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   Chapter 1 Prologue

The Only Blood. By MinnieMeenyMinyMoe. Characters: 5537

Updated: 2021-03-03 11:59

She's here.

Of all the places, where I thought I would find her, she met me where I hadn't expected in the least.

Of all the times, when I thought I'd finally find her and make her mine, she's here and I didn't know what to do.

This was supposed to be a boring meeting; something for the sake of keeping up appearances. I had never thought that my entire world would turn upside down today.

For fuck's sake, I've waited for years for her to come to me, where she belonged. I waited for fate to intervene every time I lost hopes of ever finding the one destined for me.

And I find her here, with humans.

She looked just like every man's wet dream, her tight fitting dress was clinging to her curves, making my fists clench beside me. Her delectable body could bring every sane man to his knees, and those eyes - those sparkling, warm eyes - held a flare of desire that sent tingles straight to my hardening coçk. She could see my lingering gaze on her breasts, and I could see how her peaks pebbled in response. My gaze traveled down to the slim waist and then to the flare of her hips, longing to feel my fingers digging into her soft flesh while I pounded into her like the animal I was.

And then she parted her lips, softly gasping out a greeting, "Welcome, Mr. Wolfe."

I struggled to maintain my composure.

Right there and then, I wanted to ravish her mouth and bruise her lips with wild kisses. Her scent was teasing my nostrils, her arousal and something else.

It smelt like she had been in her heat - the after-scent made it difficult to keep myself in control around her colleagues. I wondered what I'd have done had we met while alone. I was fortunate enough that her heat had ended and not begun, because no amount of people could have stopped me from taking her on the conference table if that had been the case.

My coçk hardened more at the vulgar images that ran through my mind, the things I'd have done to her, if there hadn't been so many humans around us.

She stood there, looking as beautiful and as innocent as a doe, with her eyes wide and lips parted. Her cheeks were flushed with obvious lust that was coursing through her for me, and I wondered if she was feeling just as out of control as I was.

Fucking hell!

My trousers wouldn't be able to hide my arousal if someone were to glance down even for a moment, which she did.

Her hand was outstretched for a handshake and she bit her lip, the action sending sparks straight to my crotch. I took her hand and shook it firmly, relishing the electricity sparking the tension between us and in the air surrounding us.

Only she could make me feel this way. No one ever had, and I knew no one ever would make me feel the same.

She was the only one made for me.

She heaved in a deep brea

th, as she felt the same, and I could see she was surprised with herself. I was used to such reactions from females around me and paid no heed to them, but this woman's attention was more than welcome.

It was more than a 'love at first sight' for me.

But I couldn't curse her enough for her timing. I shook my head, wanting to focus on the meeting and not drool over the woman who would make me embarrass myself if she kept staring at me like that.

The entire meeting was a torture - I could fucking read her eyes as if I had known her for my entire lifetime. I could see the subtle movements whenever she clenched her thighs together, and then glancing at the table as if fantasizing me fucking her on it. It made me harder than I had ever been, and I had barely touched her.

If that was not all, her scent was making my mind go wild. Her arousal overpowered her natural scent, making it difficult for me to decipher her true form.

Our gazes connected, and a silent exchange promised nights of wet dreams which would star only her.

Moon Winters.

That woman was killing me. But I had to remind myself to stay in control.

She was late; had she come in my life years earlier, it would have been a piece of cake to make her mine and ravish her in the way I wanted to.

But now I had responsibilities; I had made decisions which would result in chaos if she ever stepped into my world.

She was safe here, wasn't she? Innocent and unknowing, living among humans for Goddess knows how long. Reminding me of the Goddess, I wondered what she had in mind when she decided for my way to through such a huge curveball in my now stable life.

No, this wasn't right. Did she even know what she was destined for? Perhaps not; if she did, she'd have stepped out of human bounds long ago.

It was for the best, leaving her here and letting her life be. This way, she wouldn't create a chaos in my world, and my world wouldn't make a chaos out of her life.

My heart sank in my gut, making a part of me twist with pain at the thought of leaving her here, alone, when she was destined to be by my side forever; the part that was already deeply and irrevocably in love with her. I wanted to yell at the world, scream at my fate for bringing me to a point when the thing I wanted the most since I was a child was right in front of me yet I couldn't fucking do anything but push her away.

Mate. She was my mate.

She was mine.

But I wish I could say the same about myself for her. The part of me longed to be hers and hers completely, to have her in my arms, my bed, my palace and my throne.

I wanted to give her the world that she deserved.

But I had already given mine to another, and now I couldn't leave her for Moon.

My life was going to turn into my worst nightmare.

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