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Daylan walking towards the elevator knew Faye was taken aback by his seriousness and harsh tone, but what else can he do? After all he is her boss and she should be treated like everyone else.

He can't be close to her! No!

What happened that night was memorable and he can't have rumours going round of him sleeping with strangers.

He knew that as a CEO of the top leading company in the country and other countries too such rumours will spread fast, he has a reputation to hold and a business to expand.

"I really need to distance my self from him, Faye said when Daylan walked out of her office.

"He's really having a big effect on me" she was still feeling the tingles that shot up in her thighs when she saw him at the door.

Four weeks passed since Faye had started working at Sage company, they both avoided eachother at all cost even during company meetings, Daylan would eye everybody in the room except her.

He didn't not acknowledge her before her colleagues and pretended like that night meant nothing to him whereas it meant a lot to Faye.

Whenever she was called up for her presentation he would question her without any trace of emotions in his eyes.

He invited women to his office to make sure he was distracted from her, yet daylan realized he is still falling deeply for her.his EX girlfriend rocks into town unexpectedly.


Jamie who was Daylan ex girlfriend broke up with tristan two years ago after cheating on him with a male model.

She recently relocated to Africa after seeing Daylan on TV during interview or when presenters discuss about companies in the country.

She monitored his success growth and private life with the hope of reuniting with him.

For weeks she kept on searching and making every possible means to reach out to him until she met Anthony at a gala show whom she had always knew to be Daylan bestfriend from childhood, seeing anthony at the event was her answered prayer.

Anthony invited her for his kid 4th birthday party as she happily accepted the invitation knowing full well that Daylan would not miss it and she will get to see him too.

Daylan met Jamie at the party and he still couldn't hide the anger and hatered he has for her when he caught her cheating on him.

Seeing her alone brought back the painful memories he thought he was over with, his anger increased laced with hatered.

"What are you doing here?" He asked angry yet surprised seeing her at the party.

How did she meet Anthony? Was it Anthony who invited her?

"Daylan honey!"Jamie called walking seductively to him Smiling.

"I asked, what are you doing here? Don't you have shame?? Who invited you here?" He hissed eyeing her with disgust.

Anthony came over to them and said, "I did, I invited her to the party".

He was still angry, who wouldn't?

she was his first love!

She cheated on him with his business rival Tristan!

she made a fool out of him.

"I'm sorry Daylan.........Jamie sighed.Her hand held his face with regret evident in her eyes trying to explain herself with the hope that he might forgive and accept her.

He was silent looking at her as she kept on apologizing, On a second thought Daylan sees Jamie appearance as a means to distract himself from Faye who has been giving him sleepless night, he agreed to forgive her but told her not to expect anything more from him.

They exchanged contacts and he returned back to the party.


The next morning Faye quickly compiled the documents she had gone through over and over again and walked towards the elevator punching the 21st floor.

She has to give her boss the documents since they needed his signature, she took a deep breath and walked towards his office."Excuse me sir' here is the document that needs your signature she blurted walking towards Daylan who was watching the city view from his window, Daylan turned and looked at her, taking in the view he was seeing.

God! She look so beautiful, with her pencil skirt displaying her perfect curve, and her fitted blouse showing a little view of her cleavage.

"Sir?" He asked amused walking towards her smirking.

Faye gluped.

She looked up savouring the mouth watering sight of him, she felt her cheek heat when he drew nearer making her feel his warm breath on her face.

She squirm,"Wh.....what? She asked with her voice shaking while walking backward eyeing him.

He quickly held her at her lower back so she won't escape.Tingles shot up in her thigh, as her body reacted towards him without thinking, she drew farther away from him slowly until her butt touched the table.

Smirking he held her waist putting her between his legs

, leaning close to her ear making her whimper in response as her eyes closed.

His mouth was inches away from her and he was damn sure if she had turn around to face him their lip will meet, and he doesn't care.

"Why are you trying to fight this faye?Your body wants me", He whispered in her ears as he trailed his finger under her skirt to her thigh.

"I...I" she began but gets distracted when his hand travelled up towards her her core, he had barely touched her bare entrance and she was already drenched.

"You what?" He asked with a hint of amusement in his tone as he flick his tongue gently over her neck.

Faye felt like jelly, she was weak as he gripped her tighter around her waist with one hand while touching her bare core through her panties with the other.

"Hmm.. you're wet for me' his husky voice which was barely a whisper came out sending Shivers through her as his finger rubbed her mois pussy.

"Please......... She begged him to touch her so badly, with her head resting on his shoulder, She was getting wetter and hotter when his hands rubbed her core faster, Daylan dipped his finger inside her slowly.

"Please......." she begged weakly.

Daylan chuckled and dropped his hands to his side stopping completely.

"That's what you get for behaving strange these last weeks" he smirked.

She slowly looked at him, a wide grin was plastered on his face and he looked pleased with what he has down.

'What? Did he just make fun of her?? Anger clouded her features.

Embarrassed at the state she was, she gently shifted her panties and skirt, and walked out of his office angry, he just left her like that hot, wet and bothered.

Rushing to the ladies room, Faye just stood there wishing her ragging hormones and quivering body would calm down, she could still feel the blissful sensation when he dipped his finger into her wetness.

He did that to her!

He put her in this state!

Day fucking Lan!

Daylan smiled shaking his head when she rushed out of his office, she would be the death of him.

His throbbing dick was painful, making him so uncomfortable and he bet she did not notice the effect she has on him.

He can't deny the fact that she is a sight to behold, she is beautiful soft and her body screams perfection on every curve.

Working at Sage company was quite hectic for Faye, raging from financial report, budget report to meetings with different departments in the company and sometimes different companies managers and daylan's torture.

She walked out of the bathroom to her office and met Daylan inside going through his phone.



"Can you arrange a bouquet of flower for me for someone special?" He asked with his eyes still glued to his phone

"Okay sir," Faye replied, wondering what he meant by someone special. could feel the hint of jealousy in her voice."Thank you, and have the rest of the day off" he smirked and walked out of her office.

"You're so kind' she smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.

He made her wet and extremely turned on in his office and now he asked her to arrange flowers for his "special someone".

After the day work, she was preparing to go home, She slipped on her coat and scarf mentally preparing herself for the freezing weather outside.

It was still raining heavily.

"Would you like a lift?" He asked, when she was going out of her office.

She looked at him amused, he has never offered her a lift before, why today?"The weather is very cold out there, and it's still raining heavily. I don't want you to catch cold or dying". Daylan urged.

"I've a a cab", she lied tightening her belt around her slender waist, it's waiting outside.

"Goodnight then...", he said, walking towards his car."...and Faye!"

"Yes Mr sage?"

"Don't make any plans for next week, we are flying to Washington DC for three days."

"Okay sir, she said nodding while mentally putting that in mind.

She walked out of the building entering the rain and luckily saw a cab nearby, flagging it down she quickly entered giving the driver her address.

Daylan lifted the blinds of his car looking at the miniature figure of his secretary getting into the can, so she's not lying.

He smiled.

He had assumed she was lying, maybe trying to avoid him after what he did to her in the afternoon.

He liked the way her body respond to his touch, he purposely asked her to prepare that flower so he can toture her with the thought that he has a lover.

He wants to see the jealous side of her, and he succeeded.

He would make her desperate for him!

Make her yearn for him!

Make her want him!

Make her submissive to him.

He would tame her and make her his completely

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