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   Chapter 1 Horny for the D

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"And he pulled her against him, his hand wrapped around her neck, he was choking her but hell was she enjoying it, of course, yes she was enjoying it, her eyes were closed as he thrust into her from behind.

She moaned loudly, her hand wrapped tightly around the wooden stool…"

I closed my laptop and pucked up the cup of coffee on my desk.

This is what I do, as a writer I need quiet peace of mind, readers have their likes and dislike, and in the past five years of being a writer I've tried improving my skills both by experience and by research and that is why I am the bestselling erotic author ever.

That's me, Poppy Heather.

I am a 27 years old woman who enjoys writing, it is what I do for a living and I am proud of the success I made in the past five years.

Being an erotic writer wasn't hard like most people think.It is a part of me that I want the world to be familiar with.

I am proud of my sexuality, yes, I am a sexy young woman, a successful one at that.

"Poppy the editor in chief just call for your presence." My assistant told me.

"Okay thank you," I said and dropped my coffee on my desk before walking away.

I got to the editor's office and knocked on the door before twisting the doorknob and walk inside.

"You called me Mr. Robert?" I asked then sat down on the chair.

"Your new book was a huge commercial success, congratulations." He said and I smiled. I was proud of myself and my achievements.

"But I call you here because tomorrow is your interview with Jada talk show." He said and I frowned.

Nobody told me about this!

"I didn't know about that me Robert, Ana didn't fill me in, can't it be pushed forward?" I asked dejectedly.I hate it when things come to me as a surprise.

I super hate it when things don't go the way I want them.

"Sorry Poppy but it was fixed for tomorrow, don't be late to the talk show." He told me and I nodded.

I didn't have a choice.

I stood up from the chair and straightened my pencil black skirt then started walking towards the door.

"Poppy?" He called and I turned around to face him.

"Good luck." He said. I walk out of the office and exhaled loudly.

I know why he was wishing me good luck, I had a bad reputation with interviews.

I went back inside my office and slammed the door behind me, I picked my bag from my desk and put my laptop and notepad, and pen inside then grabbed my car keys before walking out of the office.

"Are you leaving already?" Ana my assistant asked.

"Yes and thanks to you I will be going to an interview tomorrow." I sneered, she held her hands up and chuc


"Just this once and we're good." She said, I ignored her and get inside the elevator.

When I got to the parking lot, I unlocked my phone and dialed Mikel's number.

Are you free? I asked.

Not really, but if you need me ill be there. he said obediently like a good boy he was.

Come to my house, I need you.I told him before hanging up.

With every other man that I've been with, Mikel is the only one that knows what I want, he knows that nothing can come off of our relationship, whatever we have going on is just sex.

I stopped the car in front of my driveway and got down from it.

Hell, tomorrow will be a hectic day, I got to my front porch and started ransacking my bag for my house key.

After searching I later found the master key and unlocked my door, I removed my stiletto heel and slipped my feet inside my flip flop.

I walk inside the living room and dropped my bag on the couch then went inside the kitchen.

I opened the fridge and brought out cold water and a glass cup.I pour some water inside the cup and sip a little.

This is exactly what I needed.Something relaxing.

My doorbell rang and I quickly ran inside the living room, I brush my hand along my hair and wipe the side of my mouth with tissue paper.

I walk to the door and pulled it open and was engulfed in a heart-wrenching kiss.

He carried me up making me wrap my legs around his waist as he kisses me.

He leads the way to my bedroom and sat down on the bed with me on his lap.

After five minutes he broke the kiss and feast on my neck instead, he nibbles and leaves soft bites on me.

"Mikel," I whispered, my hand around his neck.

"I missed you, I miss your sweet body, it has been a week since you last called." He said and I nodded.

I was in the wrong and I know that.

He started undoing my shirt, his hands trembling a little.

He yanked the shirt off me now revealing the red lacy bra that I was wearing.

"Beautiful." He mumbled, his hands went behind my back and unclasped my bra hook.

He squeezed them and stared into my eyes.

He shifted me on his laps and dragged down his sweatpants then his boxers, his hard cock sprung out of its confinement.

He raised me and slammed me down on it.

I moaned loudly, my hand holding him tightly while he keeps thrusting deep into me.

"Fuck, you feel so good." He groaned.

That's right baby, I know that I feel good you don't have to tell me.

"Fuck me, good baby, fuck me faster." I moaned, this is it.

This is me.Erotical and story writing are parts of me that I can't let go of.

Welcome to my story, I am Poppy Heather.

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