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   Chapter 10 10 A totally Different Way For Her To Drop Dead

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The weeds wavered beneath her cutlass, as her bold gaze domain. While she brushed it again and again, she couldn't help but feel like her surroundings were a prison. One that it's uniforms only flattered the curvy in shape, and that was and will always be just cruel. As she leaned under the sun that slowly melted each of their youthful backs, Amol didn't feel lonely one bit. Cause sharing the work with her, were the trusty compan - "

"D4, what the hell are you doing?" The girl in her personal space takes hold of her weapon of mass destruction.

"Explaining what's going on in my life," Amol looks to a far away distance that the one asking couldn't quite pick. Before adding. "Duh,"

"Well think you're in a TV show or whatever crazy stuff that goes on there, I don't care. All I ask of you is to let me think okay," All Amol does is nod.

Before scooping her dirty shoes towards her slowly. "Have you thought about your plan for us to escape detention?"

"Well duh," Amol moves back at this. Before coming back.

"And what could that be?"

"Good lord, can you just act like we're doing the weed first and stop looking like we're plotting?"


"Good. Well about my plans, hear the parade music?" She points to the school building they stood at the back and dirtiest part of.


"Great. Now here's the plan. Since the detention number is lower today than usual, we'll be split into two to take care of the farm. And we should make use we're both put together. Oh if only you know how much I want to see Jaime again," This gets a rare yet accurately pressured stink eye from someone who wanted the opposite.

Seeing Jaime come back in such a long time and the parade which was meant to cross the school to the Town's hall at the opposite angle was the least of her problems.

Mother was expecting her to arrive with Mateo and Alex. But judging from the fact that the four kids who have temporarily been turned into farmers in detention which was meant to end at five, she wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

Especially now that her rumbling stomach didn't leave room for her to bear the next terrible hours, leaving Amol with no choice but to try and find an easy way out.


As Monsieur Sebastien brings out a form for Jaime to sign.

"What's this?" He asks, picking it up as he scans it.

Stretching in his chair. "Oh just the official form for entering Chokeque high school although I have no clue why you would want to re - attend the same school you ran away from," Sebastien brings out a pen next, as he stares between Jin and Jaime, as if trying to pick up on their tracks.

"Read it first okay? You don't want to make the same mistake twice," Jin says, fully aware of how he ran away because he was suffering from provertyits (being around too many poor people).

But if not for this fake illness, how would they have met.

"Hahaha very funny. But for the record, it isn't entertaining and only earns you a punch," Jaime pushes his friend to the tilt of his chair in the midst of his chuckles, until Jin slips right arm first.

"Oh did I say punch cause I definitely shoved you," Grinning, he watches Jin get up, frowning as he dusts the invisible lint from his ironed suit pants with a frown and gets back up.

At seeing he isn't looking his way, Jin is the first to break the silence. "So - we even now?"

Turning as if his neck is stiff, his face holds disgust. "I hope your balls burst dumbass,"


"Okay I'm okay with not smoking in school but now I can curse?"

"No I mean that. You're bleeding,"

Jim's white sleeved shirt was attractive but yet defective. As now, Sebastien gets up and points at the damp area on the arm he crashed on.

"Ash, I thought it was healing already,"

"Already? Whatever, I'm going to get the nurse," Sebastien exits when a similar blond enters.

Jin tries to find out any other trace of his blood when his counterpart whistles.

"Wohoho! That guy is young! How old do you think he is? Crap, a guy with such dreamy blue eyes, heh I wouldn't be surprised if he has all the schoolgirls in his grip," He finally turns to him.

"Dude, is it really bleeding again?" He comes to the area.

"No no it isn't. Blood just happens to cover the place I got stabbed,"

"Well of you want to be angry, at least don't put it on me,"

"Although you might not believe it Jin, this is the least of my problems," It seems like he's lost in thought as he stares straight forward. "I try to be nice one day and a little girl takes advantage of that. Oh if only I could have her in front of me now, oh the things I would do to her," He groans, letting his eyes slide shut.

"From the pain you are going through, I'm sure you're not having arousing thoughts, hey don't bring that out, he can enter at any moment,"

Playing with the object in his hand. "Is she in the compound?"

"Yeah, what if she is?"

"Well I'll tell you, that this knife, will make more dents on her, than a basket,"

"Wow, I knew you didn't forgive easily but this is a little too far don't you agree? But I'll play my part and fetch her. But only, if you promise not to do anything drastic when she comes in,"

"Okay, I promise," He pouts with a suspicious face of utmost agreement.

Too agreeing.

"Good, see you in and hour," And he did see him at their agreed upon time. Too bad it wasn't with the girl, but with news that he would find her after he had met with Chokeque's ambassadors.

But Jin couldn't care less, he had a knife to polish.


It turns out that Rose was right out of them teaming up together, and they ended up getting a mouth dropping large rose bush near the correction unit's office to escape through. Know this might be confusing but you'll get it soon.

Since the doors to the inside were locked, Rose's plan was for them to escape not from the obvious, but from up. From their window. One that she already had in mind to be open.

But as they began 'taking care' of the rose bushes, Amol found it funny and ironic that Rose was allergic to roses. But it turns out that she was the only one playing the role of acting, as when the two detention guards followed the sound of Columbia's national Anthem.

"Ready, go!" And quickly they went. Using a metal ladder they had semi buried in the bush, the two leave D2 and D3, who ignore them and continue their gardening.

Letting Amol go up first, Rose puts the rusty ladder on the right side of the window so no one in the room could possibly notice them.

Climbing the piles like a pro, but with a heart pounding so fast that it brought a totally different way for her to drop dead. But that wasn't the case.

When she had finally gotten to the window ledge, she sighs with aspiration and eagerness for more adrenaline, driving her to the next mistake.

Believing she didn't need the ladder no more, she takes hold of the window blind inside and smiles, knowing it's open.

So now that Amol's only on one foot, she tries pulling the sledge open when the same foot gives way almost immediately and makes her only support, the handle of the window, and part of the ladder at her right hand.

As her friend watches her in terror, she tries to steady her waving nerves.

"Amol, I know this might be a bit crazy, but please don't look dow - " But if only Rose knew she was more curious about what was inside, than falling to her doom.



"Today's not gonna be A - okay why? Because Jaime isn't with my present yet," As Jin says this to himself, his shirt is already partially unbuttoned to let air in and he begins craving little bombs on Sebastien's table when a young girl's pale face pops up into Monsieur Sebastien's open window as her trembling arms held on the window ledge.

He brings his arms to himself only to notice that the girl looked familiar, until she didn't. Tripping backwards, her face disappears along with her hands and Jin gets up, trying to figure out what is happening.

With the knife firm in his grip, he moves towards where she came from and looks down.

"What the..."

"Ha! I'm sorry that I'm late, the matron and I got a little - drop the knife down!" He yells and points at Jin accusingly.

Startled, he drops his knife as his hands take to the air.


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