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It was only after she followed the waiter to the banquet hall did Rong Xuan know just how grand this engagement banquet was.

There was soft music floating through the air and a wonderful smell of champagne. The guests were dressed in such gorgeous clothes and it was clear to see just how important those people were.

Not long after Rong Xuan arrived, an old man was pushed over by a middle-aged man in a wheelchair. Although Rong Xuan didn't inherit the memory of the original body, she guessed that this kind-faced old man should be the original body's grandfather.

She didn't guess wrong, because the old man said gently, "Xiao Xuan, you are so beautiful tonight, Grandpa is really happy for you."

Rong Xuan did not speak, but nodded gently.

After the old man noticed her veil, he asked Xiao Mei strangely, "Why did you put a veil on her?”

Xiao Mei lowered her head guiltily, and said nothing. The old man was quick and immediately realized what might have happened before then.

There was immediate anger on his face, but after the anger, only deep helplessness was left.

He is still alive, but Rong Xuan has gone through so much still, what will happen once he’s gone?

He really did worry about Rong Xuan being alone in this world. Finding a reliable husband for Rong Xuan should be the last thing he can do for this child. The Gu family style is rigorous and upright, and it is still worth entrusting for life.

He hopes the Gu family will not let him down.

Old Lu sighed and motioned for Rong Xuan to lean closer. He gently shook Rong Xuan's hand. Even though there were a thousand words in his heart, he only converged into one simple and sincere sentence in the end.

"My child, grandpa doesn't ask for anything else, just ask you to be well with Xiao Gu in the future."

The Xiao Gu in Lu Lao's mouth is Gu Ye who is about to become Rong Xuan's fiance.

Rong Xuan knew very well that sooner or later the male lead was going to meet the female lead, and she was just a side character who didn't have an important role to play.

But she couldn't bear to break the old man's beautiful expectation for the future, and under Lu Lao's expectant eyes, she nodded slowly.

Old Lu smiled contentedly.

As Rong Xuan listened to Mr. Lu's words, there was a sudden burst of noise not far away. She subconsciously straightened up slowly.

I saw that today's male protagonist Gu Ye was enthusiastically surrounded by a group of brothers, walking slowly as if he were the star of the show.

Because today was his engagement banquet, he is wearing a white shirt and black suit, and a black tie around his neck. His tie was loose, his suit jacket was unbuttoned and half open. The white shirt was not completely tucked in his suit pants. A few buttons were unbuttoned on it, and his collarbone was looming. With one hand in his pocket, he looks lazy and casual.

His hair should have been styled, but it hasn't been waxed, it looks natural and casual.

This is the first time Rong Xuan has seen the male lead.

She has to say that Gu Ye, as the male lead, does have a unique charm. His figure and appearance are all one in a million. The facial features are profound, the black eyes are dark, with a sense of mixed blood.

As for his overall temperament… He is just like his name, full of youthfulness and terribly wild.

Many people know that Gu's family has three children. The eldest daughter, Gu Wan, is married with children and is currently living abroad. The second son, Gu Yaozhi, is enrolled in a prestigious university. The youngest son Gu Ye, who is the same age as the original, is also in the second year of high school. Obviously there is an excellent second son Gu Yaozhi in front of him, but the Gu family's parents favor the younger son alone.

Their hearts are turned to the limit. Gu's father has publicly said that his family business will be inherited by the younger son. The other two children can only get a part of the shares, and there will be no more. Knowing that the Gu family would be handed over to Gu Ye in the future, many people started to please Gu Ye.

So after Gu Ye arrived, the atmosphere of the entire banquet hall was ignited. A group of his brothers are very good at coming, and the number of his brothers is too much, the scene is very lively for a while.

Today's heroes and heroines appeared, and the host immediately took the microphone on stage.

His voice with a smile, slowly said in a broadcast space, "Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are happy that you all have taken the time to attend the engagement party of Miss Rong Xuan and young master Gu Ye ......"

For an engagement it's not much simpler than getting married. What's more, today's two protagonists are only seventeen years old and both are still in high school. It is too far away from the day they got married. It's really hard to say what the future holds.

After the host finished the opening remarks, he immediately cut to the topic.

"Now, let us please invite Mr. Gu Ye and Ms. Rong Xuan to come on stage and exchange engagement rings."

Xiao Mei helped Rong Xuan to the stage with all her heart. She was really afraid that something would happen again. Rong Xuan wore a veil on her head, and although she was not completely blinded by it, it is somewhat inconvenient to walk, so she has been earnestly looking down at the path on her feet.

Gu Ye seemed to glance at her, but it didn't seem to be interested. The atmosphere was so enthusiastic, and Rong Xuan was directly facing the engagement ceremony as soon as she appeared in the book, found it to be really hectic.

After arriving on stage, the host’s joyous and festive voice sounded, “Now, Mr. Gu Ye, please put on the engagement ring for Ms. Rong Xuan.”

After taking her to the stage, Xiao Mei had already stepped aside and the host was a little bit away. For a while, only Rong Xuan and Gu Ye were left on this square inch of land.

Rong Xuan reacted slowly for two beats. At this time, Gu Ye's casual voice sounded, "Hand."

Hand? Oh.

Rong Xuan raised her hand, and the staff came over with the ring box at the right time. Gu Ye picked up the ring from the box and put the engagement ring into her fingertips casually.

Offstage, a large group of Gu Ye's brothers were watching the scene lively on stage.

Ning Zichen was overjoyed, "Hahahahaha, the boss is engaged? Really engaged? How do I feel like I'm still dreaming?"

The big guy Hao Qiang touched his s

houlder with his fist, with a smile on his face, "I also feel like I’m dreaming. He’s never even talked about love but now he jumps to having a fiance directly. Hahaha, how many steps has he skipped? It’s really enough for me to laugh for a year.”

The two laughed, and at the time Sheng Shihao, frowned and asked, "Why is this...Rong Xuan wearing a veil?"

Ning Zichen and Hao Qiang also reacted when Sheng Shihao said this.

She was getting engaged but brought a veil to cover her entire face. People could only vaguely see the outline of the face, but couldn't see the details. Although there are flowers on it, and it was a bit chic, it is not suitable, right?

Ning Zichen's brain was wide open, "Could it be they’re getting married now?"

Hao Qiang said, "It's impossible."

Sheng Shihao rested his chin with one hand and pondered for a while, "Marriage me for I also think it’s impossible. It’s not in ancient times. It’s impossible for the Rong to be married this young.”

Ning Zichen spread his hands together, “That’s not a marriage veil. Then why does she dare to wear a veil? Is it true? It is not because it is too ugly, is it embarrassing?"

Ning Zichen originally said it casually, but after this sentence was spoken, he and the other two were silent.

Not to mention, it is really possible. For example, they are not ugly, and they are high-profile. If they got engaged by themselves, they would definitely want everyone to see their faces and praise them for their good looks.

Wearing a veil? impossible.

Hao Qiang crouched, "The boss is so handsome... If she really is... Then he... Isn't he in a blood loss?" 

Several people were talking, when another friend of Gu Ye, J, came over and said, “I bet you haven’t heard what I just learned.”

Ning Zichen asked with the urge to gossip clear on his face, "What's the matter?" 

Old J strained his face, "I heard that Rong Xuan can't speak." 

Ning Zichen, Hao Qiang and Sheng Shihao screamed at the same time. 

Ning Zaichen staggering, "Seriously? Was she born deaf?" 

Old J shook his head, "No, not born, I heard that she previously received some sort of stimulation, so then stopped speaking."

Then down, several people at the same time Silent, they don't know what to say.

Ning Zichen, who was still the simplest in his mind, said what everyone was think, "She turns out to be a little useless. It's pitiful."

Hao Qiang patted Ning Zichen hard, "What are you talking about? Don't talk nonsense."

Ning Zichen shrugged, "Aren’t I just being wronged for the boss? I don't know what the boss's parents are thinking." With a fiancee like that, ugly or dumb. Isn't this blood loss!

Old J shook his head, "His parents spoiled him so much, and now they still agree to let him get married. I guess there is really no room for change."

After speaking, several people shook their heads and sighed.

On the stage, Gu Ye naturally saw Rong Xuan's eye-catching veil.

After he put the ring on Rong Xuan, he raised his hand to uncover the veil on her face. After seeing the corner of Rong Xuan's eye, he snapped his action faster than thinking, and separated Gu Ye's hand.

That "pop" was crisp and loud, even if the audience was full of voices, it could not be ignored.

After Rong Xuan did this, she was stunned.

It didn't hurt to be beaten, but it was the first time that Gu Ye was treated like this. He raised his eyebrows and said lazily, "Little daughter-in-law, can't I just look at your face?"

Rong Xuan was stunned again when she heard him call her little daughter-in-law.

Although Gu Ye was so close, she knew the plot very clearly in her heart that Gu Ye just looked saucy and wild.

This is just a false surface.

In fact, it is difficult for him to be tempted by a person. Even the heroine had to work hard for a long time before Gu Ye's tightly closed heart began to loosen slowly.

Rong Xuan couldn't speak, and naturally couldn't respond, she quietly looked down at her toes.

"Huh?" Through a veil, Gu Ye couldn't see her face clearly, and naturally he couldn't see her expression. He was a little irritated for a while, "Why don't you talk?"

At this moment, another staff member happened to walk over with the ring box, Rong Xuan took the ring and prepared to put it on Gu Ye.

But because Rong Xuan did not speak he did not intend to cooperate. Both hands were hanging on his side, and he did not lift one up after a long time.

Seventeen-year-old Gu Ye is still very casual. Because his family is so good, his parents have loved him since he was a child, so he mostly does everything he wants. At this time he still has not learned to take into account the occasion and the emotions of others. Because most of the time, it was others who followed him and held him instead of him following others, so he lived more frivolously than most people.

Rong Xuan was sure that Gu Ye really dared not cooperate.

In fact, even if Gu Ye didn't cooperate with her, Rong Xuan didn't feel much in her heart. She was just worried that the original’s grandpa would be disappointed. She knew that Lu Lao really wanted to see the original body live well, and had made great efforts for it.

In the book, this engagement banquet finished quickly. Although the two people were still engaged, there were many hidden dangers. The engagement banquet did not go smoothly, and it was not Gu Jia or Rong Jia that was most disappointed, but Lu Lao.

But she also knew that if Gu Ye didn't want to cooperate, no one could make him. It is already a miracle that he can agree to the marriage proposed by the families. Who can expect him to do more?

So Rong Xuan stood quietly and time passed bit by bit.

The staff on the side saw this scene with a dazed face, even the host couldn't help it, and came over and asked softly what was wrong.

The audience was slightly affected by the confrontation on the stage.

Rong Xuan was too quiet, too calm, and too patient. She didn't feel much care. In the end, Gu Ye was the first to lose.

He raised his hand irritably, turned his head away, not looking at Rong Xuan. This was the first time he had made concessions to a girl. Before, even if a girl cried at him, he would never give up.

Rong Xuan pursed her lips and slowly put the ring on his fingertips under the envious and jealous eyes of the host and staff on the side.

The ring exchange ceremony ended, and this time the engagement banquet was successfully completed.

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