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   Chapter 7 7 Ignore Them All

The Line Between Us By Ofvre Characters: 6809

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Everyone that lived near the oddly painted peach house three years back, might still be able to remember or recall who left that night.

A day, whose dusk held much moans and cries of despair, that tired even it's career skies.

She was only eleven back then. A tender age that could crumble someone from then on.

But fortunately for Amol, she has been able to successfully block out that era in her mind for quite some time.

Until now.

Who knew that the gates to a mare dream could serve as the doors to hell. But as she calmly realises that the faded nightgown she had on was more of a figment of her imagination as it had been long since she had it on, Amol watches past Mrs Ariz.

Yes she was a few white strands younger and wasn't as half skinny as the one she had later come to be, Amol doesn't know when her hands move to hide her mouth when she notices the body in her arms.

One that didn't move even an inch, although Mother begged her severely too. As she notices women rushing past her from nowhere, just to console the woman who couldn't let go of the soulless body, Amol notices for the first time that salty tears in her corners, truly preventing her from noticing the curses Mother raged on about what could have been something. Or someone.

This would be making it the eightieth time she was having this dream, but unlike the rest, something unusual happened in it.

It was the fact that she was unable to cry.

Unable to wail like Mother and flood the place with tears that couldn't bring Willow back.

Tears that were very much that night, but certainly, didn't match the amount of blood that flowed from the lifeless body's private areas.

And it continued. It continued until someone finally alerted an ambulance.

You might think that Mother should've done that immediately she found it on her doorstep, but with the woman that had spent up to a year with them, Amol could fetch from the little she knew, even though she was a preteen, that what brought her to their doorstep, had killed her already.

So years of processing this, and time after time of continually accepting the truth, Amol could pick out that everything happened for a reason. And maybe the mysterious woman's body wasn't dropped there for them to give Willow a proper burial, which they did of course. But maybe it was for something else.

And after years of overthinking it, Amol could only see it as a warning.

But for what?

Still in a nightgown, Amol recalls how she cried and cried and cried. Not only because it was sewn by that person, but because that woman had lived with them for so long.

Such a long time that till this very day, Mrs Ariz still keeps her picture on the corridor's drawer, which faces her room door.

And whenever Amol stares at it, believe it or not, she sees no resemblance between Mrs Ariz, crossing out a definite conclusion that they could've been sisters.

Suddenly, and just like how she remembered it happened in real life and in her past dreams, a gust of wind goes past her. It was so strong and furious, that it dragged the bottom of her dress up, so that it covered her entire face for some time.

Through that 'sometime', a lot happened. A lot that Amol couldn't remember, but for some reason, has been getting hints of it.

At first, she couldn't remember the blinding wind until the second night she had the nightmare. Dreams later, she could reme

mber the noise that came next.

It felt just like one that was produced from an engine, but what kind?

The producer is the last thing Amol has in mind now, cause now, she could see after the noise. Certainly, what came next was nothing to write home about, judging from the fact that after the noise, came silence. Utter silence.

What the hec was she meant to do with the quietness of everyone, even her mother.

But before Amol could find out, she is immediately getting drawn back slowly from behind.

It was like there was an invisible rope, pulling her out of something strong.

After a few tight pulls, Amol groans in pain as she is pulled out from a little girl's body. She had really short yet curly raven hair and when she turned around with tears in her little eyes, it took a few hopeful gasps to see it was her younger self, looking back to see where the noise might have been coming from, instead of searching forward.

And before she knows it, drenched with moist sweat Amol is back to the present. Eight years later, an initiation gone wrong and a probable future of making mistakes, Amol doesn't expect anything to pop up except from her needing to change white tank tops.

It was something entirely else. Something from the past that pops up.

And somehow, manages to sooth her, and bring a smile to Amol's cheeks.

It was on a normal day when unlike the rest, Mrs Ariz was out for the market and Alex accidentally bumped into their special drawer. They were having a game of hide and seek, when her sweaty fingers began to tread upon the framed smile.

"Hm, is she like a sister?" Alex blows the bubble gum silently.

"No, was just a family friend,"

"Oh. Well, she had your eyes you know," And that little compliment makes that moment hard to let go, since Alex finds it hard to say good things to her. Or anyone for that matter.

But it was something that never could be forgotten. No matter how long it had been. Thus, it didn't stop Amol from symbolising it, even now that she had a tough detention ahead of her earlier that day.

This begins an unpredictable morning and keeps her in deep thought so early in the morning, that she takes thirty minutes for fifty and gets late for school.

Luckily, she's able to get there with the help of Mother, who only manages to get with her to the Car park.

There, she's let alone.

As the classes change from one to two, Amol stops noticing their eyes glued to her skirt belt and Moore on the woman she had later learnt was raped.

Mother never tried shading light on this, forming her only information sources into gossips. And Mateo.

So still struggling with her thoughts while there were assignments since these days ago piling up, when a paper rock comes crashing with the side of her uwad.

'Ignore them all today,' She tells herself.

She decides to ignore it, when someone whispers- shouts her name..

"Amol! Read the paper you idiot!"

Idiot? Idiot! Why idiot was certainly a strong word. One that Amol never expected Candy to use for her and decided to open the scrambler paper to see if it was that important.

And to her dismay, it was more than urgent.


A/N: Hi. Author here. Just wanted to clear something. And that she has some mysterious detention? This is why she is having it.Also, I named it 'Ignore them all for all the people that have annoying classmates around them.Please add. Your libraries, Ofvre.

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