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Jazmine's POV

I turned on Crimson street slowing down as I got closer to the store, I quickly parked the car beside Spain getting out.

Loyalty was rare so I really appreciated the friendship we had, we've been friends since Middle School building a bond that was more solid than blood. He was my right hand in everything, the only one I could actually trust, I would give my life for him and he would do the same.

I closed the door going around the car sitting on the hood as he moved over to me, we actually started everything together and the moment I left he did too.

"What's up Ice?" he greeted and I smile hating and loving that his dumbass nickname stuck.

"Anything on the streets?" I asked and he looked around for a second before leaving his gaze on me.

"They're saying that Vipers were the ones responsible for the killing that went down the other night,"

"Those messy motherfuckers" I mumbled shaking my head since they already had the heat on them from the thing that went down last month.

"Did you check out the price of that property you were telling me about?"I asked and he nodded.

"Quarter mil" he replied and I motioned for him to get it, we owned most of the properties on the west, all the money that we saved selling drugs went into buying them, so we could secure a better life for ourselves.

During our days of selling, they also gave us a cover and explanation as to why we were living like we never met poverty.

I also worked in one of the properties but that one was in the city. Spain and I were the most off radar set of individuals which is why we always had suppliers during the time. We operated without gaining attention from authorities which in return had us making the most profit.

After we left we created an 'alternate gang' if you were supposed to label it, that offered a family and protection without the criminal lifestyle attached.

So instead of picking up young kids and getting them to sell in return for a better living like other gangs, we offered them a home and a life, and all we expected was for them to make something of themselves, which is something we wished we had growing up.

We weren't like most gangs we didn't go around starting shit because of different colors. We were a family, no home we got you, trying to provide we here, we tried our best to keep other kids from falling into this fucked-up cycle, spent thousands on school every year even though Spain and I were both kid-less motherfuckers, we were built on loyalty and trust, and only popped off when we were fucked with, no need to start fire cause the smoke will always come back to choke you.

We didn't sell drugs, all our money was clean, it came from the businesses we purchased over the years, which we also allowed black ex-convicts to work in, and-

"I'm heading into the store, you want something?" He asked

"No, I'm good" I replied and he nodded walking off. My gaze going to the apartment across the street, that we had bought three months ago so the guys could get somewhere to stay at an affordable rate, we would always take care of our own cause we all we got.

The renovations were

completed a month ago but we didn't have time to stop by because we were busy with the apartments on Cresent Street and Phillips Avenue.

A horn sounded and I turned watching as Dice pulled into the parking lot, parking beside me, I leaned off the hood walking over to him as he got out of the car.

"They in the backseat" He announced and I glanced at the tinted windows.

"We're walking over," I told him and he nodded opening the front door popping the trunk, knocking the glass, silently telling them to get out as he went for the bags.

I closed the front door watching as the back opened the two of them getting out.

"You must be Michael right?" I asked the one on the right and he nodded silently saying yes, they had both recently turned eighteen.

Michael's father used to work for me before he did some dumb shit and got shot down by the cops last month, Michael's family didn't want anything to do with him, especially since they weren't cool with his father in the first place, so he's here after one of my guys brought it to my attention that he was sleeping on the streets.

"Use words when you're speaking to me, that nodding shit makes you look weak, like a pushover and you're not," I replied before glancing over to the next one.

"And you're Terrell?" I asked

"Yes Miss" He replied and I chuckled

"You don't have to Miss me, relax" I stated amused catching on to how tense he was, Terrell had no ties to my gang or family as I would prefer to put it, but I watched him play ball a couple of times at the court a few blocks down, talented kid but he had recently been kicked out after knocking up his high school girlfriend, they were both staying in a cheap motel.

The word on the street was he was going no longer planning to go to college since he had a child and baby mother to take care of, so I had them bring him here.

"Do any of you know who I am?" I asked

"Of course I do, you're Ice," Michael replied.

"Please call me Jazmine I hate that name" I replied smiling and he returned one.

"Why am I here?" Terrell asked hesitantly.

"The word is you're going to quit school and you're too smart and talented for that, so you're going to be living here with your girl and your child and I'll be handling all the expenses"

"And what I gotta do in return sell drugs?" He asked clearly not liking the idea and I chuckled.

"No, you have to get an education and make something of yourself," I replied

"And why am I here?"

"Your father used to work for me before he fell out, this a family we protect our own and I need you both to understand that, this is a family we're built on loyalty, love, and trust. I heard about your current situation and so you're here, you both have to restart school and don't let your pride and ego fuck this up," I said directing the last part to them both, sensing their hesitancy.

"Get the bags we're heading over" I ordered realizing Spain was back and they did just that as I went to my car grabbing my phone before we all began making our way across the street.









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