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   Chapter 1 The proposal

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Eleonora Sava was a 25 years old simple, ambitious Italian girl whose main goal in her life was to live happily without any regrets . She worked hard in her small Catering and Event Management company to support her family and herself.

She was born in Italy but moved to the USA for her higher studies and after graduating she opened her little business there with the help of her Nonna who lived in the USA. Her father Patrick Sava was Italian but her mother Adriana was an American. Eleonora also had a younger sister named Cara and a younger brother named Lorenzo.

After graduating Eleonora tried her best to provide everything to her little sister and brother because she loved them so much. Her world revolved around her family. All she ever wanted was her family to live in happiness. Her mother was her inspiration in life who was beside her in every ups and downs. Beside her mother there was another person who supported her mentally and financially. Her Nonna. She had a special bonding with her nonna since her childhood. She mostly spent her childhood in the care of her Nonna.

One could say Eleonora's life was going through the tranquility she herself had created. She worked hard, earned money, helped her father to take care of their family and travelled where her heart desired. She had a roof above her head, enough food to eat and clothes to wear. What else could she want from life?

But there's a saying nothing lasts forever. So how could the tranquility of her life last?

Everything had changed when her little brother became sick and needed an immediate surgery which would cost a lot of money. Eleonora's father was just a butler in a rich man's house.

She and her father tried a lot but couldn't arrange that much money in a short period of time. Even though she sold her small company but still couldn't arrange the money. She felt really helpless. Her siblings were her heartbeat. She couldn't imagine anything bad happening to them. Lorenzo was her mischief little sunshine. They had a ten years of age gap between them which made them really close siblings. She broke down thinking of the possibility of losing her little brother.

When all hopes were almost gone her father told her something that changed her whole life.

For good or worse? She didn't know that time.

She hadn't had the best relationship with her father. Her father didn't love nor care about her that much. For her father, his son was everything. Her father was a stereotypical person who valued son over daughter.

It's not like he didn't love her before. He used to care for her but that was until his son and her Brother Lorenzo was born. He gradually changed and gave all his love and care to his son while ignoring his two daughters.

But Eleonora never felt any grudge against her brother. She loved him with all her heart. She was the elder sister of her

little sister and brother. She stood with them in every step of their life. She made sure to protect her sister from her father's stereotypical behavior. She made sure her brother grew up respecting women, starting from his own family.

She didn't want her brother to grow up gender discrimination. Eleonora made sure to teach her siblings about equality. It was a bliss that her siblings grew up with good moral values of human life.

Eleonora always longed for her father's love, care and attention but never got any. It made an empty feeling in her heart which grew by every passing day, months and years of her life.

A girl will always crave for her father's love. Every Father and daughter in the world always has a special bonding.

But unfortunately Nora's luck wasn't among them. She and her father hadn't even talked properly since her highschool days. But nevertheless Nora got used to it. She got her mother's love. Her mother loved her very much. Her mother always tried to sooth the empty feelings of her heart.

While growing up Eleonora was really stubborn and sensitive. She couldn't control her tears even over small matters. Even her anger would turn into tears. Her happiness would turn into tears. Her sadness would turn into tears. But with every passing year her life changed so did her emotions.

A few days later Eleonora noticed her parents behaving unusually. Her parents would always argue and she knew she was the person they were arguing over. She tried asking her mother a few times but her mother didn't open her mouth. That day when she found her parents arguing again she entered the room.

Noticing her presence her parents quiet down. She looked at her mother who had tears streamed on her face and her father had an angry expression. She sighed.

"Papa, what's the matter? Why are you guys arguing about? What are you hiding from me? She asked her father while standing in front of him.

Patrick didn't look at Eleonora instead he glared at his wife. Eleonora then looked at her mother. Adriana avoided her eyes and looked away. Nora was sure something was wrong. She knew her parents were very worried about Lorenzo's treatment who was still at the hospital.

"Mama, please tell me. What are you guys hiding from me? Is Enzo alright?" She asked things but maybe her parents knew something more about Lorenzo's illness but weren't telling her.

"No. He's alright. We are not hiding anything. Go to your room Nora." Adriana commanded her daughter with a strict voice.

"But Mama-" Nora couldn't finish her sentence as Adriana cut her off.

"I said go to your room." Adriana raised her voice and Nora looked at her perplexed. She didn't understand why her mother was getting so angry.

"Why are you shouting at her? She has the right to know. Let her decide what she wants." Patrick glared at Adriana while voicing out his words.

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