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Two months later

Starr's POV

It had been two months since I confessed my feelings for Cassidy and things were less weird than I expected since we were always 'close' for just friends.

I had to admit that I've gotten really touchy but she wasn't complaining, so I didn't see myself stopping any time soon. I buzzed for her and seconds later she opened the door stepping in before closing it behind her.

"This better be work-related," she said amused as she walked over to me, I smiled thinking back to the times I buzzed simply because I wanted her lips against mine.

"It is," I said and she smiled standing in front of my desk. I began explaining the idea I had in mind and she stood there listening. Even though we had been officially together for two months, no one knew not even Alec and he was basically like a big brother to me.

She wasn't ready and I understood that, I mean it wouldn't just be her announcing a new relationship, it would also be her letting everyone know that she liked the same sex and the person she decided to be with was her boss. So believe me when I said I was okay with her taking her time.

"I can probably get Mr. Davis to invest," she said and I nodded

"Your father called by the way something about a family dinner," she said cautiously knowing our relationship wasn't the best and I sighed frustrated.

"Tell my mother to call me, and send me the list for the event at the club tonight, " I said and she looked down at her phone scrolling, I sat there appreciating her and before I knew it I was on my feet walking towards her.

I moved behind her wrapping my hands around her waist, just loving how at peace I felt in her presence.

"Work-related," she mumbled distracted by whatever she currently doing on her phone.

"This is work-related," I whispered kissing her neck and she pressed back against me, her body relaxing.

"At least let me finish what I'm doing," she breathed out as my hand slipped into her shirt, and I smiled feeling her restraint slipping away.

"Do it later," I said using my other hand to take the phone from her, putting it in my pocket and she turned in my arms immediately placing her lips on mine, I pushed her back against the desk lifting her to sit on it as my hand went under her shirt once more kneading her breast.

I felt her nipple harden against my palm and my clit jumped with desire.

The door opened and I pulled away quickly as I heard it close.


I licked my bottom lip turning to see my father.


"Do you mind giving us a minute?" I asked turning back to Cassi, she looked at me hesitantly and I knew she didn't want to.

"Please," I added rubbing up and down her thighs.

"Fine," she mumbled and I smiled helping her off the desk, kissing her cheek letting her leave. The attention that she gained simply from the way she carried herself was such a turn-on, every time she walked, she walked with a purpose and-

"So this what you do with your half of the company," he said referring to want he saw between Cassi and me, making me roll my eyes.

My grandfather owned the company initially and instead of giving my brother the company, he shared it between my brother and me. My father hasn't accepted the fact that his gay daughter is running her half better than her brother.

"It's gotten results hasn't it?" I asked running my hand through my hair.

"Don't be smart with me,"

"What do you want?"

"Your mother wants you at the dinner tonight," he said

"I can't I'm busy," I lied, I just didn't want to be with my family, sitting around a dinner table only to be judged from every angle.

"Are we done now?" I asked wanting him to leave and he stood there looking at me in disapproval. He walked off his hand in his pocket and I immediately buzzed for Cassi, a minute after he left she walked in worry drowning her features.

"Are you okay?" She asked closing the door moving towards me.

"I'm fine,"

"I told your mother you'd meet her for lunch tomorrow," she said hugging me and I accepted it relaxing against her.

"Thank you," I said releasing her ready to bury myself in work, but she held my hand stopping me, pecking my lips slowly.

"Don't let him bother you," she whispered

"I'm not," I lied and she kissed my neck softly before meeting my eyes.

"Yes you are, and he is wrong," she whispered wrapping her hands around my waist.

"Your beautiful, intelligent, charismatic, funny, talented, and now mine," she whispered kissing my lips after every word.


"Yes," she replied resting her head on my shoulder and I allowed her, loving the warmth she emitted that left me in a bubble of serenity.

"Wanna go home with me?" I asked and she smiled as arousal gathered between my legs.

"To do what?" She asked kissing my chin.

"Watch a show or something," I lied and she laughed kissing me softly biting my lip as she pulled away.

"A show?" She repeated and I laughed realizing how ridiculous that sounded.

"Alright I want to fuck you," I corrected and she smiled shyly.

"We've never-I mean I've never,"

"I know but I'll show you," I whispered softly.

"Let's go then," she said her eyes meeting mine and I bit my lip as my walls clenched.

I cleared my throat grabbing my coat, keys, and phone leading her out of my office and downstairs, we were in my car in record time as I closed my door drivi

ng off.

My hand moved to her thigh and she spread her legs slightly allowing it, the quiet sound she released had my panties soaking wet.

"Pull it up," I ordered referring to her skirt and she did as I asked, I grabbed her thigh pulling her closer to me as my hand moved to clit rubbing slowly. She moaned her hand resting on mine as I sped up my movements slightly.

This continued until I arrived home, I pulled into the driveway way as the gate closed, her eyes were shut in pleasure and I pulled my hand away causing them to open.

"We're here," I told her realizing she had fallen into her own world of pleasure, I had kept her on edge the entire drive, pulling her towards her orgasm but never allowing her to cum, she was a dripping mess and that only turned me on further as we got out of the car.

I fumbled with my keys as I opened the door pulling her inside, my anticipation getting the best of me as I closed it throwing the keys on the coffee table. I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me her hands burying themselves in my hair as I kissed her passionately walking up the stairs.

Dear God

After all the time I took fantasizing this was finally about to happen.

I reached for the knob pulling the door open stepping inside as her fingers worked on my buttons. She soon got frustrated with the piece of clothing pulling both ends popping the buttons, I smiled as she pushed it off my shoulders loving that she was just as ready as I was. I placed her on the bed taking it off along with my dress pants as she did the same leaving us both in our underwear.

I pushed our heels to the side watching her as she laid there her eyes pooling with desire.

God was she beautiful and she was finally mine.

I moved over her capturing her lips, pulling her bra taking it off, not breaking the kiss before taking off my own, loving the feeling of her nipples pressing into me almost begging for my attention.

My hands roamed over her body just wanting to appreciate every inch, she wrapped her legs around me as I began grinding against her, loving her moans and whimpers, I soon became frustrated with the lack of skin to skin contact. I groaned into the kiss pulling away taking off her underwear and mine before moving back between her legs.

I kissed her neck softly slipping a finger into her loving the way her hips lifted into me. I moved down her body slightly sucking on her nipple adding another finger. I knew me messing with her in the car had her on edge so it wouldn't take long for her to cum. The car also made me realize just how sensitive and respondent she was to my touch.

I moved down her body kissing her thighs as I sped up the pace of my fingers.

"Shit, Starr," she moaned as my mouth landed on her clit sucking, she raised off the bed slightly and I pulled my fingers away replacing them with my tongue eating her out as if my life depended on it. Her hands moved to my hair and I moaned speeding up my movements as she began pulling a loud moan leaving her as she came undone before me.

I sucked on her now sensitive clit looking up at her licking my lips as I moved up her body. I kissed her neck softly listening to her heavy breathing, the memory of her being pleasured replaying in my head as I waited for her breathing to even out.

"Starr that was," she started but stopped, a smile overtaking her features as she looked up at me and I returned the smile kissing her lips softly.

"Do you wanna try?" I asked grinding her slightly and she nodded shyly making me smile. I pulled away from her rolling over onto my back, the touch of her touching me turning me on even more.

She sat up getting on top of me, her hands on either side of my head as my eyes appreciated each inch of her that my gaze could see.

"You don't have to be nervous," I whispered sensing her discomfort and hesitancy and she smiled not meeting my eyes making me laugh.

"Come here," I whispered and she moved down meeting my lips, I kissed her softly wanting to remove whatever doubts her mind had formed hoping to make her as comfortable as possible, but her uneasiness wouldn't subside.

She pulled away not making eye contact I was about to say something but she beat me to it.

"I've never so I-" she whispered and I smiled cutting her off with a kiss.

"I'll teach you," I whispered back and she smiled kissing my neck slowly, leaving a path of wet kisses down my body. I moaned softly as her lips met my thigh before they landed between my legs, I could feel her uneasiness and I moved my hand to her hair wordlessly telling her to relax.

"You don't have to be perfect, just-Fuck," I started ending on a moan as she began tongue fucking me, I gripped her hair lifting my hips to her mouth, arousal leaking from between my legs. She began flicking her tongue and I arched my back slightly as the building increased.

"Relax your tongue," I moaned and she did for a split second before she went tense again.

"Cassi please," I begged and she did it once more this time for a longer period but soon she pulled away her fingers replacing her tongue. Now that was something she was amazing at, every thrust of her fingers had me moving closer to my orgasm. Her mouth moved to my clit sucking and my hands tightened in her hair as I came undone moaning her name.









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