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   Chapter 9 9 The Rest Is History

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After Amol had let Candy and the other girls, the rest had went into faint yet painful memories of them taking place in an adolescence filled classroom. The fact that it's signature smell was armpit ela dirty socks, wasn't the issue. It was the students that made it unbearable.

They didn't bully her. It was really about the fact that they ignored her and went on as if Amol Ariz never existed. And that hurted more than anything.

Amol Ariz never had a clue why, but always assumed that it had something to do with her fiancé Hayden.

This conclusion was probably because of when the leader of the B'f'G (Back of the class gang) Zagreb, asked for her pen and referred to her as Hayden's bitch.

Right then, it didn't seem like he said it purposely to hurt her because immediately when it came out, Zagreb's left hand flung unto his mouth as the rest of the B'f'G (Back of the Class gang) remained silent. Of seemed like it came out as a result of

'Did people really see me as his toy?' Amol asked herself later on when Hayden had deemed it fit to drive all the way to her house, it because he missed his phone call twice.

But anyways, a parade would be taking place later on in her life.

Not immediately after being called 'Hayden's bitch', neither before getting detention for three months and only being in the second. But this parade occurs the next day after Hayden's surprise to go for a picnic, which doesn't exactly ends well.This parade will be a special event

One to introduce all the high class people, returning from other countries, or simple investors, looking for shares in Columbia's heart of nature.

And Hayden hated the fact, that his father was an ambassador, therefore, automatically making him one too.

But Amol didn't have a woman to think about, or a man to stop from having an affair with a guy she hadn't met for years, but that was Amol's reality, and she didn't like it one bit.

Hayden might not be jealous for her in the eyes on Amol, but she knew that the green eyed monster within him, was harboured

for a completely different reason.

Luckily for her, she had something to take her mind off things.

With the crops of the field were ripe, and simply needed harvesting. Good thing they had a bunch of people in detention.

But bad for Amol, since it would mean her missing the parade that was hosted by the school. As she will be working...

Still, this will stand the most the day, compared to what is going on inside the building...

*Guidance And Counsellor's Office*


This is plastered in the form of a sign in front of Monsieur Sebastien's office to make it more..... welcoming.


"Hey, can I use a dispenser?" A brown haired, pops his head into the school's counsellor's and disciplinarians office. He drops his phone immediately, and turns to the grey eyes.

"Do I look like one to you?"

"Of course not, but you have one," The visitor says, while snapping on an electronic vapor, before blowing the smoke out, believing he didn't see him.

"Actually, you can. But - " He takes the electronic cigarette from his hand. "No smoking around the school, especially if you want to study at an institute, which frowns at smoking,"


"What did you say?"

"That you're right," He smiles, as he slowly goes towards it and fetches a little amount of water, before pouring out white substance into it.

"It's glucose," He later says, at the suspicious glare of Mr disciplinarian.

"Hm, don't worry, your partner will be back to keep you company,"

Immediately when this is said, a guy with similar aura of curiosity enters.

"Great, you're finally here," The guy with deep grey eyes mouth goes thin immediately. "After the parade, I need you to go fetch someone that I know only you can,"

"Sure, anything to get out of this unnecessary parade," Jaime says, finally letting his eyes wander to the disciplinarian who looks away immediately seeing that he was caught, and Jin picks up his drink back, not letting his gaze leave the man in front of him.

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