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   Chapter 3 The Chase

The Rise of the Phoenix By ALLI MES Characters: 6939

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Just when two people saw each other again, the world almost stop revolving. They can only see each other. They can only hear the melodies of their hearts who’s singing loudly. Soon enough, Rong gains consciousness and gets alarmed of what the young man could to do her after Gu Wu Ping snaps his fingers. Rong turns to him. “What?” “What ‘what’? ─ You’re spacing out. Something’s wrong?” Wu Ping asks concernedly. But she did not answer him. She looked at the man whose standing on their opposite direction instead. He is scowling at her. She then quickly turns to his old friend and bid her goodbyes. “Little follower, I have to go. See you next time!”, she did not wait for the latter to respond when she saw how determine the young man in capturing her. She sprints her way to the busy street. Meanwhile, Hwa Jin who saw her suspicious behavior, came over and chased her. Panic is all over her. Her pace becomes faster and faster. She is already shouting and shooing away all that blocks her way which caused troubles for everyone behind her. One poor old man has had his barrels roll over after she pushed him out of her way. However, despite her efforts, Hwa Jin hasn’t lost her track. He gets even closer. Thus, she doubled her efforts and run away as fast as she can. However, little did they know, they already passed by the gates of the Imperial palace. But it was already too late to realize that they were inside. The gates are already closing. Rong unconsciously stopped running. She was panting. Sweat was all over her forehead and neck, her neatly bun hair turned to mess, hair strands were falling off her face─ but she did care. She has to get home before the sun sets! But how could she do that? The gates will only be open the next morning. Panic and fear are slowly consuming her. She was getting hopeless. She spaces back and forth whilst her hand on her hips. She couldn’t think straight anymore. Out of frustration, she decided to confront him again. Only to find out after turning her back that he was already on her back, trying to keep her away from the coming carriage. Hwa Jin jumped on her causing them to fall on the ground.Their eyes grew wide upon realizing their scandalous position. Rong’s body was on top him who was lying on the ground. His both hands were on her chest, specifically her not so big mounds. While their lips brushed against each other.As a defense mechanism, she slapped his face. She unconsciously extends her arm on the ground and other to his middle, in between his thighs, to gain support and rushed to get up.Hwa Jin could only groan in pain while curling his body, clutching his crotch. But Rong did not understand what’s happening to him. She creased her forehead to him and said,“Stop following me!” Her disguising voice trailed off which revealed her true voice. She covers her mouth quickly and run, leaving him still on the ground mutely aching.


Hwa Jin was chasing Rong to his fullest. Whatever happens, he will never let her go this time, he promises himself. But all those promises nailed down when he realizes that they already reached the Imperial palace from running. Being the prince himself, he is always welcome to go in and out of the palace. But not today. He has to visit Lim Tan and talk to Guan. He can’t be trapped inside the palace tonight. Thus, he decided to stop chasing her and turns to an opposite direction when he noticed a carriage running towards her direc

tion. He would have ignored it, but something’s telling him that he needs to save her. He had a strong suspicion that the young man he encountered last night was not really a he but a she. That despite that strong façade is a vulnerable person inside. He can tell after looking into her eyes. Thus, he runs towards her and quickly jumped at her. Only to find himself in an awkward position; her on top of him while his both hand on her chest and lips pressed together. In an instant, he gained a slap from her. Right, her. His assumptions were correct! He did not know, but he feels so alive despite what he got from her. Heck! He was beyond ecstatic to know that she was really a woman. But all his hopes fell down when she unintentionally put her hand in between his thighs to lift herself. He wanted to scream so loud and punish her for doing that. Yet, he could not even utter a single word until she left him. “I will find you…”, he said almost breathless.


Although Rong successfully escaped from Hwa Jin, she’s getting near to feel despair. Surely, she will get punishments when she gets home.Frustrated, she sighed and pulls the ornaments on her head, letting her long sleek hair to fall. She sat down the gutter near the gate.She has already tried negotiating with the guards, but no avail.She could only cup her face and hid them on her small palms.What alibi should she give them when gets home? Will they still believe her?She shook her head. No, they surely won’t. Now that she’s dressed in a man’s suit— they’ll definitely not gonna buy her alibi.She silently whined like a eight year old child at the thought.She then decided to collect the pebbles around her to ease her burden. The throws them again, one by one. The last pebble she threw rolls over and over. Until it finally stopped when gets a collusion with a familiar pair of embroidered shoes.She gained hope and lifted her head up.“Guan Gege!” She joyfully cried and clung into him despite his clothing.Guan was overwhelmed by her sudden action. He was almost blown up. Yet, he manages to stay on her ground.“Rong’er…” He muttered as he puts her down, “You’re here.”It was a statement and not a question. Slowly, her nervousness came back.“Uh…”“I heard Lim Tan got sick. How is he?”, thankfully! She was then reminded of their other brother. This gave her an alibi.“Right! He was. So, I had to come over here and wait for you. So, we could go home together! There were some problems with my carriage earlier so I had to wait for you and ask for a lift!” She exaggeratedly answers which left Guan bemused.“Alright, alright. Let’s head home.”The older brother leads the way and mounted her first to his horse. He then follows and started maneuvering towards the gate. Being one of the most trusted soldiers of the palace, he was given access to go in and out any time like Hwa Jin.Although it has been a tradition that Imperial palace opens its gate at exactly six in the morning, it also closes its door exactly before the sun sets. Once it close, no one can no longer enter no exit from the palace. But this time, Guan is exempted as he carries a decree containing a special assignment from His Majesty, the Emperor himself.With this, amusement and relief were evident on her face as they passed by the gate smoothly.She smirked at the thought of the man she encountered again earlier.‘Finally! You won’t be bothering me again. Get rot in here, you minx!’

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