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   Chapter 11 11 Childhood Enemies

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As they pressurize the mud beneath their sinkin bodies, Rose slowly cleans off the mud from her eyes and continues to examine her body when Amol gets up.

Spitting out the brown substance, Amol speaks. "I think we should leave here now since that was a lot on noise,"

Later as they rush out with the ladder, their jaws drop when they find out that they were in fact alone.

"Hey where are the two other girls?"

"They've gone to catch the parade, and probably get some food,"

"Hey, I have a good idea. Why don't we all join them?" Amol asks with eagerness and rushes to the door.

"Sorry, but their parents had been waiting,"

"Don't worry Amol, we can always think of another plan," She whispers.

"And I believe you should take a bath before going to your Aunt,"

"Peace," Is the last thing Rose says before letting go of her mud friend and pushes past a guard.

Wow. After everything we've been through. Amol thought.

"And by any chance did Mother come for me like Rose?" Only a smirk is received from the guard.

"Okay, let me rephrase that. By any chance can I get my hands on parade food and shower for the next hours?"

And she did get her hands on both. But not in the way she expected.

Firstly, it was more of a shower from a hose laying on the floor, which didn't even get all the dirt off. And secondly, a kids' size burger bag for Amol only served as an appetizer for the meal that never came.

So thirty minutes later and she didn't think things could get any worse while she toiled the ground like it produced her lunch for the day, footsteps are heard and judging from the way they carefully crunched on leaves, she was sure they were also there to do with her. Especially when her senses pick up the strong smell of fragrance. One that Hayden only wore on dates, but stronger. So strong that she felt like her nose would fall right off.

Wishing it were one of the guards and who she already had pictured, all Amol can do is wish that their first meet after such a long time wouldn't be as terrible, as the ones that played like train wrecks in her nightmares, as she looks up to Jaime's green eyes' essence.


The music was already fading away slowly, giving the atmosphere a somewhat Texas vibe.

Amol didn't have a clue if the guy who was currently undressing her in her wet state was going to do next. Was it to plaster a wet kiss on her cheek for all these time, or will it be a punch in the gut, to show her that two years of bullying will be revived, although he must now be an adult.

But it wasn't any of those. Because the next thing he does, is an attempt to take her hand. Not take, but grab.

As luck's on her side, she jerks back that he could carry out any mischievous bidding of his.

But he didn't stop there tho.

Nope. The waist was still available and for some reason, Jaime wasn't feeling the need to keep his hands to himself.

"Hey would you just leave me alone?" She knew this question would be answered with a capital 'No' cause before she knew it, Jaime was chasing her around the school's largely spreader farm in the scorching sun.

They ran so much that Amol felt an energy harboured for a long time, revived and put into work, as they both entered the school. She knew that it would spell trouble for her if he caught her in that empty building, or any place for that matter that was empty. But as she rushed for the closest door open, Amol doesn't let the mud stop herself when she lets herself inside before shutting it with a quick lock.

Taking deep breaths as he begins to pound, her eyelids relaxes momentarily, before they take in an astonished corrector trying to seep out of his coffee.

"Sebastian! Thank God you're here, I mean Mr Sebastian! Okay look!" She slams her hands on his desk a bit too loud which makes his eyes widen even more "There is a crazy animal trying to he to me, and I don't know why, but he's been chasing me around," She goes for behind her deal immediately when the pounding gets replaced by silence.

"Hm," Is what Amol thinks she picks from his mouth as Sebastian gets up and adjusts his suit before going for the door and undoing the lock.

"Beast you say. Well what do you have to say about these sorts of accusations Jaime?" He let's the door open to reveal not a beast, but the opposite of what she saw in the farm.

"Nothing much Sebastian, only that my reputation in this school might still be the same," Placing one of his hands into his own dark blue pants suit, Jaime uses the other to brush his fire red hair off his green eyes like he was used to it.

"It was effective though. But I just wish you could have used a different method to bring her here,"

"Well I knew she wouldn't come with me at her own will so.. Like do you know where the um.." Jaime stares at Amol for a while. "The guy I was with is? Grey eyes, bad English that we try not to make noticeable,"

"So you're into men now?" Amol doesn't seem pissed, but instead smirks at how his body twitches at this.

"Don't mind her, you'll find him around here somewhere. Thank you by the way," Monsieur Sebastien says, holding for him the door.

"Sure. Hey Amol," Jaime holds her creamy gaze. "Masturbating at a picture of Marline wouldn't change anything,"

"How do you remember - no it did not happen Sir," Amol panics, trying to cover it up as Sebastian covers his face while Amol's hits up. "Urgh I hate you so much!"

But Jaime has already gone and shut the door after him.

That didn't bother Amol though, she was glad that the door was locked immediately after he lef

t. But why did she feel uneasy with the thought of Jaime eavesdropping?

"Now that we're out of ear's reach, have you heard from Alex?" Her head wipes to where his voice came from, which was where Sebastian sat calmly in his chair.

"Who? Haven't heard the name before," Replying, Amol now finds an unusual interest in her nails while she stretched them out for a better view.

"Oh you know, your tomboy friend, tell me she agreed,"

"Whatever do you mean?"

"You know what I'm talking about so don't take me for games," His voice comes out dead serious when he stretches his back so his face could only be a few inches away. Yet still, that didn't stop her from going on.

"Who is this Alex dude you continue to speak of?" Giggling when he gives up and flings back to his arm chair like a catapult, she waits for it to die down before continuing.

When no one speaks for sometime, Amol turns to him to try and see the scowl that most have tented on his face. Instead, she sees his sky filled eyes, scanning her face for something. Amol had always wondered how he was a man of color yet still had natural blonde locks, something Hayden had always faked, but never made me it. No wonder he was attractive to the eye, yet, Alex couldn't see that.

When someone or something trips over itself outside, Amol suddenly realises that she was occupying his table.

"Okay enough with the poop face," She refers to the grin that vanishes almost at once. "Besides, she gave me the same answer as always,"

"So you do know Alex?"

Rolling her eyes. "She says she's not into boys, end of discussion. Can I go now?" She gets to her feet and folds her arms, waiting for Sebastian to finish wallowing in another one of her rejections.

When he finally does. "Yeah, yeah you can. Just promise me - " He ruffles with a pocket of his blazer before bringing out an envelope.

"Promise me you'll give this to her?" He asks, certainly trying to give her some pestering puppy eyes, but she saw this coming, and made sure she couldn't see anything. For a while Amol remained like this, shutting her eyes with her palms, until she believes he has given up.


"Urgh fine!" With pressed lips, she pulls her coal black hair from her face, and squints her eyes for a better view. "A poem," She reads what is written in the packaging before staring him blank in the eye.

"You a poet now? Well let's see how much your writing skills have improved Monsieur," Trying to rip the cream packaging open, in a swift move it is taken to the air.

"No, you're giving this to Alex. Or… well I'll tell your Mom you got detention instead of volunteering to help clean the school to improve your falling grades,"

How could Amol forget? She's been trying so hard to get close to Marline her destined partner and find ways to persuade Mother to let her attend a university, especially one of her choice, when she forgot to do the actually studying - wait! What did he say?

"You did? Oh please tell me you'll actually let me clean the classes and all the other volunteering thingy cause my grades are actually kinda drooping," She says the last part in a whisper, before meeting his humorous gaze as Monsieur Sebastien bursts into laughter.

***Before she Knew it, Amol is walking out of the office door as the man inside continued to laugh hysterically while like a broken record, he continues to repeat, something about chasing two things at a time but getting none.

When she's out, her eyes go from pissed to bored as she picks up the statue, resting on the wall she faces immediately when coming out of the door.

Kicking invisible dust, Amol folds her hands. "You're still here, aren't you?"

"Well I'm not a ghost, so yeah I'm still here. But hey I didn't want to ask him since he seemed busy so I'll guess I'll ask you,"

"Okay? What is it?"

"Why do they add Monsieur? Is he like the French teacher or something?"

"No you're the idiot!"


"Oh sorry. Wasn't expecting something other than - forget it em okay why do they add Monsieur, no he isn't the French teacher, we do Spanish here in Chokque but he is from I think Togo or was it? Dang, where did we go for the three week holiday? Yeah, Cameroon, diverse country,"


"Hmm," She responds, not expecting to further the conversation. As they both stay in their personal silence, Amol closes her eyes while imaging what Mother could be cooking, when she holds her stomach as she hopes Jaime doesn't hear it rumble.

"Well since you're here, I think mommy left some donuts for you,"

"Really?" Her mouth begins to dry immediately as she ignores his comment. "A - And where are they?"

"In the team's lounge. But don't worry, I don't think the rats or anyone for that matter will bother to steal any of those sugary junks, judging from the fact that they're from that really cheap bakery shop,"

"I hate you," It came out so fast, that before she could cover it up, he reacted.

"You've said it already, we've only seen each other for less than an hour. Really need to work on your replies," He pats her back momentarily before walking away from their spot of conversation and disappears with the darkness, while Amol wonders who started the Childhood Enemies Into Lovers trend.

•••A/N: What will happen next? Seriously people, need your opinions, although I have that chapter in place already.To all those that have reviewed, you literally made my day, especially since tomorrow is another wonderful term with my wonderful classmates - not. Till next time and a good day to you all.


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