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   Chapter 4 4 Guess My Three Year Holiday Is Over

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Updated: 2021-03-08 23:10

"Amol, cute dress. Heard you wore it for your pre - wedding, there it got burnt," A girl stands in her front, as Amol finally comes to the entrance of the school building.

Today is the first in five days she has attended school, and she really didn't need any drama from Candy.

Since Mother hated crowded spaces, and people, Mateo and Alex served as her only companions for arriving at school. Alex was a set mate who lived close to Amol. She had met the tomboy at her five year old birthday party and although they got along only then, Mother still insists she is one of her true friends and the rest were otherwise.

But now that both Alex and Mateo had their own class to head to, Amol is left with the only person that went to her same class. The slithering snake Candy. And although her name says the total opposite, she was known for her cunningness, and waywardness, as the neighbourhood Mothers love to gossip to Amol's Mother. The main reason why she didn't want Amol near her.

"Wow, not even a 'why didn't I see you in school for days?' Or even ' how are you doing?'

"Don't have to ask. With a mother like yours, that doesn't let you have a phone but let's you go around in a wedding dress, it's more than obvious you have messed up issues,"

Amol decides it's better not to retaliate and just say what she had in mind.

"Look, what happened with my Mom is my own business and mine alone okay? Plus, with everything going on in school, the last thing I need is for you to be a personal critic,"

It's not my fault no one heard from you for such a long time. FYI, Marline is still mad at you and I am too,"

"What? How do you know that?"

"See for yourself," Candy says, before nodding her head in a direction that Amol doesn't quite make until she takes her head into her hands and positions them to the girl just arriving and getting off from her car.

"Bye Daddy," She waves at the man inside before suddenly turning towards them.

With the uniform that fits her in all the right places, Amol wonders if Marline could look even more stunning on a Monday morning and decides not to say anything.

"Hi Marline," Candy's voice cracks a bit and Amol can't help herself but look down at her, while wondering if the gum she was chewing had got stuck somewhere.

"Hey - Move!" As you might have guessed, the first person she answered was the one referred to as Candy and the

other? Well...

"Oh stop looking like you're about to cry and let's go for class,"

And they do, just with about 5 minutes into it.


• Hours Later •

Ah detention. The one time Amol didn't get to see anybody he actually knew, and good food. Something that lasted for two hours per day, and she was meant to serve for three more months.

Amol has never been able to give anyone the full description of how she got this punishment with her head up. In fact, she owed the disciplinary officer/teacher big time for not exposing the fact that she had to spend time in school for other things and not for 'charity work'.

However, having been in detention for the past two weeks, surely came with it's own unique perks.

First of all, it gave her time to work on her art, which were mostly too realistic and demented scrabbles.

And finally, she could hear the whispers of the latest get together from the cool kids who usually sat at the back.

But today, our raven haired was certainly about to find out something.

As the detention teacher polished the seat next to hers, which shared the same desk as her.

While she tries to finish off the remains of some undeniably annoying homework, Mr Zung sighs dramatically.

"Ah, guess my three year holiday is over,"

She looks intrigued and her head goes up. "What exactly does that mean Sir?"

"Meaning, that we'll have a returning student - Jaime Hosalez back with us pretty soon. And I believe you Mrs Ariz, know him pretty well, although I wouldn't blame you for trying not to," And she does. Jaime is the only guy that everyone called them the "Childhood meant to be", when what Jaime has always wanted was to teach her how to swim with the fishes.


In fact, her familiarity with him goes so vague that she no longer feels the need to stay there anymore and ends up packing her bags just to head for the back, with the nasty kids right until the bell rings.

And as the time came for her to finally have fresh air, she was already reminiscing on if Mother made soup, when her eyes locked with the brown lunch basket in Hayden's hand.

A/N: Ever Had Someone Your Parents Never Approved? If you did, you can comment on why. I had a friend that no one approved. They said that she was too cunning. And to my later days dismay, they were right.

But it's not every time they're....

Till the next update, Ofure.

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