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   Chapter 8 8 Chopped Pepper

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Written in block and bad handwriting, these words were all that was written on the paper, before Amol crumbles it nervously when the English teacher narrows her icy eyes on her.

*A Long Class Later*

Now that its time for short break, Amol isn't in the mood to associate with anyone, but when the shadows around her buried hear that occupies the rusted locker and as they proved not to be leaving anytime soon, she with her eyes closed, had to them before they open right up.

And then, the madness starts.

"How could you? What's wrong with you? Why are you such a wuss," Without a single warning, all these are thrown at her all at once. Amol doesn't know when her already swollen face begins to gush out salty water, but knows it did.

"I know it's all my fault, but I'm sorry okay? And I know I'll be in trouble and everything, but all I know is that I tried," With this said, Amol is hopeful when she sees everyone is out of breath, and grabs the belief that it was a successful tactic of making them feel sorry for her. Until,

"You freaking kid, do you think this is funny? You're bloody going to get all of us, especially me into trouble!" Candy yells so close to her fa

ce, that it wasn't only salty tears that damped her cheeks. And luckily for her, the crew that came along was able to stop any damage from being done on her.

As they held her on every limb holdable, Amol's hands drop from her defensive pose, when she realises that Marline didn't come to her rescue. In fact, she wasn't even there.

She's able to ask why, when an announcement that could have dropped her dead there and then was made.

"Mrs Ariz. May you make your way to the principle's office,"

But since she had a crowd surrounding her, Amol had no choice but to fake a bold look as she goes the direction of where the speaker's voice came from.

As the students that heard it begin to wonder what a good student would be called in there for, Amol has to bear the audible words thrown at her.

"Hope you get what you deserve,"

"Marline will so not forgive her for this,"

"You suck!"

Swallowing dried up spit, she tries cleaning her wet face with her white uniform sleeve, when she feels Mother's chopped pepper substance sting her eye.

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