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   Chapter 3 3 Stop Making Deals With Dangerous People!

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Purple shoes handed the black box he brought out of nowhere to who she saw as the leader, who later on handed the box to the last individual that did the same, but to Amol.

"Thank you," She sneezes into the tissue.

"So you said the wedding is closer than you had expected?"

"Yeah, his family's lineage property needs to be acquired as soon as possible because of some bad people, or is it the Major's death that's taking everything into motion? All I know is that, Mother has, has this belief, that the marriage is more than that, and he is the only one that can take care of us," She snorts at this, pulling out one, and furiously sneezing into it.

Amol wouldn't be surprised if she ended up with a cold. But anything would go for her, if she came out of this alive.

Although she was spilling her life history like there was no tomorrow, the mind God gave her was trying to use this coverage to find the best opportunity.

The right time to strike. Cause with just one move gone wrong, right there, Amol believed she would take a dive with the fishes.

Or some other figurative speech that means death.

"That's bad as hell. But isn't he meant to be more than twenty?"

"No no you've got it all wrong, he wants to be second in command in getting the mayorship as promised as the one that recently passed away. Plus, why the hell are you even asking questions, you're supposed to stay shut," The leader says, before stepping on the man who was roughly beaten up back.


"So, as I was saying," Amol was clearly enjoying the company of people who were obviously willing to listen, something she wished Mother had the capability to do.

But this changes when she's interrupted by another rookie in black. He was casually making his way towards his colleagues and was about to address them, when Amol's white dress clearly indicated that she was an intruder.

Nevertheless, Amol clearly afterwards, couldn't let go of the fact that he begun fidgeting after noticing her.

"Em guys, our leader, has sent me here to call you all, and I think we don't need a tag along, for where we're going," The guy nods at Amol, and although it was obvious he didn't want it to be, he couldn't have been any obvious.

He and the leader lock eyes for a moment, until suddenly, they both turn to only her.

"Sorry Amol, and no hard feelings. But he kinda meant you," He reaches for the knife dangling on his waist, when he drops to the grass.

Like a Savage, Amol goes between his legs and with the knife in hand, makes a tight grip on the leader's neck, as the knife's blade glistened on his neck.

As they all go to make for a weapon, she tightens it.

"Have to! Kill me huh? Do you all think I'm stupid!" She screams at the top of her voice, as her green eyes glistened with mixed emotions. The screech sounded so real and unpredictable, that their hands went to the air.

It all looked like a film trick, one that took even her by surprise

"Come any closer anyone, I dare you! And you'll see his head roll right off like a watermelon,"

"You're a sick lady!" The one on the ground yells as they wait in anticipation for the next move.

"And maybe I am!"

A loud groan is made before the leader falls to the ground, trying to support his arm as blood begins to gush aggressively.

It was more than obvious he wanted to curse the day she was born as he muttered on the ground. But as the blood only numbed his arm and not the brain too, he stays satisfied with just murmuring.

"But he was the nicest," The one on the ground breaks the silence once again.

"He might be. But that's what you get for assuming you can easily do away with her cause she's a woman," Amol says before stamping on his stomach.

"And stop making deals with dangerous people!" With that, she dashes out of the forest, park or whatever. All Amol really needed to have in her pounding chest, was assurance. That everything was okay. That everything will be okay, and they couldn't possibly track her down for revenge right?

Right! But aside from them getting back at her, which might not be possible, noting there were at least five other Amols' in the city.

Hopefully, she has only come across one.

Anyways now that her safety was assured in the public, she finally realises that the knife she used to stab the supposed leader was still in hand.

Letting go of it, the sharp end makes an echoing noise when it collides with the ground, and immediately after, she goes for each rusted sink and lets the taps run at full force.

The vapour that clouds each of the five mirrors gives her the time to clear her mind.

Because of this, she couldn't see

her reflection.

But suddenly, Amol's head comes up, and as her eyes change it's shade of green, so does her attitude change as the neck she had always tried to shorten, slightly cocks to the side.

"It wasn't your fault, yes it was for self defense. Just like everyone they tried to act like they actually cared about what you were feeling, just to fulfil their selfish intentions," Amol could've added the fact that they could have raped her. But she doesn't, and does the opposite.

"Everything happens for a reason. This reason is to show you what you've been trying to deny for a pretty long time," She preys on herself, before slowly drawing to her drippy reflection.

"You're trash. And no matter how much you try to cover it, no one can ever love you. Not Hayden, now Mrs Ariz. All they'll do is use you until you aren't needed no more, and just like that - just like that!" She doesn't go further in her speeches, when her hand makes swift contact with the mirror.

That day had been the most violent.

And deceitful.

She had witnessed cultists first hand, broken her hand in the most indisputable manner, and lied to Mother it was a ditch she fell into, which immediately sold nothing she already had another person's blood on her.

Suddenly as it came, the lightness in her eyes went dim, as her head went directly to where the pain was coming from - her hand.

Seeing she could do more harm alone, she decides to head to the nearest person's house - Mateo.

But it wasn't only the inflicted pain that drove her to actual safety, but the fact as it got darker, she began to hear loud shots and suddenly fears for her life.

And that was history. Wait, no it wasn't. She met Mother in his room.

Her small heart tugged as Mother tears up in emotional pain, and Amol immediately runs into her waiting arms as Mateo watches the act unfold.

"I'm sorry my little greenwood, I know you don't love him but - "

"No Mother, let's forget it," She tries letting go but comes back like a catapult.

"No! I need to get this out my chest. What I'm doing now is for your happiness, for you to have a for sure future,"


"There are had people out there who might want to hurt you and - "

"And I understand Mom, and I love and cherish you because I'm sure you do it for my sake," She says with a weak smile and points at her wrist.

"But you had a rough day. Don't worry, I can pull out a favor and we can go to a nurse tomorrow," She says as Mateo takes a seat next to them on a worn out couch and makes soothing circles on her right cheek.

"Besides, you have time to let it heal while being grounded,"

"And that's why you're the friend I approve of," She says, before they high five each other.

"Amol! Amol! Guess what?"

"Urgh what!"

"Some evidence of a beat up were found in a female public bathroom,"

They are now in his dining room as she tries finishing homework for the previous day before leaving for home with her Mom.

"Oh, you don't say? Well, I hope the cultists would be put into justice,"

"Who said Cultist? I said a beat up,"

"And I'm on the verge of failing final year over petty things, so try and keep up,"

"Okay okay, I'll help," He says and takes the chair nearest to her, and begins to go through the tricky Mathematics formulas.

That might when they returned back home, was the first time Mother tugged her in bed, just like she used to when they truly didn't need to worry about petty things like Early Marriage and if someone truly did love you.

And Amol loved it.

"I missed you so much my little greenwood," And this also marked the second day in a row she called her that, after so much time.

"I missed you too Mom," She says and gets a moist peck on her drained cheek, before the light goes off.

They had a talk about everything. About Hayden, about marriage, and on the topic of further education. And after several further arguments, decided the marriage plans would take off in seven months time. A month after her birthday, but she was okay with it.

At least the plans were made together.

Mother also pleaded with Amol to forgive Hayden for any wrongdoing, and her response was to think about it.

But within her, Amol knew she had forgiven him already.

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