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   Chapter 3 Jealous Issac

Gone With The Bling By Bstallion Characters: 6168

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“Here we are!” Jack looked out through the window and muttered. The car was parked in front of a black gate that led into a dense forest-like place. Without the gates one would think it really was the home to some beasts.“Why would anybody live here?” He asked.“You haven’t see it from the inside that is why you are talking like that,” Ada chuckled as she stuck her head out o father back window,“Hah! Yeah, what do you want me to see? Tree house and wild beast? No thanks I am good right here,” Jack scoffed.

“We will be leaving now!” Peace got off, Ada followed. Jack bid farewell to the two ladies and drove away.“Home sweet home!” Ada muttered, Peace had a calm expression when she looked at the trees.“I bet the kids will be really angry,” Peace spoke in a soft voice.“You are right! We came back after such a long time,” Ada walked up the gate and pushed it with great strength and it opened.They Walked in through the trees while dragging their luggage behind them, they head low chuckles of kids in a distance, that grew louder and louder and then in a distance they saw a Grey Utonagan running towards them, Ada’s eyes trembled as she had always been scared of dogs. She hid behind Peace whose eyes had a complicated expression in them, The dog jumped from a few feet away and opened up its arms, Peace’s tightly sealed lips parted into a blissful smile and she opened her arm wide, He landed safely in her embrace. Even though he was huge, Peace managed to hug half of his body like a teddy bear. The dog howled lightly , he pulled away a little and looked at the pair of blue eyes similar to his own.“Did you miss me?” She asked me A sweet voice that could melt a person instantly but the sweet words were only directed towards the dog.“Awoo…” he gave out a short howl and answered her.“Peace...could you please take your husband away from here? He is scaring me,” Ada muttered. The dog looked at her with his deep blue eyes as if he was getting disturbed by her presence.“Hoy! Look at that glare! He really thinks he is your husband!” Ada pulled up her sleeves, “ back off sissy this lady is already taken,” She marched at him.“Bark,” he replied, which made Ada jump in fright.“Isaac! No, you shouldn’t bite friends,” Peace spoke in a serious tone,e that made Isaac pull away from Peace, he stepped away and looked down at the ground, he made small disappointed sounds trying to gain sympathy.“I am sorry!” Peace crouched and kissed him on the head.“Is it okay now?” She asked.“Aoo-ao-ao-woo,” he made odd sounds while looking at Ada, “Hah! This son of a dog! He is mocking at me.” She spoke with dissatisfaction.“Ada! Why are you fighting with him! Look how sad he is,” Peace defended him while looking at Ada not noticing the smirk on the dog’s face.“Look! He is smiling!” Ada shouted.“Yeah and the next thing you would say is that he is planning to murder you,” Peace spoke sarcastically.“Well—“ Ada looked at him and mumbled slowly, “you never know,”

“And here I was worried that Isaac had gone nuts! Who knew his wife was coming back,” someon

e spoke in a sarcastic tone, Isaac’s ear stood up and he turned around to look at a guy in glasses wearing a hoodie, he looked the same age as them.Ada’s dissatisfied face formed into a smile and she ran over to him.“Oh my cutie!! I missed you so much,” she pulled onto Alex’s cheeks and spoke.“Why? Are you jealous that you don’t have a wife?” Peace asked while petting Isaac with one hand.“Hah! Yeah I am jealous of that rude dog of yours,” he replied.“Isaac isn’t rude! Look at his innocent face,” Peace replied.“Yeah that two faced dog!” Alex mutter, “Comeon the kids are waiting,” he spoke“They know?” Ada asked in a surprise.“Yeah I accidentally told them,”

Flashback!!‘Kids!! Get ready Aunt Ada and Aunt Peace will be here in no time,’Flashback ends:

Andrew took their luggage while they walked out of the packed trees, on the other side of trees there was a huge brown mansion that gave out a deep comfy feeling, it had a playground with colourful swings all around .

There were seven kids jumping around and when they saw them enter the smile in their face grew brighter. They were no more than ten years old. The kids circled around Ada and Peace, their tiny hands hugged their legs, Peace crouched down and hugged a few kids, she had closed her eyes and breathed out happily, those tender hearts loved her unconditionally and that was all she wanted for now.“What took you so long? We have been waiting for you,” “We are sorry, it took us so long to come back, but we are going to stay for long this time,” Ada spoke in an assuring tone.“Really?!” The excitement in their voice was heartwarming. “Peace? Why are you dressed like a bride?” One of the kids asked.Peace was caught off guard and she paused for a second, she wanted to look for an explanation when Alex intruded them.“It’s not the bride's dress, she is playing the fairy's role,” “Ooh!!” They cheered.“Okay now run along, They are tired, let the rest you can play with them afterwards,” Alex loudly ordered them and the kids pouted but they decided to leave.

Peace walked into her room that was on the top floor, everything was the same just the way she left it three years ago. Isaac followed her silently, and suddenly he made some angry sounds that made Peace look in his direction. He was glaring at the shoe marks in her dress.‘Chuckle,’ Peace smiled warmly and rubbed his neck.“Are you jealous?” She asked,“Ao-o-woo,” *Isaac no like other men~ (Isaac meaning,)“ don’t like other men?” Peace asked.“Grr—woo-ooo-waoo,” he made an odd shaped white his mouth trying to convey. his message to Peace.*i will bite off the legs once I find him,*

“Haha! You will bite him once you find him?” She chuckled and got up, she went into the washroom and freshened up before going to bed. Isaac stood on guard beside her bed.“What are you doing down there? Come on,” she chuckled softly, Isaac’s ears perked up and he hopped onto the bed happily.Peace hugged his soft body and placed her head on his silky soft hair, she slowly closed her eyes and drifted into deep slumber.

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