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   Chapter 4 The Visitor

The Rise of the Phoenix By ALLI MES Characters: 6060

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Rong confidently dismounted on the horse without Guan’s help. She was about to run inside the mansion when Guan spoke.“I did not remember you had a suite like that, Rong’er.” He suspiciously asked. She swallowed hard.“I…”Fortunately, Chui Yuan was right in time to save her. She could see the worried face of her poor attendant even she’s afar.“Chui Yuan!”“Mistress! ─ I’m so glad to see you!” says Chui Yuan when she got out of the carriage, panting.“You left together, didn’t you?” Guan asked in a serious voice before dismounting on the horse.“Forgive me, My Lord,” Chui Yuan quickly bowed to his master. “Lady Rong asked me to buy some dates so we had to part. Would you like some, My Lord?”Guan’s eyes glimmer in delight at the sight of the snack. It has been his favorite ever since. Thus, he immediately extended his hands to receive the bag.Rong playfully pretended to cough which caught both elders’ attention.“Hey! You can’t finish all these bags yourself, can you?”Suddenly, a loud voice came to interrupt them.“Dates!” It was Eno Tang, the youngest among her brothers. And just like Guan, he loves dates too.She could expect troubles with the two so she discreetly called Chui Yuan’s attention and exited. Rong pulled the servant and walked even faster. “My Lady, is there something wrong?” Chui Yuan asked full of concern. This servant became her best friend through the years of being kept inside the mansion. She may have friends outside but Chui Yuan was the only one who got to know her secrets. Perhaps it is because the latter is her head attendant and her partner in crime. “Not here.” she firmly spoke in a low voice. Afraid that someone might hear them. As soon as they arrived at her chamber, she immediately locked up the door and pulled Chui Yuan closer to the room. "You wouldn't believe whom I encountered earlier." She spoke with disgust still plastered on her face as Chui Yuan started to undress her. “Who is it?” “I nearly got locked up inside the palace ground because of that same jerk who attacked me last night!” Rong answered, very pissed. “He is indeed a jerk, Mistress.” Chui Yuan commented as she removed the last piece of the outer garment, leaving her with her white robe. “He even…steal a kiss from me.” She unconsciously mumbled, still reminiscing the scene earlier.“Oh, interesting—” the greening Chui Yuan was cut by her.“Nothing is interesting with that jerk, alright?” Rong glared at her, sounding very defensive. “And…it was just a kiss.”“Are you sure about that, Mistress? You didn’t feel the butterflies on your stomach?” Chui Yuan teased.She took a long pause before answering.“It doesn’t matter.” She rolled her eyes which gained Chui Yuan a small laugh. “C’mon! You’re supposed to side me!” She added sounding very desperate but Chui Yuan just laughed at her while putting the dirty clothes in the basket. “Wait!” Chui Yuan faced her. “Do not put it there. Burn it.” Chui Yuan was shocked by her firm statement. “But we just bought this one—” “

I said burn it. Let us not leave any traces for that man.” Those were her last words after she heads to the bathroom. Moments passed by, she then asked Chui Yuan to dress her beautifully after finishing her bath which the latter didn't protest. She was fully dressed when someone knocked at the door. Chui yuan immediately stood up to open the door. There they saw Eno Tang with a teasing smile. “Nice dress, little sister. Now you finally look like an official part of the Su mansion.” “Jerk! —” Rong shouted and threw a hairpin that was lying on the table at him which he quickly avoided. "What do you want?" She asked after she realizes that she will never be able to hit him. “Well, I came here to inform you dear sister that your dress looks perfect for the banquet later.” Eno Tang said with his perfect smile still plastered on his face. “And who the hell asked for this banquet?” She raised her brow upon asking. “Who else? None other than the Head of the Su mansion, Guan’er himself. What? You dare question?” “No.” Rong immediately answered. "Right. And we are expecting a guest, so you better behave you, little child!" Eno Tang warned seriously and flicked her forehead. “Ouch!” She glared at him.“And oh! Before I forgot, Guan specifically instructed me, and have you told to prepare the banquet yourself.”“Why should I? There are lots of chefs in this mansion!”“Just do it! Who knows, you might catch our guest's attention later." Eno Tang smirked and winked at her before leaving.“I hate you!” She shouted but the latter could not hear her anymore.“Let’s see then.” She said as a bright idea popped into her head. “Chui Yuan, get me my other new clothes.” Rong smiled devilishly. Chui Yuan hesitated.“But that dress you are wearing is new, My Lady.”"I am not referring to these laced embroideries—I’m referring to my men’s clothes!”“But—”“Just go. Let’s see if you can still tease me with your guest.”


Evening came, Rong is finally done with the preparations for the banquet. The food is ready to be served and they were just waiting for her brothers and guest to come. Exhausted from her work, she sat down on her designated place comfortably with her men’s clothes on. Chui Yuan was happily fanning her when they heard voices.“It must be them.” She spoke and stopped Chui Yuan from what the servant is doing. “Prepare the foods.” Chui Yuan courtesied and obliged.Eno Tang and Lim Tan were the first to enter the banquet room. The bright and happy faces turned shocked upon seeing her appearance. But she only smirked at them. Both became uneasy when their Brother Wan Ni, Guan, and the Guest were about to enter.“I told you to behave!” Eno Tang said in a low voice. Lim Tan clenched his jaw.“Hurry up and change before they see you!” Lim Tan advised but it’s already too late. The three men finally made their way inside.The three men were shocked upon seeing her.“It’s you!”“It’s you!”Rong and the guest said in chorus, which made the people inside the banquet room confused.

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