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Jazmine's POV

I continued to walk towards the house the music getting louder with each step. I pushed open the gate to the backyard my entire family insight along with a few friends.

"Jazmine," a voice I loved called out and I smiled walking over to my grandmother pulling her into a hug, placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Are you hungry?" She asked pulling out of my hold.

"No grandma I'm fine," I replied and she frowned.

"Did you eat already?"

"No, I-"

"Go find a seat I'll have someone bring you a plate," she said walking off leaving no room to argue and I smiled moving over to the grill grabbing a beer greeting a few family members on the way.

My eyes locked with my little sister Sarah who was standing with a small group of friends and I smiled moving over to her, immediately pulling her into a hug.

"Let go of me," she called out smiling and I kissed her forehead pulling away.

"So I can't hug you anymore?" I asked and she smiled.

"You're late,"

"I got held up at work,"

"Work," she repeated rolling her eyes.

"So are you going to introduce me to your friends?" I asked earning another eye roll, the sight making me smile.

"Samantha and Lesley, this is my sister Jazmine," she introduced and I smiled shaking both their hands.

"Jazmine," I heard my Grandmother call out and I smiled turning away from them looking at the old lady who held a stern look.

"Go sit around the table," she ordered handing me the plate and I kissed her cheek taking it into my hands.

"So are you going to tell me about what's going on at church?" I asked amused walking away with her.

"You should stop by and find out" She replied and I chuckled sitting around a half-full table, I was a spiritual woman, but the church never felt right to me.

I greeted the table taking a sip of my beer before I began eating, the tension between us growing with each passing minute. It was no secret that all despised me, and if I told you what for you wouldn't believe it.

It's just funny how life played out, I was labeled as the lesbian family member who would never be anything, and they hated that I was the most successful, that I was the motherfucker to move out of the hood, but I didn't go far since I still had ties here, but it was far enough, it was somewhere whe

re no one knew my name and that is all I wanted.

As I grew older I had come to realize the most hate came from the people who knew you.





I walked over to my car frowning as my eyes caught a familiar face and the better part of me told me to approach her, I placed the plates on top of the car complying with my conscience as I moved over to her.

"Hey," I called out and she turned towards me, confusion taking over her features.

"Gas station girl," I announced and she smiled realization presenting itself.

"Oh, nice to see you again," she said and I nodded.

"Likewise, I'm Jazmine by the way" I replied loving the way her light brown skin shined under the sun.


"So what are you doing here?" I asked not ready to walk away from the conversation, finding her beauty mesmerizing.

"I'm here to pick up somebody," she replied keeping the details to herself and I smiled loving how discreet she was.

"You're not dating somebody from my family are you?" I asked amused and she smiled.

"No, I'm not, I didn't even know this was a family thing,"

"I almost forgot that you're new around here but that reminded me"

"How so?" She asked curiously a hint of amusement in her voice.

"Everybody and their mama know about The Johnson's cookouts, best home cooking in the neighborhood," I replied and she laughed.

"Well yes, I'm new but I'm just visiting,"

"That's cool, if you want I could give you a tour one of these days," I offered and she smiled.

"I'm good, my friend is from around here," she replied

"Your friend?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah, she-" she started but stopped as a voice interrupted.

"I'm sorry I'm late, were you waiting long?" The female asked

"10 minutes,"

"I'm sorry,"

"It's okay Jazmine here has been keeping my company," she announced looking at me and the girl turned becoming aware of my presence.

"Oh, you're Sarah's sister, Samantha we met earlier," she greeted and I quickly remembered her face.

"Yeah, we did,"

"Well thank you for keeping her company," she replied

"No problem, it was nice to meet you both," I replied flashing a friendly smile, both of them returning one as I walked away feeling intrigued.











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