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   Chapter 1 Strangers

Coffee and Bliss By dallaswander Characters: 6335

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The dancing lights of the fountain in front of Harris made his mouth wide open. It was his first time wandering like a tourist because for the past years he‘s been busy studying hard enough to enter his dream university. School, library, and their house were his daily places to go. And now, his hard work finally bloomed. He was now in Thailand to reach his next goal—to graduate with flying colors. He graduated with great praise from his previous school and now passed the entrance examination at Thai University.

The splash of water on his arm made him jolt. He came back from reminiscing. He looked at the children laughing and shouting while watching the dancing lights show. He spent more time watching it then decided to look for more fun. He has a one-week vacation until the first day of school.

“Phi?” A voice behind him sounded soft and lost. He turned around and saw a little girl with her pleading eyes. She tugged his shirt’s hem that made him bent closer to her.

“Hi. Amh, what’s going on?” He asked. The girl looked cute in her all-pink dress, shoes, and large bunny ears headband.

The little girl pointed at something behind him. Looking over, he saw an ice-cream stall. “Can I have one cone, Phi?”

Hesitant crossed over his face. He looked around first because he thought it may be some kind of pranks but the girl tugged his shirt again. A growling sound from her stomach proved that she wanted ice cream. He sighed and patted the girl’s head. 'It’s not a crime to feed a hungry stomach, right?' He gestured to her to come with him and look for the flavor she wanted.

“What flavor do you like, Nong?” Both of them are scanning the flavors.

“Phi, I want this dark chocolate. Na? Na? Na?”

He chuckled when the girl clapped her hands with excitement written all over her face. 'What a cute little girl.' He thought.

After buying, he guided her to one of the benches nearby. She ate happily and looked like she was not worried even if she sat beside the stranger, which was him.

He watched her, made a sound of distress after. He didn’t know who the girl was. She didn’t look like a street kid based on her kind of clothes. “Nong, what’s your name? And are you here alone?”

The girl stopped licking her ice cream and instantly shook her head. With her eyes wide open she looked around as if someone might see them. “Phi, thank you for this ice cream but I need to go,” she said with a low tone.

She hurriedly stood up and made her way to somewhere, leaving him dumbfounded. But to his surprise, the girl went back and clasped her hands tightly. “Phi, if ever you encounter someone who’s looking for me—I mean looking for a little girl wearing a pink dress and pink headband, can you please not tell him? He’s some kind of strict and jerk, that’s why. Thank you!” She was about to run when she bumped into someone. She bounced back, stroking her forehead after a while.

He gasped when he saw a tan man in front of them. The man scooped the girl that started to wriggled for her release, but not a chance that the man will do it. Because he was like Hulk to him. He snapped after the realization hit him, the girl was being held by someone.

He was alarmed. Not knowing either to snatched the girl or just ignore them. ‘What if this was a modus and they blackmail me to pay money in return?'

He practically choked when he heard a stern voice from the man. “Who’s the jerk again, little bun?”

The girl smiles like she’s been caught by something. She bit her lips and made a peace sign towards the man. “I think you misheard me, P'. I said a man who’s strict yet charming.”

The man flicked her forehead and glared. 'Oh. Maybe not. They knew each other.' He bit his lower lips tightly to suppress his laugh. He found the interaction cute. But he failed and made a small chuckle. He cleared his throat when the man’s attention turned to him, glaring that made his breath away.

“Why are you with him, little bun? I told you not to go with and talk to strangers!” He was startled by the sudden accusation.

The girl looked at him with pleading eyes again. He took that as a cue to give his best smile at the man and explained.

“She just wanted ice cream and I bought her one. She’s kinda craving for it. And no, you don’t have to thank me for that. I—”

“The hell I will thank you. I don’t know you and another thing–you just gave food to her. If something happens to her after, I will find you and cut your balls right away!” The man snapped at him.

The smile on his face faded away and unconsciously cupped his crotch. He needed his balls for his future. His eyebrows knitted. “These balls and the thing connected to them has a big purpose, you know?” He rolled his eyes. He made sure to sound sarcastic. He didn’t know why but the man is already getting on his nerves.

“Yeah, yeah. As if your lollipop is big as its purpose,” he said. The tan man clicked his tongue and intently scanned his crotch behind his hands and pants.

“Hey! Don’t look at them, you freak! And it’s not a lollipop size. If you see this, you’ll be surprised.” He groaned. This was his first time having a public argument with a total stranger.

The tan man arched his eyebrows. “There’ll be no chance I want to look at your lollipop size. Don—”

“Please stop, P's! I don’t want to hear any more of it.”

The bickering between them suddenly stopped because of the little girl who was now pouting. They didn’t realize that a little girl was hearing those words. His face flushed after he realized it.

The man abruptly softened his aura. He kissed the little girl’s cheeks. “We’re going home now, little bun. Next time, don’t accept food from strangers. They might put drugs on it.” He said, directly looking at him.

His face turned crimson red and his blood was boiling, hearing those words from the man who was now walking away from him. “You’ll beg to see and touch this lollipop one day, dickhead! You’ll moan and beg me to insert this into your ass hole!” He shouted that made the man stop.

“Sorry to burst out your bubbles but I’m not gay. Thanks for the offer though,” he answered with a smug face.

He heard some laughed around him. He flushed again and prayed to disappear after his disgusting words. He didn’t know why he suddenly thought of inserting his prick on him. 'He’s also a man, Harris! You’re not gay either.'

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