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   Chapter 3 Past wind - First meeting

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~~~Past Wind~~~

As I was walking through the hallway ridiculing Claire about her previous encounter with our English professor along with my friends, out of nowhere, someone shoved me hard on the wall by my shoulders and crashed his lips on mine against my will for what seemed like a whole fucking minute.

I struggled out of his grasp but he had a strong grip on my waist, stopping me to move further. I tried to push him away but failed horribly. He was so strong.

Finally, that douchbag loosened his grip and stepped aside to reveal his cocky face. I was taken aback when I saw him with a smoggy smirk on his lips.

"Huh! See? I told you guys. No one dares to ignore me and my kiss." He told his friends proudly while touching his bottom lips. "She enjoyed it too." He winked at me.

It took me a second to realize that this was just a part of a bet or dare he made with his friends like how he usually does. I really hate his guts and his attitude.

He is a popular guy in our college, not just because of his cocky attitude, also he is a topper and the brightest students of St.Stephens college. Apart from having a hot tanned body, he has overconfidence since every girl is drooling over him and he loves the fact and uses them. Needless to say, he is a big playboy and other people's emotions never really mattered to him.

Everyone had a crush on him except only one girl who used her common sense to identify the real side of him. What? I'm talking about myself. If those girls had a brain in their skull, they wouldn't have fallen for him. He's never been in a serious relationship before and I reckon that this will remain in the future as well.

He always dates different kinds of girls and drops them off within a week when he gets bored with them. He uses girls like paper and throws them away after use.

He has no feelings. For him, girls are like a toy who will warm his bed anytime.

"Kayish Miller!" I yelled out his name loudly. I really wanted to pull his hair out with my bare hands and wipe his smirk off his pretty face. He crossed his limit now and I WON'T TOLERATE BULLSHIT.

"Yes, baby." He looked down at me. At that time I mentally cursed myself for being 5.4'. My short height was not helping me, while he stood 6.3' tall in front of me. I felt very tiny in front of him.

I felt the sudden urge to kick his ball and castrate him, but I had mercy on him and instead, I brutally slapped his cheek. The smack echoed through the hallway gaining everyone's attention and all the eyes quickly turned towards our direction. He was completely taken off guard but did not fail to shoot a ripping dagger at me.

"Don't dare to call me baby with that fucking little mouth of yours." I spat at him. Satisfied with my actions I walked past him ignoring the murderous glare he was blazing at me.


Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!....

My phone's alarm went off. I pulled my phone out of my purse and dismissed the alarm quickly not wanting to awake Sweety.

She's just like me when it comes to sleep. We both sleep like a sloth.

It's about time, we were going to land. All the passengers were awake. I think I was pretty much the only person on the whole plane who was dozing off.

I picked Sweety who was still sleeping from her seat and put her on the shoulder before grabbing my luggage one by one. While I was trying to take another bag, someone offered their hands to help me out which I gladly accepted.

She looks like my age, maybe 24 or 25. She has ginger red hair which attracted me immediately. I gave her a polite smile and we both walked out of the airport.


have to go, my boyfriend is waiting for me." She waved at someone and walked towards him not even giving me a chance to ask her name nor thank her properly for her generosity.

I glanced towards the direction where she walked but even before I get the chance to spot her, a voice interrupted me.

"Miss. Kader." I turned around and saw a middle-aged man standing there holding a board in his hand, which read 'Riya Kader' a.k.a me.

"Hello, Mr....." I trailed off not knowing his name. "Call me William.” He smiled at my perplexity and stretched out his hand for a handshake.

"Hello, William! Nice to meet you." I greeted him and shook his outstretched hand with a generous smile.

"Shall we proceed?" he asked and I nodded my head in permission. He carried my luggage ignoring my protests and put them in the trunk of his car. He even opened the door for me. I mumbled a quiet 'thank you' before settling inside the car. I carefully put Sweety, who was still sleeping all through this, on my lap and enjoyed the view of New York City.

"Mommy, it's beautiful." A tiny voice spoke snapping me out of my own trance.

"Sweety you are awake!" I exclaimed and kissed her cheek. She rubbed her eyes to get rid of the slumber.

She was fully awake now. We both savoured the sight of the busy little city and I didn't notice William parking the car in front of a huge building which I assumed is our apartment block.

It was so huge. I reckon this building had at least 40 to 50 floors. We both hopped out of the car. William finished all the formalities and hand me the apartment key.

"I have to go to Miss. Kader." He excused himself. I thanked him politely for his kind help before he walked away towards the parking lot.

I pressed the button the read '12' once I entered the elevator and patiently waited for the doors to open.

"Wow!!! It's so beautiful." Sweety shrieked in surreality.

"Mommy are we going to stay here? I like this place very much." She jumped up and down while holding her favourite soft toy 'Honey bee'.

"Yes, baby! This is our new home. We are going to live here from now on." I pecked her lips and she returned it.

"Mom, will I make new friends here?" She asked in fear of rejection and isolation.

"Of course baby, you will make a lot of good friends. After all, you'll start going to your school tomorrow. You will find lots of friends to talk to there." I assured her.

She cheekily smiled at me and sprinted off to explore the rest of the house. This apartment was too huge for both of us.

I felt exhausted the moment I bought all the luggage in the room. Thank God I met that kind girl at the airport otherwise I wouldn't know what to do. Bless her. Shit! I didn't even ask her for her number. Nowadays, finding good people in this vicious world is very rare. I mentally facepalmed.

It took me five hours to arrange all the things in their respective place, especially the sharp objects as they were ought to be kept out of Sweety's sight.

I still remember that one time when she accidentally cut her finger with a knife while I was chopping vegetables. She tried to copy me chopping onions but ended up cutting her finger instead.

Later the night, I read Sweety a bedtime story. Her eyelids started to drop and soon she drifted off into her dreamland

I let out an exhausted sigh. My baby's gonna start going to school tomorrow onwards. I felt like until yesterday she was trying to learn to walk slowly and continuously stumbled on her little feet. Time flew so fast. I kissed Sweety's forehead and cuddled up with her as sleep slowly overtook me.


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