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   Chapter 2 Interview

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I lay on my bed and typing from the last scene that I stopped.

My mind was running wild trying to think of more ideas.

I checked the digital clock on my drawer and sighed loudly.

It is already 1:30 am, guess we should call it over for now.I saved my typed documents and closed my laptop then switch off my side lamp and lay back on the bed, the duvet sheet covering my body well.

Life of a writer.

I picked up my phone and set my alarm clock to 10:00 am, I'm not about to kill myself for anybody.

Then I slept off.***I woke up by the blaring meaning of my alarm oh s*** it is 10 already I rub my eyes and get down from the bed then run into the bathroom.

I have a thing for early morning pee after peeing and washing my face I went back inside my room to check my phone, I have five missed call from Mr. Robert and 15 missed call from Anna, It tells me some.

They think I'll be going to the interview by 7:00, oh please only an amateur writer will be pleased and so damn excited about an interview but an OG like me can never, in fact, I am pissed.

I angrily drop my phone on the bed and walk out of the room, first of all after a long night I have to eat healthy food to boost my energy.

Mikel wore me out yesterday that's why he was my favorite, he knows damn well how to do it he knows how to please me and make me feel good. most of the time I got my experience of writing from the time I spent with him.

I open my fridge and picked 4 eggs butter and milk, bacon then close my fridge.

10 minutes later my bacon and egg are ready to eat.

I sat down and my couch I started eating the food when I was done eating I took the dirty dishes inside the kitchen and dumped them inside the sink.

I ran back inside my room and quickly undress then pick up my towel from the bed before running inside the bathroom.

After taking my bath, I wiped my body with the towel and stepped out of the bathroom,

My phone was ringing when I got inside my room so I picked it up and placed it against my ear.

Poppy Heather

Where are you? The show already begins Ana said. I sigh

and walk inside my closet, I pulled open my wardrobe searching for a nice dress to wear.

Gown or skirt and shirt which do you prefer? I asked her.

Jesus! You are yet to wear your clothes talk more about makeup, please just put on a nice gown, Mr. Robert is 4eally mad with you. who cares about him being bad, he can't be mad at a mega superstar.

 I will be there in the next thirty minutes, don't stress me. I said then drop my phone on the table.

I put on a lemon knee-length dress, my black hair brushed down, and a little makeover on my face.

I was good to go.

I walk out Of the house and locked the door behind me, I walk down from the front porch and got inside my car.

My phone dinged and I checked who just sent me a message.

I enjoyed last night, see you soon

I smiled and dropped my phone back inside my bag. He oozes sex.Everything about him is sexy.

I met six months ago in a club back in LA, It was a one-night stand, that was what I wanted it to be but we both seem to want the same thing.

Sex with no hard feeling.

I drove out of the driveway and in no time, I was speeding down the highway in my tesla X car.

In no distant time, I already got to Jada talk show.Damn is this woman annoying? Yes!

She just doesn't know when to stop talking.

I pulled out my face mask and covered my mouth and nose then covered my eyes with my dark shade sunglass.

"Oh, it is PH!" I heard someone shout and In no distance time, I was covered with paparazzi trying Io talk my pictures.

"Hi PH, it has been a long time since you accepted an interniew is this because of your new book's commercial success?" One of the men asked.

"You can put it that way, thanks to everybody that supported my new book, a surprise is coming soon, don't stop loving me," I said dnd just then my bodyguard rushed up to me.

Where were you, James?" I questioned.

"I am sorry maam, went to get your pen from your office." He replied.

He was right, I might come along with every other thing except for my pen.

"Well thank you," I replied and startted walking towards the talk show.

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