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One week later

Starr's POV

I sat in my office going to the club's security system, watching the film I had seen a dozen times since this morning in reality It was the main reason I called the meeting today.

Weirdly I wasn't as angry as I wanted to be and that pissed me off as I leaned back pausing the camera footage, sighing.





Cassidy's POV

I watched as he approached my desk, after my countless attempts to get him to stop calling finally succeeds he shows up to my office knowing Starr and I were together.

"What are you doing here?" I whispered screamed.

"I'm still in business with your girlfriend, she called a meeting,"

"Say girlfriend a little louder next time, I think Alec would like to know from his office, " I fired back as his eyes met mine and I looked away, my guilt and worry double ten times over.

He sighed reaching for my hand and I pulled away, realizing that this was suddenly my new reality.

"We're not doing this," I told him firmly as I stepped out leading him to Starr's office, I knocked before pushing the door open to see Starr sitting in her chair her eyes moving to us.

"Mr. Lights is here for you," I announced, I was about to leave when she motioned for me to stay, her request confusing me.

"How are you today Mr. Lights?" Starr asked and he chuckled, flashing her a friendly smile as his eyes ran over her in an appreciative way.

"I'm fine thank you Ms. Webster, and yourself?"

"I could be better," Starr said pushing back her shoulder-length hair and I could sense something was off.

"You know I lost my AP watch the other night?" She asked but it sounded more like a statement.

"What you think I stole it?" he questioned amused sounding slightly offended.

"I would never accuse of stealing Mr. Lights, I'm just stating what prompted me to look at the camera footage of the club," she said and my heartbeat sped up.


"I didn't find my watch but I did find something rather interesting," she said getting up with her laptop in hand placing it on the desk, the screen facing us as she clicked play, the video of Jason and I kissing on display and for a second I forgot how to breathe, my heart growing heavy.

"Starr I'm sorry, it just happened and-"

"And you didn't even tell me Cassi," she said her voice cold

"I tried to but I just couldn't, it was either your phone interrupting, or a change of subject appeared or-"

"It's been a week you couldn't find the time in a week, the kiss doesn't even bother me that much because I understand you've never been with a woman but the fact you hid it from me," she confessed and as cold as her voice was I knew she wasn't mad if she was she wouldn't still be calling me Cassi.

"Starr it's just a kiss, I

don't have any feelings for him," I lied, I mean I didn't want to have feelings for him but God was that hard.

"It's just a kiss?" She asked not believing me and mentally slapped myself for lying knowing she knew me enough to know when I was telling the truth. Jason moved suddenly pulling her against him, capturing her lips into a kiss. His hands moved to her waist holding her possessively and I could see her drowning into the kiss as the seconds passed by her hands moving around his neck holding him against her.

I expected anger, rage but I was more turned on if anything, her moans had my nipples growing under her shirt and his hands roaming over her body hand arousal building between my legs. He pulled away biting her lip and she leaned into him, pulling away from the kiss, both their breathing harsh.





Jason's POV

I wanted them both, and this right here confirmed my thoughts and I could tell they wanted the same thing just by the way they kissed me.

"I want to be with you, both," I said voicing my thoughts and I heard Starr laugh.

"You're just horny," she whispered pushing back slightly moving out of my hold.

"I am, but that didn't play a part in what I said, just let me take you both out," I said being honest not sure if I would get another chance to say this, I mean I just kissed my business partner and her assistant, who was also her girlfriend.

"You j-"

"We don't have to do anything until you guys want to just think about it," I said my eyes staying on them before I sighed walking out.





Cassidy's POV

I stood there conflicted with my emotions my gaze landing on Starr as he left, her eyes staying with him and I couldn't help it, I moved over to her my lips holding hers in a kiss, my entire body coming alive as she began kissing me back, she gripped my waist as I stepped forward until her back touched the desk.

"I'm still pissed," she spoke into the kiss and I smiled knowing she was lying.

"No you're not, and you never were," I said and she moaned pulling away.

"How can you be so sure?"

"You continued to call me Cassi, " I whispered and I watched as she smiled.

"Are you upset? " She asked referring to the kiss and I looked away shyly making her laugh slightly.

"It turned you on," she whispered softly and I began pulling away from her but she tightened her hold on my waist keeping me in place.

"Do you like him?" She asked me and I rested my head on her shoulder hiding my face the adrenaline from the argument disappearing allowing reality to settle in.

"Watching you guys kissed turned me on too," she whispered in my ear softly.

Oh God








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