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Starr's POV

"He has a business proposal for us, at first he wanted to meet for dinner but I changed it to the bar since that is his main interest business-wise, " I told Cassi watching as she nodded in response and I sighed putting up the partition.

"Are you going to be quiet all night?" I asked and she turned sending a smile.

"No I just got a lot on my mind," she whispered and my suspicion from earlier returned.

"Did you guys date in the past?" I asked and she looked at me confused.

"Of course not, Starr what would give you that idea?" She asked holding my hand directing her body to face me.

"You just act strange whenever I mention him and when he came into my office the other day-"

"I've never dated the man and I never will, if I did I would've told you because I love and respect you," she explained and I suddenly felt bad for assuming that she did.

"You're right I'm sorry-"

"Don't apologize," she said softly cutting me off her eyes moving to my lips making me smile.

"You can kiss me," I reminded her and she smiled shyly, she rarely initiated a kiss and I could tell she wasn't used to it yet.

"I know it's just-"

"You ate my pussy late week, I think formalities and doubts should be out the window don't you?" I asked and she pulled away using her hand to cover her face as she laughed slightly embarrassed.

"Starr you can't say that," she mumbled making me smile.

"What you being shy or you eating my pussy?" I asked playing dumb and she smiled, I laughed reaching over removing her hands.

"We've known each other for a long time, I don't want you uncomfortable around me, you should be able to tell me anything and kiss whenever you please because I am yours," I reminded and she bit her lip moving into me, kissing me passionately I moaned the force of the kiss taking me off guard.

Her hand moved to my thigh and I submitted completely, letting her take whatever she wanted, a surge of pleasure rushed through me and I felt my nipples pressing against my bra begging for attention.

"Cassi," I moaned out as her lips moved to my neck and she pushed me to lay back against the seat settling between my legs.

"So was this why you were-shit-quiet all night, you were thinking about this?" I whispered and she pulled away making me whimper as I opened my eyes to catch her frowning.

"What's wrong?" I asked worried and she sighed pushing her hair back capturing my lips once more and I pulled away.

"Cassi, talk to me," I said and she pulled away completely allowing me to sit up.

"It's just-" she started but the tap on the glass cut her off.

"I'll tell him to give us some time,"

"No it can wait until later, just remind me," she whispered holding my hand bringing it to her lips and I sighed silently agreeing.

I tapped on the glass and

he pulled the door allowing us to step out. I released her hand knowing she wasn't comfortable with public affection as yet, but she reached for it once more keeping it in her grasp, the small action warming my heart, I smiled as we walked to the front of the line stepping in.

We made our way to my private area upstairs to find it empty, I checked my watch realizing that we were five minutes early, we made our way to the office and I sat on the desk as Cassi went over to the small bar to the side making drinks.





Jason's POV

I stepped inside checking my watch realizing I was half an hour late, I cursed silently wondering if they had left as I followed the bouncer's instruction going up the stairs, I scanned the private area realizing that there was a door to the back.

I pulled it open taking a deep breath only to be shocked by the sight before me, my mind started to race as I watched them kissing. I was about to leave when Starr's eyes caught mine, she motioned for me to close the door and I did.

I stood outside running my hand through my hair, after a minute my mind began to focus on what just happened, giving my body the chance to react. The door open and Starr held my hand pulling me to a corner.

"No one can know,"

"What?" I asked confused not fully wrapping my head around what I just saw.

"I'm openly bi, Cassi is not, no one can know about this," she said firmly and a thought came to my mind.

"Are you two together?"

"That's none of your business,"

"If I'm keeping this a secret it is," I said and I could tell I was pissing her off, but God did she look stunning under the lights.

"Yes, we're together,"

"Did she see me?"

"No she did not, so don't say shit to her, I don't want her feeling-"

"I get it," I replied and she led me towards the office opening the door.

"He's finally here," She announced as she walked in motioning for Cassi to leave and she did my eyes not missing how beautiful she looked tonight.

After an hour of going back and forth, we had finally come to an agreement and I was happy because this would result in me spending more time with the women who were constantly on my mind, as confusing as my emotions towards them were I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to see them.

"You can stay and enjoy yourself," Starr said as she continued to type.

"Maybe," I replied chuckling going downstairs, I was about to leave when I saw Cassidy sitting in a lounge and I decided to go over. Her eyes caught me as I stepped inside.

"Did Starr ask for me?"

"No, she is still working upstairs,"

"Okay, I should probably-"

"No stay, I want to talk to you," I said sitting beside her, watching as she took her seat once more.

"About what the deal, or-"

"You," I said cutting her off.










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