Charlotte from the airport and replace her with a fake Charlotte,” Alex stared at Ada with a meaningful gaze.Peace got up of the couch and walked away,“Where to?” Alex asked.“Somewhere—“ she replied and walked away.She just opened up the door and saw Isaac standing with a dejected face.“Woo-oo-“‘i thought you left again,’“I won’t leave you, come on let’s go for a midnight snack! I am getting hungry,” Peace spoke to Isaac and walked toward the kitchen.

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