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   Chapter 6 6 Pick On The Berries

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_CHAPTER SIX_The reason why Amol had detention is simple. It was an initiation gone wrong. One that she needed to complete, if she was going to be a member of a certain clique so she could get closer to her


Amol certainly wasn't into girls. They were annoying and jealousy freaks with mixed emotions.

But there was something Marline had that she has always craved for in a relationship for years now.

It was exciting.

"So, I saw Marline at this exact spot yesterday,"

This grabs her attention as she looks up from the mat she was adjusting beneath her.

Hayden and his fiancee were now in one of the private corners in the park. On top of the hill and trying to work on her tan too, Amol is sure she heard him right, but makes sure not to let it show. Too bad he knew her as she knew herself.

"O stop squeezing that face just to pretend like you don't like her. But hey! Hippie and totally fine with it. As far as it's only a crush," He smiles and her head comes up.


"Totally," And he truly was. "But moving to more soothing things, how was your day?" Asking this, Amol pours in a cup of orange juice before handing it to him, knowing fully well that this was going to be long.


"So the cow isn't due for another two weeks but forget about the farm, how was detention today?"

"Urgh!" Amol groans tiredly before a burp escapes.

This is about the second time in a row Hayden was directing the questions to her life. And Amol would probably get suspicious, if she wasn't used to it.

But still, it didn't mean she was complaining.

"Well, I had to ignore the noisy kids as usual, but they really didn't both

er me today," She says and picks on the berries, which were the last things left to consume.

"Good, good,"

"But today, I got to hear that Jaime's coming back to our school,"

Silence, before he nods in agreement.

"Yeah, I know,"

"Of course you did. But tell me Hayden, are you ready,"

Hayden let's his eyes wander around the place for a moment, before turning back to her.

"What the hell do you mean?"

"Well now that he has agreed on coming and the Major's funeral coming up on Thursday - "

"And why? You don't believe your boyfriend is good enough to make a qualifying first impression than Jaime?"

"No, no I didn't say that. But now that it's brought up, sometimes I just feel like - I just feel like you don't train enough,"

"Oh really? Well point taken," Getting up, Hayden begins to pack up all the plastic plates before throwing them into the basket and begins to walk away.

"Hayden, where are you going?" Sighing, Amol rests on her knees as he turns back.

"What else? Going to prepare instead of wallowing my time on someone that doesn't deserve it,"

"Oh C'mon dude, are you really going to play that game?"

"See you in school, it's getting late anyway," This is the last thing before he goes down the hill and leaves her to pack the mat.

Amol seemed perfectly fine with the way he reacted. In fact, their relationship had improved a little.

So putting the rolled mat under her arm, she begins to walk back home. Happy that it wasn't even a mile away, and happy she wouldn't have to attend the parade coming up. Why?

Cause she would be having detention.

Life was simply peaches.

A/N: Wasn't feeling it today but hope you liked it and til next release.Ofure.

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