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Those who watched this scene in the audience were drenched in sweat anxiously waiting for the outcome.

Ning Zichen wiped his forehead, and said with lingering fear, "I thought the boss was going to protest the engagement!"

The big guy Hao Qiang shook his head, scratched and said, "Actually, I thought so too." head.

When Gu Ye didn’t raise his hand everyone saw it as him refusing to cooperate, and thought the engagement was going to end before it started. Fortunately, it was just a false alarm, and the engagement banquet proceeded smoothly. The two successfully exchanged engagement rings, and the host applauded first. There was thunderous applause in the audience.

More than a dozen of Gu Ye's brothers joined in, applauded and cheered, pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a new climax.

Mother Gu’s face was filled with joy and sorrow, "Our son is engaged. This was supposed to be a great thing, but the child of the Rong family..."

Father Gu patted her on the shoulder and comforted, "That child is really pitiful. Lao Lu spoke to us in a low voice. There is no way. We will help if we can."

Mother Gu nodded. To be honest, she also felt distressed for Rong Xuan. And even If you changed her into someone else, even if someone else asked, she would still be reluctant to let her little son marry. This is the end of the matter, and it's no use thinking more. Thinking about this, her face reappeared with a perfect smile and greeted the other wives. After Rong Xuan stepped down, Gu Ye reunited with his group of brothers. When he stepped off the stage, others surrounded him enthusiastically. A group of people were chattering and curious, and kept asking him questions.

"Boss, how does it feel to be engaged? Excited?"

"Boss, why did you stop moving suddenly? I thought you didn't want to get engaged, that really scared me." ."

"Boss, from now on, you are the one with a fiancee, hahahaha."


Gu Ye put his hands in his pockets, waved his hands, let them play by themselves, don't bother him.

The distant brothers who were loud and too annoying went to have fun on their own. There were a dozen of them before winking and laughing about, but now there are only the three closest to them.

Gu Ye kicked the carpet, his tone was a little irritable, and also a little bit novel, "She just ignored Laozi, ho, this is the first time I’ve encountered this."

The people Gu Ye met before, regardless of whether they were men and women, regardless of age even, are extremely enthusiastic towards him. With his current status he has obviously cultivated what people couldn’t in many lifetimes. He was born as great as the Roman empire, with money, status, and looks. He had everything, and it was the first time that someone ever ignored him, even with these things.

In the current time he couldn't react the way he wanted to, he couldn't just slap his parents in the face in front of so many quests, no matter how capricious he was. In the end he had to take a step back and let the banquet continue. Because of this he was extremely irritable at the moment.

Hearing Gu Ye's words, Ning Zichen, Hao Qiang, and Sheng Shihao were silent. Gu Ye realized something was wrong and snorted, "What's wrong? What else can't I know?"

Several people looked at each other, and finally Ning Zichen took a step and said bitterly, "Boss, I-I heard..."


"She can't talk."

Gu Ye thought he had heard it wrong, and asked again, "What?"

Ning Zichen's voice was louder, "I said, she, Rong Xuan, can't Speak!"

Hao Qiang hesitated, and then said, "I heard that she was greatly stimulated when she was a child, and she refused to communicate with others. She was very resistant to speaking. Eventually as time passed, she couldn't speak anymore."

Gu Ye sighed.

What the hell is this? Before, his parents didn't tell him anything, they just said that he would marry him. He didn't even have a choice. He didn't know the age, appearance, temperament, or family status of the other party. Before he could react, it was already today's engagement banquet. He didn't even know what his fiancée was called before, but only today did he learn from the host population that his fiancée is called Rong Xuan.

It is estimated that such unmarried couples are the same in this world. Are there still unmarried couples who are less familiar than them? No way!

The funniest part of the damn thing is that even though the engagement rings are all exchanged, he still doesn't know what his fiancee looks like. It seems like they would not recognize each other when he met on the road in the future.

Hao Qiang plucked up the courage to ask, "Boss, she... are you angry?"

Gu Ye sneered, and touched his pocket subconsciously. He didn't touch the cigarette. He was less patient as every minute passed, “I’ve just gotten angry at a person who can’t help but be useless, can I still be considered a person?”

Although he is not very kind, if he bullies a little mute and gets angry with a little mute, then he is really a damn human?

Sheng Shihao looked worried,

"Boss, what can you do in the future?"

Gu Ye raised his head and glanced at him, then returned to his inattentive tone, "What do you mean, what else can I do? I’ve just been given a little wife.”

Ning Zichen laughed twice, "Little wife, this is a good name, hahahaha."

Ning Zichen laughed happily, but Hao Qiang and Sheng Shihao couldn't laugh, they both felt bad for Gu Ye .

No matter how they looked at it, Rong Xuan was not good enough for Gu Ye. If a girl was as good looking as Gu Ye and had a good family background it would be a good find, but there was no such girl found. Instead the engagement partner is ugly and disabled, they were both angry and sad for Gu Ye.

But now they are still high school students, and there are still many years before they get married. After so many years, no one knows what will happen. Maybe when will they break the marriage contract?

This marriage contract, at first glance, was not equal, Rong Xuan was obviously less than Gu Ye. It is estimated that Rong Xuan will only be Gu Ye’s fiance. It is absolutely impossible for her to be Mrs. Gu. Thinking of this, they were relieved again.

Anyway, it's just a few years of work, and they will say goodbye in the future. A few years will have passed very quickly, so don't worry about it.

On the other side, as soon as Rong Xuan stepped down, her stepmother Ji Ning and step sister Rong Yi came over. As for her father, Rong Yao, he was greeting Gu's parents.

Ji Ning was able to marry Rong Yao as a remarriage, and her looks and methods were naturally not bad. She is in her forties, but she is dressed very young, wearing a white D parent dress, slender figure, well-dressed, and looks like a little girl in her twenties.

There were not many people nearby, only a few of them were there. Because there were no outsiders, Rong Yi acted extremely arrogantly.

Rong Yi is only a few months older than Rong Xuan, and she looks a lot like her mother Ji Ning, with an oval face and almond eyes. After putting on makeup, she is also a beauty compared to ordinary people. But this face is not enough to see in front of the original body.

If Rong Yi had to pick what hates about Rong Xuan the most, it would be her face. Obviously the two are half-siblings, but their looks are very different. When compared it made Rong Yi look like dirt, with this happening how could she ever be happy?

Rong Yi is only 18 years old this year, but it may be that when she was a child, her mother was Rong Yao's junior. She has experienced more, so she seems to be a lot more mature than Rong Xuan. She folded her hands on her chest, glanced at Rong Xuan's veil, and sneered, "Sister, are you ashamed of yourself? Why else wear the veil?"

Why does Rong Xuan wear the veil? Rong Yi feels it’s natural to ask, and considering her plans how could she not know what occurred? She said this deliberately now, just to irritate Rong Xuan.

As soon as she saw Rong Yi, Rong Xuan knew that she was looking for trouble again.

She was thankful that the body was temporarily unable to speak. Because she couldn't speak, she didn't need to say anything or respond. If she didn't speak, no one would find that Rong Xuan was no longer the Rong Xuan she used to be.

The description of the original body in the book is "gloomy, depressed, and angry with no smile ever on her face, and her eyes full of resentment towards everyone.” All are negative words.

The original body hated this world and everyone in it. But even if the original body has become like this, in Rong Xuan's eyes, it is excusable. Any normal person, under the pressure of this stepmother and step-sister team all the year round, they can't live normally.

When Rong Xuan first read the novel "The Love of the Giants: Gu Shao, Tease Me", she was embarrassed and emotional about the life of the female partner. The original body is extreme, paranoid, and gloomy, but is this what she wants? She certainly didn't want to be like this herself. When the original mother was still alive, she was also a spoiled little princess.

The original body in the book is the reality version of Cinderella. When she was a child, she had a superior life and a happy family, but after her mother passed away and her father remarried, she was oppressed by her stepmother and step sister. But she was not as lucky as Cinderella, no fairy godmother made a pumpkin carriage for her, no crystal shoes, no blockbuster dance party for her, and no prince who saved her from fire and water. The only grandfather who was dedicated to her died, and the marriage contract was later dissolved.

The female match has nothing to the end. Now that Rong Xuan has become the female partner, she naturally doesn't want to end up like a real body.

But to please the male lead, hold his thigh, and prevent him from meeting the female lead, it is absolutely impossible. She just wants to stay away from her original family, study hard, take a good university entrance exam, and honor her grandfather while he is still alive. Then live this life well.

This is enough.

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