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Synn's POV

"It's not safe for yo-are you even listening to us, Synn?" I was startled when Snow taps me by the shoulder, my eyes immediately back to her and I know there and then that I'm doomed.

I just came back from our company building after I was called this morning. And of course, my members already heard from our managers.

Our company received some photos of me with Gold from last night. It wasn't posted on social media nor on news sites because our face wasn't seen but I can tell it was me and him and I'm sure our fans could if they saw it. Plus, the fact that it was taken at the back of the building where we live is one proof that it may be us.

I was scolded really bad. They told me it was a good thing that the reporter works from our company and that they sent it first to us instead of posting it in public. Our managers were scolded once again and for a second, I was scared that I will get them into trouble again because of this.

"Synn..." Arika sighed. I bit my lower lip before pouting. My eyes are getting teary for a moment.

"I know your intention was good but it was so dangerous, Synn. You're putting a lot of people in trouble. It's not just about you, okay?" she explained and it doesn't help that her voice doesn't sound like she was angry but more of like sympathizing towards me. And I hate it. I hate it because she was right.

It wasn't just about me. It wasn't even just about ROY4L nor our managers. Not about Gold, or PERSONA. It was about everyone, even our fans, the irony of living an idol life.

It wasn't as easy as it looks like. Our life, we are caged into a wall that limits us of our freedom. Sometimes it's suffocating and it's one downside of living our dream. So we can't do anything but abide by that rule.

Our CEO was disappointed. He understood that the incident that happened from the awards wasn't my fault but this time, it was only me.

That's the reason why I was grounded now. I am not allowed to go anywhere without my manager for a week. Anything outside of our schedule for this week is prohibited unless I ask permission and have any of my managers go with me.

"So, was it worth it?" my head snapped to Elisse's direction after hearing her words. She was still looking at me with a sad smile on her face.

"What?" I asked confused and she raised her eyebrow at me.

"Last night, I mean, doing something that is against the rules. Was it worth it?" she elaborated and I almost choke on my own saliva in nervousness.

She knew why I did it. And so are the girls because I told them.

Her question made me remember the incident last night, how my eyes were open the whole night thinking about what took place.

More importantly, the feeling of his lips pressed into my forehead still lingers in my skin. I didn't even know how he did it. I was wearing a cap so he actually had to bend a little to kiss me.

Above all else, why? Why did he do that?

Was it because he was teasing me? Was it because he thinks it's easy to play with me like that?

Because there's no way there is another reason. For some reason, my heart started beating rapidly at the memory of it.

"Oh gosh, your cheeks are blushing, Synn!" Elisse's laughter resonated with the whole room and soon enough, all three of them were laughing.

"What, do you have a crush on him?" Snow teased and I felt my ears burning.

Impossible. Why would I? Besides, that's just a little kiss on the forehead, nothing major.

"I don't!" I denied - the heat on my cheeks probably enough to burn an egg or something.

Elisse looked at me as if scrutinizing the sincerity of my words and I almost

waver. I can't really lie that much to my members. They read me like an open book.

A sly smirk appeared on Snow's face before messing up my hair.

"We know why you did it and we understand Synn. Don't burden yourself too much. You tried enough," she whispered and I almost stifled a cry when all three of them came and crushed me into a big hug.

It could have been emotional like those in dramas and shit but, No - one has to ruin it. Arika had to break the hug and run for ice cream. Can't blame her though. A girl needs to eat.

"Disperse everyone. I've had enough of you guys for the day," Snow laughed and we all followed. Elisse grabbed her phone and headed to her room. We seldom have time to rest these days so we make the most of it when we have a chance.

Soon enough, I was left alone in the living room my phone in my hands.

"Let's see..." I whispered before sliding my body a little until I was already lying on the couch, my head resting on the cushion, my hands carefully scan the comments our fans had left on the articles about my little incident om the award show.

"Stay away from our Gold!"

"Are they really dating? So were the interactions true then?"

"She's pretty much a rookie, what is she even thinking?"

"I ship them!"

I cringe at a few more comments. To be honest more than half of them were not in favor of my "alleged" relationship with PERSONA's youngest member. And I can't blame them. Even a few of my fans weren't in favor of it.

A long sigh escaped my lips.

"As if I wanted to be in this situation..." I whispered to myself before closing the web. My members were also getting affected by this scandal. We had to postpone a few of our schedules too.

My mind went back to the time I saw him on the fire exit, the sadness in his eyes, the way his voice had turned into an icy tone rather than the soft and endearing one he always used whenever he was talking with his fans.

For some reason, I felt something tug within me. Am I feeling bad for him?

"Ah, Synn!" I thought out loud, waving my hands in front of me to erase such thoughts.

Suddenly, my phone started ringing, my hands immediately reaching for it on my side where I drop it earlier.

A video call...

"Gold?" my mouth hand wide open, my body bolting up from the couch immediately as his name register on my phone.

Three rings...


Until it stopped, my heart almost dropped outside of my chest.

"Oh my God..." I was in a panic. I was barely trying to calm myself when my phone suddenly started ringing again.

"Why is he calling me?" I asked to myself. Biting my lower lip, I hit the accept button knowing this might cause me another trouble.

With me frozen on my seat, my eyes caught a glimpse of his abs, his phone probably resting on the table while he stood just a few inches away while he wears his shirt.

"Shit," I whispered. I knew he has toned and chiseled abs but I didn't know it looks this divine.

I gulped.

"Oh, I thought you wouldn't answer, "I was startled when I saw his face in front of the camera, a cheeky expression reflecting on him.

He just caught me ogling at him. How the fuck.

"Did you like what you saw?" he teased and I started coughing at his words, my ears heard his deafening laughter.

Oh my God. Can the ground open up and swallow me right now?

My mind was too caught up with everything that is happening that I didn't hear what he said.

"What?" I asked confused and he just smiled.

He actually fucking smiled at me, the first time he did.

What in the heavens?

"I said from now on, we're dating, Richards,"

Wait, what?

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