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Synn's POV

"So, what does a little doll like you need favor with?" I gulped at what Gold had said, my body almost twisting in nervousness. My cheeks have been burning red ever since I came out after receiving a message that he's out. Of course, he'd gotten my number courtesy of Alex.

Right, after that phone call incident, Gold agreed to meet me. He asked for my address and for some reason, I couldn't simply say no. I have a favor to ask after all. Let's just hope we don't get into another trouble for this.

Synn, you need to do this, for your manager.

"Please ask your company not to fire my manager," I told him up front, his eyebrow rising as if amused at my words.

He crossed his arms, his back leaning on the wall, my head hung low in embarrassment.

We're currently outside our dorm on the backside of the building where not a lot of people go. It's past midnight anyway so I'm sure nobody would come.

We can't risk being seen at this time, not even my other members. The scandal that had shaken both our agencies are still fresh. In fact, it hasn't been a week or two.

"I don't think you're in a position to demand that, Richards," he stated, he was smirking as if I should know that.

But I was desperate. "I know. But I can't let my manager lose her job. She doesn't deserve this!"

He looked at me straight in the eyes and I almost waver at how serious he looked. His eyes, they cater no emotions. Unlike when he was on stage and camera, and unlike when I saw him last time. My gaze dropped back on the ground.

"It's not something I have control over with. That's the decision of both companies and our manager is being reprimanded too,"

I lifted my gaze at what he just said, "Reprimanded? So he wasn't fired, right? Can't my manager be the same? I mean, it wasn't her fault either. In all honesty, everything was just an unfortunate accident. It's not like I-" I stopped from rambling the moment I saw his reaction, the smirk showing on his face even scarier.

"What Richards? It's not like it was your intention to be associated with me, is that it?" he snickered.

Words seemed to get stuck on my throat, his eyes assessing my expression.

"Ah, hmm," What do I say? Think, Synn!

If I tell him Yes, I might sound too conceited but if I say No, that will be even weirder.

And then I heard him chuckle, amusement once again showing on his face.

"Tsk," I heard him snicker, "I get it. Though I wouldn't be surprised if you ever think that way. Richards, I realized you have weird habits," he stated and I was startled when he started moving forward, his steps heavy, every move he does make me step backward too.

Why does he look so intimidating?

And the fact that I can clearly see how muscular he looked, the muscles on his arms clearly visible as his arms still crossed over his chest makes everything even scarier for me.

He wouldn't do anything bad, right?

And then I felt it, my back hitting the wall.

Well fuck.

My eyes widened, the fast beating of my heart can now be heard and I'm not liking it. I shouldn't be getting this nervous because of him. For one, it wasn't entirely my fault. Everything that had happened wasn't intentional.


offer," he whispered his face now just a few inches from mine. I turned my face on my right, afraid that our face would make any contact.

My knees are shaking and that feeling was your ears are deafening were so strong I feel like I wouldn't be able to hear anything in a matter of minutes if this continues.

"If that offer is still valid, I might reconsider," he teased and my eyes traveled back to his in confusion.

"What off-" but before I can even finish, my cheeks blushed even redder as realization dawned into me. He was talking about the incident over the phone.

I felt my body stiffened. Good Lord, what is he doing to me?

My eyes saw how a playful smile edged across his face, and I know, he was having fun with my reaction.

He was having fun teasing me.

I flinched a little when I felt his hand on the side of my face, tracing every feature of me. And it was fascinating.

The beating of my heart doubled and there was sudden rush electricity running through my body, something I have never felt before.

Maybe because you were nervous.

"Wha-what are you doing?" I stuttered, moving my face a little as his touch started to burn my skin.

I heard him sigh.

"She was like this too..." he whispered and my heart stopped beating for a moment. I was sure, that was pain I heard on his voice. My eyes locked with his. And I saw it, the sadness I once saw in his eyes.

"You never said a word about what you saw, right?" he asked but more of making sure and for some reason, I feel like I don't want him to be bothered by it so I nodded and he smiled, the type of smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

He sounded vulnerable and he looked like it too.

I wonder what happened with the two of them. Did they get back together?

"Good," he whispered and I gulped when I felt his hand tracing the side of my lips. "Synn..." he called for my name and I saw how he was looking at my lips now.

Shit. Why does his voice need to sound so hoarse like that?

The sound of a camera clicking got our attention and in instinct, he pulled down the cap that I was wearing to hide my face.

"Shit. Don't look around," he mumbled. The place was dimly lit so we're sure our face wouldn't be recognized that much.

I was startled when he pulled something from his jacket, a mask, and wore on my face.

Suddenly, his arms were on my shoulders, "Go back to your dorm and post an IG story on different clothing," he stated and I watch in awe when a smile suddenly emerged on his face. Before I even knew what's happening, he lifted the cap I was wearing and then his lips were now on my forehead giving me a quick kiss. It was so quick I was not even myself even when he was quickly fixing my cap and mask once again.


"Now go Richards. Before we get into any more trouble," he said before gently pushing me to the corner where the back door to our building is.

My steps were slow, and my mind was blank. Before I reached the back door, I turned once again and saw his figure as he turned his back and break into a run.

Gold Simons, one moment he was fuming in anger and then next, he seemed like he cared.

My hand reached for the spot where he kissed.

What the hell was that?

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