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   Chapter 2 2 The Eyes Never Lie

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As Mother jerks up, to see who it was, Amol's curiosity to see who it was expands as she watches her with excitement to finally see someone after these days.

Raising up, the girl's confusion clears momentarily as she watches her with eagerness while Mother, adjusting her afternoon gown, casually goes to see who was behind the door.

Opening it, she hugs the freckled boy with an arm case that walks in.

"Mateo!" This escapes from her mouth almost at the same time as she rushes towards her friend she hasn't seen for almost a week. But Mother doesn't let that happen cause she blocks her view.

"Jesus what has gotten into you nowadays? It's just Mateo, the guy you see everyday,"

Slowing down in her tracks, she knows Mother is staring at her so she looks down at her bare toenails.

Nails she has always craved to paint.

"Wow Amol hasn't seen you in three days and you're already in trouble. Bad girl," Seeing he had picked the best time to treat her like a dog, she watches as he treats her like a dog.

"Okay I think she's gotten enough now. I have Veggie leftovers for my daughter but you can also serve yourself some too," Making her way up the little stairs, she continues.

"And make sure you two behave yourselves while I'm in the shower okay?"

"We'll do," Replying at the same time, she waits until the door closes before rushing to her friend and smacks his arm, before hugging him. All at once.

"Yo you're acting like you have been gone from school longer than three days,"

"Really, you wouldn't be saying this if you knew what I've been through these past few days. But tell me, why did you come so late?" He looks at each corner or the room before placing his green backpack on a stool and going through it.

Few minutes passed as he searched the bag that held numerous oddities, before finally pulling out a small, shiny but silver packaging.

The three S's, Amol likes to call it.

"Mateo! You've finally gotten it for me,"

"Yep, your hero has finally come to your rescue. By getting you Oreo," It sounded like pure mockery but she doesn't let it bother her.

She had Oreo.

Picking one of the white chocolate covered rolls and placing it right in the middle of her mouth. She keeps her eyes shut while the cocoa settles and consumes her wholly.

Sighing and using the rubber band on her hair to tie it up for laters, she turns to Mateo.

"Holy Molly on ride. It tastes as good as the cool kids claim it to be.

She wants to converse more, but the urge to get more of the unfamiliar chocolate goodness gets to her first and before Mateo sees it coming, she takes hold of his collar and he comes face to face with her mouthful.

"I. Need. More," This comes as a demand and from the looks of it, she wasn't going to let go until he gives her more of what Mother refers to as unnecessary money eaters.

"Yes yes I see you want more and do I have exactly that? Of course I do, I'm Mateo. But before we can get to that," He slowly pulls her hand off.

"I need to talk to you about something. May I sit?" She nods at the stool and wonders why he treats her that way momentarily before she remembers why.

As he takes a seat where More initially was, she goes in to fetch more water and her mind goes dark as she continues relieving the most exciting moments of her boring life.

No one was allowed in the park after dusk.

Let's just say it was one of the late Mayor's rules that helped A LOT. But that might not be the case today. You see, as cultism was now the main event of the night in Chokeque, the rich as well as the poor kids used this as the opportunity to showcase their strength. But this isn't a no purpose varied activity, for how else can drug lords know who is golden for hitmen and bodyguards.

Who might want to participate in those you ask, knowing well that at any day, a bullet can end up between their eyes or in a worse place. But with promises of hot women, money, or even the unquenchable thirst for power, Amol never knew she could ever come across one.

Talk about a whole bunch.

Cause at the deep end of grass and bushes, was a man getting battered so badly, that it gave Amol the opportunity to see how fresh flesh looked like as two other guys in black sportswear and face wear thieves usually had on, Amol gets to her knees, deciding she had enough fresh air for a week.

So turning just to take hold of recently polished shoes that made her fingers slip from aside from fear, Amol's face slowly raises up when the last one that must have been watchin

g her since she arrived, cocks his head at her.

Somewhat to get figure out why a girl in a dirty dress, was witnessing the beat up of a traitor.

When Mateo's all settled, cup emptied and all cleaned up, it looks like he temporarily forgot what he was meant to say.

"You wanted to tell me something? Well go on with it!"

"Fine fine, no need to get impatient. Do you remember Jaime Hosalez?" Amol takes this name surprising and nods her head.

"No, no not really,"

"Okay well let's try and see if this will freshen your memory," Zipping open his bag, he takes out his new phone and slides to a familiar photo.

'Lord knows she would kill to use those non-button gadgets the cool kids use.' Not really focusing on the picture, she continues with her thoughts until they pause midway when her eyes focus on the red haired devil from a 5 year old yearbook picture.

"That bloody bastard," Although it was obvious her good mood was gone, she still managed to lower her voice.

"Yeah, that Jaime. The guy that shaved your head once," It runs out of his mouth freely while she cringes. Suddenly, the chocolate was no more sweet enough to quench his bitterness. So she gets up.

"Why are you showing me his pic anyway?"

He gets up too and keeps his phone back. "Well through the few days that have passed, we've learnt that he'll be coming back so will the family for the Major's burial,"

She knew this was the true cause of when The Major was elected and he appeared on her TV, to Amol's dismay.

"Sure Sure. I was in shock that he died after all the surgeries he had."


"But let me tell you, if Mr Chubby Cheeks comes her me - "

Giggling a bit. "Well sorry if it is up to me to break it to you but, he wouldn't have time to notice you, especially with all the girls available to 'comfort' him," With a tilted smile, he quotes with his fingers.

Knowing this was indeed a fact, she changes the subject. "Well now that is over, can I have the chocolate?"

"Don't have any,"

"Mateo!" Yelling, she gets on her feet once again bit this time, it was to chase her friend all around the living room.

The shadow that cornered her that night, held lots of qualities - although she couldn't see the face. But she had eyes. And as Mother loves to say when she goes "psychology mode," the eyes never lie.

And his grey ones, hold such mystery and uncertainty, like he was mercilessly trying to decode her, as Amol did the same.

His shadow which the cape he had wavering on the grounds, created a more dramatic effect for it.

As the additional darkness slowly cornered her, she didn't move a muscle.Probably because Amol was more than sure it was not some random Teenage idiot that went around looking for glory and power, but a real man. His proof for his muscularity was all Amol needed to take her eyes off what could become of her, but down there. Although sadly, it didn't hold any excitement, but didn't need that.

Shaking her head from the certainly unusual thought, she begins to grab for anything. Leaves, branches. Anything. Just for her to turn the hands of time, and change the situation.

"I'm - I'm not meant to be here," She finally is able to get out.

"Yeah, you aren't," He says, before making some hand signals towards her back. And right when she wants to check what he could be pointing at, Amol gets uprooted from raw grounds and goes flying so high, she was sure there certainly wasn't any going back.

It was dark, the moon was glistening so elegantly, and Amol never knew she could be so damn close to death.

When she finally is able to get off from his grip, Amol is pulled to the centre and accidentally collides with one of the member's purple left shoe.

When he goes to hold it with curses she is sure she was better off not hearing, Amol tries to stand her ground.

"Leave - Leave me alone! You murders were about to kill that man," She gestures to the man that was finally conscious.

"I didn't do anything, so you'll have to leave me alone! Or - Or else!"

As the one that exposed and brought her to the spotlight falls back to a tree log, the one that has been quiet since asks.

"Or else, or else you'll give me more reason to just end it all! Argh!" Amol punches the ground in frustration, as the tears she has been holding for such a long time, goes falling in a place she least expected.

A/N: Hope you loved this chapter, next is coming quicker than you expected. Nah, let's not make promises. ;)Good night and please comment on your favourite part

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