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   Chapter 5 5 The Hippie Mobile

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"Let's have a picnic my love," Is all he says, before grabbing her hand and running out of the school's gates.

Taking her hand into his two palms, Hayden places a gentle kiss that lingers for a while on her left hand surface, before pulling back up.

"Let's have a picnic, my love," Is all he says, like the blond doesn't even waste time, before dragging her past the tired yet sweaty uniformed bodies, until they were away from their unnecessary sneering, and out the school gates. Leaving Amol with two questions.

Why was Hayden so different?

And where in the world was he taking her in such a hurry.

In a car that had the color of a multicolored tie and dye shirt, Amol tries to get herself busy with her assorted card

igans she was sure the guy that was on the wheels was about to ship back to her.

Leaning forward when she's done, Amol's lips get real close with the driver who smirks in his view mirror.

"Where are we heading Hayden?" Once again, he takes her hand but instead squeezes it.

"Wherever the hippie mobile takes us," Amol grins at this before resting back.

Hayden wasn't exactly right about them heading where his car took them, cause within minutes, they had strived in the park, also the last place she wanted to be in.


A/N: I wasn't planning on writing these chapters in one day until I forgot I CAN'T edit my early chapters, so I

five so that everything can be even. Hope it's okay.Anyways, Happy readings!


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