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Jazmine's POV

I pulled over allowing him to get into the car, scanning the area as he closed the door.

"Dragos were on our block last night" Spain announced as we drove off and I frowned glancing over to him.

"How many of them?"

"About six, seven, they were on 23rd" he informed me and shook my head, not liking that shit since my sister was going to be there tomorrow and they were in war with the Vipers over some dumb shit.

"Now Antonio knows better than that" I mumbled referring to their Don.

"Seems he forgot" Spain replied the hard look on his face clueing me into his thoughts.

"We are nothing doing anything stupid," I replied and he nodded making me sigh.


"I'm hearing you Jaz" He replied and I nodded taking his word for it, the last thing I wanted was to lose him to something stupid.

"Where we going?" I asked

"We're going to get Taj, remember we're opening a strip club on King's Way,"

"Almost forgot about that" I replied turning left changing my route.

"Did you send the money to Matt's family?" I asked referring to one of the guys who worked on the construction company we owned.

"Yeah, I also took care of the funeral expenses"

"Invite Antonio to the Club opening tonight, and handle it," I told him slowing down watching as their eyes followed the car, I sent down the window watching as they all began to scatter. I pulled over Spain and I's laughter echoing throughout the car as they realized who it was.

"You motherfuckers" Taj called out smiling walking over to the car and I opened the door putting my feet out.

"You pulling up to the club later?" Taj asked handing me Spain and I's share of the profit that our club made this month, Taj was one of the many people Spain and I had trusted to run one of our businesses.

"No, I got something to do tonight" I replied referring to my well-anticipated 'friendly' date with Brittany.

"This better four grand Taj," I said putting it away and he chuckled.

"You know I ain't stupid to fuck with you like that," he replied

"Get in Taj, you're coming with us" I announced returning my feet to the car.

"Yo Jaz," one of them called out as I started the car and I glanced over as he moved towards me.

"What's up?" I asked and he looked around before bending allowing us to be at eye level.

"My daughter is starting university, and I was wondering if you could loan me $200,000 so I could pay for her medical degree, imma pay you back" he finished

"Send me the information I'll pay it and it's not a loan, we family I got you" I replied and he nodded.

"I appreciate that Jaz," he said and I nodded before sending up the windows driving off.

"Taj did you see any Dragos on your side yesterday?" I asked

"About 2 of them, they were just walking around," He replied and I nodded stopping at the light.

"Make sure Antoni is at the club tonight," I told Spain.





Brittany's POV

I stepped through the doors already wanting to leave work, the coffee I had this morning not offering much energy.

"Just grab your things, we're heading out," Renae announced walking towards me.

"Where are you going?" I asked confused, wondering if this was another one of her smoke breaks because-

"We're spending the day at Joseph's hospital on 24 because of staff shortage,"

"Why us?" I asked walking beside her as we made our way outside.

"You know Raquel is sleeping with supervisor, she'll-"

"What?" I asked surprised.

"This is why you should stop skipping smoke breaks," she replied whispering the last part and I rolled my eyes playfully.

"Are you guys going to 24?" Dwayne asked and I nodded.

"Do you mind giving this to Doctor Sawyers?" he asked his eyes meeting mine.

"Sure," I replied and he smiled handing me the bag walking away as we g

ot into the car.

"You should fuck him?" she announced the moment I drove off.

"You're too much," I replied laughing.

"Seriously what is wrong with Dwayne?" she asked as I pulled on my seatbelt forgetting to do so earlier.

"Nothing, he's a nice guy, I'm just not ready for a relationship," I replied thinking back to all the stress and second-guessing that came with commitment and she rolled her eyes at my statement.

"You've been saying that for four years now and Nia and I think-"

"Nia and I?" I questioned amused

"Yes, we both think it's time for you to get back out there,"

"Between Aria and Andre and his bullshit, I barely have any time for myself you know that"

"How do you like both genders and you're still single?" she asked completely ignoring my previous statement making me smile.

"Can you stay out of my personal life please,"

"Probably have cobwebs and spiders running around down there" she replied laughing

"I'm abstaining from sex,"

"Do you even remember how to fuck?" she asked and I smiled parking the car, not planning to answer the question.

"So you not gonna answer?" she asked as I got out of the car, grabbing the bag before closing the door.

"Probably grew back your virginity" she mumbled as we began walking into the building and I laughed, used to her jabs by now.

"Hey Stacy, do you know where Doctor Sawyers is?" I asked the moment I got to the desk.

"He's coming in a little late today, is the bag for him?" she questioned and I nodded.


"You can give it to Doctor Johnson,"

"Doctor who?" I asked not recognizing the name.

"Oh, he's new here, check room 5a," she replied and I nodded walking over to Renae.

"Where is he?" she asked referring to Doctor Sawyers.

"He isn't here, but I'm going to bring this up to 5a,"

"Okay meet me in the break room," she replied and I nodded walking off.

I knocked on the door waiting for a reply the bag in my hand.

"Come in," a voice announced and I pushed the door open.

"Doctor Johnson?" I asked unsurely, and he nodded a smile on his face.

"Yes that's me," he replied and I walked over to him.

"I was told to leave this with you, it's for Doctor Sawyers," I announced handing him the bag and he took it placing it on his desk.

"Who should I say left it?" He asked

"Tell him Dwayne did," I replied walking out, going to the breakroom where Renae was waiting for me.

I immediately moved over to the table she was at taking a seat, my feet still sore from work yesterday.

"When are you going to put him on child support?" Renae asked the moment I sat down and sighed.

"I already told you I'm not going to, I shouldn't have to force Andre to be a man or a father"

"Well someone has to,"

"It's not gonna be me, I have full custody and that's all that matters to me"





Jazmine's POV

I walked into the club the music getting louder, I had only shown up because a part of me feared something happening at the club since the Vipers didn't plan on stopping anytime soon. My eyes moved over to the crowd immediately finding her and I smiled. There weren't any more than 20 people in the building and that included the 2 servers and one bartender.

I sat on a barstool, ordering a beer sitting patiently not wanting to interrupt their night, I was officially relocated into the penthouse so I didn't have to worry about cops swarming the route to my house.

I had some of my things transferred there today while I was with Spain taking care of a few issues, that I had postponed yesterday for my 'friendly date' with Brittany that in the end had to be rescheduled since she was busy with work, but apart of me could sense her hesitancy to go out with me.









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