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   Chapter 3 Across the MoonLine

The Only Blood. By MinnieMeenyMinyMoe. Characters: 19667

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It had been a month since I met the crazy CEO, Adrian Wolfe, yet he never ceased to plague my mind. He was constantly in there, my thoughts starting and ending with him, and all my nocturnal wet dreams starring him, with him touching me intimately, pressing his hard body into mine. I kept on wondering, what he meant at that time, and the weird terminologies he used to describe. Mate. I had been familiar with that word only when it came to animals, not humans. MoonLine.

Now what the fuck was that?

A lot had changed since the past whole month, and I couldn't get asked more about where I got my boob job from. They had become big and were still perky, and the girls had started grabbing a lot of attention. I had to replace my entire wardrobe with loose clothes, because let's just say, even my loosened trousers couldn't fit my ass in anymore.

I was becoming fuller and more beautiful. I had never had that much confidence in myself, regarding my own body. I had started wearing sexy lingerie, something I had never even tried before. My waist was becoming thinner, but that was definitely due to how I was overworking and overtraining myself.

If men hadn't noticed me before, they definitely started noticing me now. I got random pieces of paper, with phone numbers written on them and CALL ME written boldly. Though, no one dared to show their faces when I openly asked who was the sender of the chit.

My life had always been sorely lacking - first it was my parents - I never knew them. I didn't even have their pictures, had never heard their names. There was only one woman who had been a constant till now, and that was my Grandma, who died just recently. Then, later on I had ease in making friends, being the school's sweetheart and all, but I didn't have close friends whose thinking was as advanced as mine.

We moved places once or twice, and we left people behind. There were times, when I grew up, that I realised that I was not...satisfied. There was something lacking in everything that I did and somehow that feeling didn't ever go away.

I had everything even then, mind you. I had been every parent's dream daughter and I had made my Grandma proud many times. But for me, either those things were never enough, or there was something else that I really wanted.

Something I didn't know about.

I had confided in Grandma about these feelings, and she never said anything else but, "One day, everything will be alright. Till then, you will have to do your best."

As I pondered over my life now, since the past week, I felt as if there was something I didn't know about - something that I needed to know about.

And a part of me was afraid to step out of my comfortable life.


If anyone would have thought that my friendship with Logan would have flourished, then they couldn't be more wrong. He couldn't get more annoying, following me everywhere and hounding me for just one date. I had finally decided to give him just one date and then he would go about his own way and I would stay away from him.

So here I was, getting ready for the so-called date, trying my best to ignore the sinking feeling in my gut. I always felt that way around him, put off and uneasy, yet this feeling just didn't go away.

This date is a bad idea.

I didn't put in much effort to get ready, just jeans, a baggy T-shirt and sneakers. I tied my thick hair into a ponytail, and took my phone to check for texts. I had one from him, which said that he was just five minutes away.

Exactly five minutes later, a horn brought me out of my thoughts and I took my purse, ready to head out. I had two cans of pepper spray stowed inside the purse in case things went out of hand. Were they enough?

I headed outside and walked lazily, giving him a small fake smile as I got inside the car.

"Hey, Moon." He smiled, yet it never reached his eyes.

"Hi, Logan." I greeted him back.

That was all we said as he drove off to some unknown destination. He wanted the place to be a surprise and I couldn't feel more uneasy. I felt the worst when I glanced at him and saw a smirk on his face, not the perverted or mischievous one, but the kind of smirk that is bound to chill you to the bone. Nothing seemed right. I studied his features that looked hard, and sharp, and something else I couldn't point out. His eyes seemed glazed, yet he was still concentrating on the road, his speed going about...what? I looked out of the window and everything seemed blurry. Nothing was visible properly, he was driving that fast. My eyes widened and I shivered, letting out a shrill scream.

"What are you doing Logan!? Slow down!" I shrieked, curling up in my seat.

"We would take ages to reach the place I have in mind for the date without this speed, love. We'll be fine, don't worry." He said slowly, but I could hear it, the demonic edge to his voice.

I was so fucking scared.

Don't worry? Was he freaking kidding me?

"Stop the car. Let me get down, Logan. I don't feel good anymore." I said, wanting to get out of the car somehow. I didn't care if I was miles away from home. I knew I would somehow find my way back, but I couldn't sit in this car anymore.

"No." What?


"Because I said so."

With that, he stopped the car, but I wasn't keen to climb out of it, anymore. Because all I could see around me were trees, tall, thick trees and forests, just forests. This did not seem like an ideal place for a date and I could understand how the girls in novels felt when they asked their dates if they were going to murder them and bury them somewhere in a secret place.

I had no one. No one would come to find me even if I died.

In a blur, Logan got out of his seat and opened my passenger door, and I literally meant it when I said in a blur. I couldn't even see when he moved around and my eyes widened as fear gripped me. How could he do that? Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Was it my fear that was getting to my head?

I refused to get out of the car, as he held his door open, and I looked at him, my breath getting lodged in my throat when I saw his glinting form in the moonlight.

His canines: they were long, and completely unnatural for a human. I was scared to the deepest pits of my guts and I shivered, not having a slightest idea what to do. He looked like a vampire, but I knew he was no Edward Cullen. He wasn't here to make Bella turn into mush with his protectiveness and self control. No, he wanted something from me.

Maybe my blood.

"Come, Moon." He said, his voice still having the demonic edge.

I closed my eyes tightly, hoping, just like a child, that this was just a nightmare or maybe I was just going crazy thinking about Adrian. Never in my wildest nightmares did I think something like this would happen to me someday, and never did I think that giving in to Lazarus's demands would make me end up here, like this.

So fucking, helpless.

He grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me out of the car, making my skin burn where he touched me. It was painful and I looked at my arm when he released me, to find his handprints. It did look like my skin was burnt there, and I frowned. He had touched me many times, but never did it burn.

I was still shivering as I looked back into his black, completely black, eyes, because it was way too cold here and I was way too afraid to think straight.

The thing that immediately made me stiffen was how I felt when my feet touched the ground. It felt like something was sucked in or out of me, probably my soul, because this bloodsucker was already smiling at me, albeit, too evilly for my liking.

"What are you?" I whispered, keeping my eyes on him, yet, trying to wrap my mind around the energy that seemed to swirl inside me, taut, waiting to be released. It was like some electricity was running through my veins, filling me in with the much needed adrenaline.

"You must have already guessed it, sweetheart." I cringed at his voice. "Bloodsucker. Dracula. Vampire. Name, Lazarus Vamp." He sneered and bared his fangs to me.

I backed away a few steps, still feeling the weird overwhelming sensations of some strange energy bubbling inside my body. It was heady and unfamiliar, and I looked up at him dizzily. He didn't seem to notice the changes I was feeling inside me, which meant that I was looking completely normal from outside.

"Where are we?" I whispered, once again, but this time, I was getting the swirling inside me in control. It was like a sudden burst of fearlessness and courage in me once I got the control and I could feel the confidence radiating in my aura. I felt stronger, the way that I could easily stand up and defeat the bloodsucker.

"Beyond the MoonLine." Was what he said, and that's when I remembered how Adrian warned me to never come beyond the MoonLine.

Oh boy, he really wasn't crazy, was he?


I immediately complied to the voice that whispered inside me, and pushed the self proclaimed vampire, running away. I didn't let myself get shocked by how he flew and his body crashed right into one of the tallest trees when I pushed him. I didn't let myself get shocked at how fast I was running, faster than Usain Bolt could ever manage. The trees were blurring around me yet my vision was still sharp, and I could see clearly where I was going in the dark.

I let my body guide me, taking random turns in, jumping over springs, loving the feel of the breeze caressing my skin and my hair flying behind me. It was refreshing, overpowering and overwhelming, yet I enjoyed the hyper giddiness that the adrenaline and the unfamiliar electricity brought inside me. I was enjoying it too much to remember why exactly I was running, but then I could make out a scent - a sweet scent of forest earth, blending in well with the surroundings. There was another thing about that scent, though, th

at calmed me down to an extent, the fog of fear clearing away from my brain, just a little.

Follow the scent.

I sniffed, trying to sense the direction of the smell. Once I caught it, I ran in that direction, the exhilaration in me calming down as I neared it. I didn't know why I was following and obeying the voice that kept on whispering inside me. Right now, that voice was the only thing I could trust, because my human brain was still clouded with fear induced haze.

I hid behind a broad tree when I sensed that the source of the smell was merely five feet away. It was a woman, young, breathtakingly beautiful, and meditating - or maybe not - right in the middle of a circle of trees. Her pale features enhanced in the moonlight and her eyes opened, looking straight at me.

"Who are you?" She asked, standing up with a frown on her face.

The sense of calm that spread inside me was overwhelming. It was as if I could breathe properly, think properly and I no longer feared anything. Was it the scent? Or was it because I saw someone who, according to my instincts, could help me?

Trust her. She will help you.

There were two voices this time. I ignored the feeling that was starting to creep me out and jogged towards the woman.

"Help me." I said frantically and her frown deepened.

Her eyes widened when she sniffed the air and her eyes zeroed in on mine. She was concentrating hard, as if trying to search something, but I didn't have time for that.

"Please, I don't have time. I have always been a human for the past twenty three years of my life and suddenly this man who claims to be a vampire forcefully brought me here, which according to him is beyond the MoonLine, and all of a sudden, I'm running faster than Usain Bolt. I don't know what's happening to me," and a sob escaped me, making me realise that my human emotions were still there. "Please, help me."

She thought for a moment, regarding me curiously, then nodded and said, "We need to get to the Were territory first. It's two miles away."

She took my hand and we started running where she was leading. I didn't ask anything because I knew this wasn't the time to be curious. At some point, I ran faster than her and overtook her, running more than half a mile ahead of her.

Damn, I really was faster than her.

I went back to her because for some unknown reason, I felt safe with her.

And also because I didn't know the way back.

It is because she is a warrior and she can defend you.


Ask her to climb on your back. You have enough strength to carry her and still run fast.

"You are fast, damn." She panted and I hurried next to her, crouching down with my back facing her.

"Climb on my back, fast!" I said and she did so. She was surprisingly light, almost feather-light, and I rushed past the trees like a breeze, running with all my might. I wasn't breathless yet, and that was what surprised me the most. Though the question was, how would I know if I'm going in the right direction?

"Trust your instincts, love. They'll guide you the right way." Well, wasn't it already guiding me all this time?

I was running, my ears picking up rustling sounds of the leaves and distinct howls. I slowly felt my strength increasing, as if someone or something else was combining their energy with mine.

"It's mine. I'm radiating my energy to you." She suddenly said.

I scoffed, something I had no idea how I managed to do even after all this running, "Do you know that reading someone's mind is really creepy?" I shouted.

I felt her shrug, "I wasn't. I was just explaining to you what I was doing so you didn't freak out. You have been living with humans, after all." She shouted back.

I rolled my eyes, and looked ahead to see that I had to run in between two trees. One moment, I was getting ready to take a nice leap to avoid tripping, and the other moment I felt a force on my chest, so strong that it stopped me midway through my leap and I was pushed backwards forcefully. The woman jumped off my back in time to break the momentum the push gave, and I fell right there, instead of squashing myself against a tree.

Phew! Crashing against a tree didn't sound good at all.

I got up, groaning, and shakily stood to my feet, my head still dizzy with the fall. The woman had already taken a protective stance in front of me, glaring at the man who stepped out of the darkness and stood right in between two other vampires.

I could smell the metallic scent of blood on him, and also the smell of something rotten. It was disgusting and my nose scrunched up immediately. The scent was, somehow, familiar to me, and I looked carefully, only to find Lazarus smirking at the both of us.

"Leave her alone, leech, and we wolves would spare all your lice." The woman growled gesturing towards the little team lice that were sneering at us.

It was creepy, their whole bodies were pale, completely white, and it looked like they were chiselled out of ice, cold and hard, yet not melting at all. A shiver ran through my body, and I shuffled closer to the woman, soaking in the warmth she radiated. I looked around again, watching their canines glint dangerously in the moonlight, their eyes completely black. The scent of blood and something rotten suffocated me, but the warmth that the woman radiated was enough to keep me from fleeing the place.

Lazarus raised his brow and smirked, "Well, well, it's nice to meet you too, Luna Liana."

Luna Liana? As in the female pack leader of wolves?


My, my, life is turning into such a drama. It sounded like all the werewolf novels I had obsessed over since I was a teenager. At that time, it sounded appealing, really, having someone made just for you, in love with you, protective and possessive just over you.

But now, here? I didn't find it so appealing anymore.

"But, " He frowned, mocking a thinking gesture, "Whom will you call? Your lovely, handsome mate? The one from whom you have been running away since the past whole decade?"

She was running from her mate? Really? And she was a Luna. Oh holy Moses!

She was running from an Alpha!

Probably, yes.

I had no idea reading werewolf romances would prove to be so useful one day. Things were getting clearer and clearer by the second. Adrian had used the word mate, which meant he was a werewolf and he had a mate. And his mate was pregnant too.

Then why the fuck did it hurt me so much? And why was I drooling over him like that?

"I am not running away from anyone!" She growled, "You are going to leave the girl alone! She has no use for you!"

"And how do you know that?" He stepped closer to us and then looked at me, a cold smirk carving his chiseled features, "Moon, sweetheart, didn't you tell your lovely friend about what you are. Tell her about what happened when you met Adrian."

My eyes widened. He was there. And he knew all along. He became my friend just so that he could trap me, like he did today.

"Adrian? Alpha King Adrian?" Liana asked, her whole form tensing. It was silent for a moment, but she soon changed her stance, standing even more protectively in front of me. She now looked even more feral, the calmness she was radiating replaced with something more fierce and raging.

Alpha King Adrian? Damn, fuck my life!

"So you tell me, Liana. Would I be so stupid as to let the opportunity of having the unprotected mates of the highest ranking werewolves all to myself slide just like that? Two Lunas, Liana. That's precious! Well..."

"No." I protested, "I'm not his mate." His mate is pregnant with his child!

Lazarus chuckled, "Oh, Moon, what were you doing in the human world? Do you even know how much worth you are? Not only are you the Luna Queen of Werewolves, the only real mate of Adrian, but you are also the last living PureBlood on Earth."

Liana gasped loudly and turned to look at me, sniffing the air again as if she couldn't believe her ears and eyes. On the other hand I couldn't understand a word of what he said. Liana's eyes widened and her sniffing stopped. She turned around and snarled at Lazarus, who didn't seem affected at all.

Lazarus came closer to me ignoring Liana completely and grabbed my arm, "Now that you have been surprised and all, it would be better if you hand me the thing in your pocket."

I looked down to find the open can of pepper spray in my pocket I had slipped in my pocket when he had been driving, for precautionary measures. Did pepper sprays have any effect on vampires? I hoped they did. I held in my victorious emotions, and took out the can slowly and reluctantly. In one quick movement, I sprayed it all over his face, and rushed to Liana, picking her and throwing her over my shoulder like a sack.

It was fun, and I let out a giggle when she shrieked. She stayed silent the entire time I ran, keeping my ears alert for sounds. I heard snapping of twigs and branches, whizzing sounds but I ignored them. I couldn't risk turning back to see what made the sounds, so I kept running, letting myself free. At some point of time, my running slowed down as I felt a sudden sense of safety and comfort. It felt like home, something I didn't feel back at my own place. The sense of belongingness increased as I kept running, albeit slowly than before and then I heard Liana mumbled something.

"You can stop now!" I heard her shout and jerked to a stop, letting her down slowly. She stumbled a bit and held onto me for dear life, narrowing her eyes at me.

"Give a woman a warning before you throw her over your shoulder and run like that." I nodded at her sheepishly, feeling breathless, but not in the tired kind of way. Liana looked around, "And yeah, we have entered the wolf territory, where the vampires wouldn't dare to enter."

Yeah, fuck my life.

Well, that was all I could think when I saw two pairs of golden eyes glinting in the dark.

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