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   Chapter 1 Kissed by Sam

It was all a Lie By Kitty Characters: 1177

Updated: 2021-02-19 13:32

The sun was setting and lisa was at the garden admiring the flowers with her boyfriend john 

She giggles as she looks at her boyfriend and said John i hope we could always stay like this you know He says me too while smiling at her They stayed liked that for a couple of minutes before returning to their own apartments Well see you tomorrow john as she kissed him

See you tomorrow babe

The next day At lunchLisa is in the library since she loves reading many types of books but then her boy best friend Sam came by and as she was going to say hi he kissed her but she pushed him o

ff immediately but what she didn’t expect was that his boyfriend’s best friend Tim saw them kissed 

What the hell Sam you know that i have a boyfriend! But Sam just came forward and kissed her again but then someone came and punched Sam on the face and made him stumbling  back

It was her boyfriend JohnJohn looked at Lisa with so many emotions in his eyes like disappointment,rage, disgusts and some other emotions that are hard to tell as they looked at each others eyes 

But as Lisa was still lost at figuring out what were the other emotions she was suddenly dragged by the hair   

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