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   Chapter 1 1- I Hope You Die Of Poverty You Poor Fool!

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Why does falling in love have to be so damn difficult?

From the heated pages in the romance novels, to the same content based Disney films, Amol has. always thought that falling in love would one of her best moments, but in truth, it just feels like fate has something else in mind.

Adjusting her behind to find some comfortability in the hard cushion, Mrs Ariz's attention seemed to still be intact so she continues.

"Like I've said earlier," Amol begins with something really thick struggling in her throat." It's not as easy as you make it sound. Yes Hayden can be 'cute' in quote, and yes he seems to harbour the affections you claim he does, and although I feel something strong for him, I don't think it's exactly in the love department," As it slips carelessly from her tongue, she waits impatiently for her reply.

Amol already knew that it was dangerous waters that was treading on, but hearing her mother take in a breath of frustration, it's more than obvious this talk was taking a toll on both of them.

It has been less than 24 hours since she hell went loose when Hayden and his parents came, but somehow as she frittered with her fingers, Amol kept reviewing how her day went - Unexpectedly.

Most people might love to blame Mrs Ariz for this. But she was simply human, and humans make mistakes. No matter how in dignified they might be.

Amol has always thought she would be saved by Prince charming while being cornered by a bully on the rainiest day but while having dry hair, but not to be confused on whether if getting married to her boyfriend would be the right choice.

At the age of eighteen.

Most parents would let their kids date for years to come without popping the question. Hec, they'll probably go on with doing the deeds before the time comes. If it ever does.

So staring straight at Hayden's highlighted smile, to her soon to be father in-law and the other three relations that came with, she just had one question.

Why me? And why did Mother have to sew such a fancy blue dress for just a get together.

At least that's what she was told it was.

While they all raise to their feet as Mother comes to view in a simple dress compared to hers, Amol could have sworn she had purposely paused midst stairs, just to admire her and the gentleman in a black suit she could bet was borrowed from home father.

Still Amol wasn't bothered about that. For she had the announcement Mother was about to make to comfort her.

Not recently but right in the same day, she'd been given the opportunity to make her choice on marrying Hayden, or not. And Amol had finalised she would give her thoughts to everyone, cause although she looked happy in the cheap yet itchy simple fabric, what she wanted most was to call off everything, get on her blue shiny bicycle and pedal away from what she'd been forced to.

The thing is, she didn't have a bicycle.

But Mother proved dreaming of owning one should be the last thing in mind when she pops open the alcoholic velvet wine that she was certainly sure came from Hayden's part, and pours it out for their guests. So patiently waiting for long until the small smile falters in slow motion.

"Thank you all for coming. Truly, thank you all for coming. But to keep things short as you all have homes to attend to, I'll keep the announcement short too. The preparations for Amol to get married must be taken care of the Month of her next birthday which is by six months from now. Thank you,"

An applause is made after that, before each wrinkled man congrats the newly engaged man.

"You'll do good like your Father,"

"You had sense by picking such an innocent maiden,"

"I hope to get nephews to inherit our name before the full moon, if you know what I mean," Of course Amol knew exactly what they meant by that. So getting up, she expected words to come our that would end the whole madness right there.

But with all the eyes placed on her, all she could do was fume silently, as she cursed the ground under her feet, for letting this happen.

Suddenly, someone gets up. "Don't worry everyone, I'll take my lovely Amol upstairs, I believe all she needs is a

little sleep to keep her mind at rest," Hayden assures everyone and makes for her.

"No. I can go by myself and with anyone else. But not you,"

"Amol!" Mother's sharp voice strikes her but she makes for her room, with only one thought in mind.


When she finally reaches there, with great anticipation, her racing mind had already settled on her blaming Mother no more, cause she knew deep down, it couldn't be the poor woman's fault.

Born and raised in the same little duplex with no idea of what could be of them the next day, Mother's solution would still remain the same whenever she brought up the topic of higher education with only few months remaining in high school.

"The poor man's dream is for a certified three course meal for the whole week, not to attend a university."

It was more than obvious Mother used university unknowingly or otherwise to add Hayden into her future in two years time. But as she locks the door immediately after entering, she was more than sure she and Hayden living together would require on of them filling up a body bag at the end of the day.

Banging so hard that it only enhanced her headache, his voice is heard.

"You slut, I know you don't want to marry me, but did you have to let everyone know?"

Before she could continue relieving the dreaded earlier experience, she gets snapped back into reality.

"Amol, child. Love isn't just felt, it is made with someone that cares for you. And as it shows that age doesn't show in your thinking, I'll enlighten you one more time. Hayden is the only male out there for you, therefore you'll have to learn to love him back. Unless you want to continue living in this dump," She points at our worn out environment before closing her Therapy Journal.

Sighing, she figures it will be better to speak her mind immediately, since the opportunity to talk to her doesn't come easy.

"I understand where you going, I truly do. But Mother - "

"Amol!" Taking to her feet, she gives her a stern look that spoke more than words.

Knowing that all she can do is confirm, Amol looks down to her fingers. "Yes Mother,"

Slowly walking towards her, she seats on the side of the girl's couch and begins to comb her ivory hair with the thin fingers she certainly took care of with the oils they sold.

"For the last time child, call me Mom okay?"

"Yes Mom,"

"Good," She begins to rub her hands. "Now, I don't want any other talk on this same topic. You love Hayden and you've always had. Now end of discussion, dinner has already been prepared, so wash your hands before - " Mother is cut off by the noise made from the small bell out the door.

Amol uses this and continues to go through memory land. As although Mother has advised that such shouldn't be done, she's suddenly stuck between the walls of her mind, as Hayden continues to shed hateful words and speeches on her.

Poor Amol.

"Just go away Hayden, I already feel bad," Amol says and moved her head abruptly from the surface of the door when he makes another punch on the hard surface.

"But I've only gotten started you little girl. I'm the only one that can save you from this lifestyle. But do you know what? You can die in property for all I care poor fool!" He says.

Not caring if he would burst in at anytime soon, she keeps a distance and her middle fingers fly to mid air.

"You can screw yourself and criticize me all you want, but it's better to remain poor and humble than using marriage to secure Mayorship when we all know you're incapable of taking care of a woman talk about a whole city, you fake blond,"


She brings her ear to listen for any fake macho puffing but ends up accepting the fact that Hayden missed a really good combat.

Amol really needed someone to talk with. Badly.

So coming to a self agreement that she wouldn't be changing before leaving for the nearest classmate's house, an idea comes up.

Pulling open her window, she tries to quietly climb off, when she falls into the bush just below it. Determination was on her side as she gets up right at once when attention is drawn, and begins to run.


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