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I abducted the hero By Tabitha Gonmei Characters: 10477

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"Miss Rong, are you okay? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?"

"How can you fall so badly just by going to the toilet?"

"What should we do now? Her face was injured and her makeup is ruined"

"The engagement banquet is going to begin in five minutes. There’s no time, it’s too late."

Rong Xuan only felt the chirping in her ears, as if countless birds were calling. She blinked, blinked again, and her vision slowly became clear.

After returning to her eyes were cleared did she see two strange girls looking at her, concerned. She remembered that she was reading a novel in the last second, so why did she get to such a strange place in a blink of an eye? She wanted to ask what happened, but suddenly found herself speechless.

She opened her mouth, trying hard to speak, but still she couldn't.

What's wrong with her?

"Miss Rong, are you okay now? If you are okay, just nod your head, okay?"

Despite the pain on her face and the inability to speak, Rong Xuan felt that she was quite okay. She heard this and nodded subconsciously.

The makeup artist Xiao Mei, was relieved to see Rong Xuan nodding. She and the hair stylist Lin carefully helped Rong Xuan up.

Lin said in a worried tone, "Miss Rong, I knew this would happen, I would have gone to the bathroom with you, who knows..."

Xiao Mei interrupted her quickly, her voice low and anxious, "It's useless to say this now, we are professionals if there is an emergency, we must take care of it."

Lin bit her lower lip anxiously, "Now her face is like this, all the time we just spent was wasted." 

After arriving at the dressing room, Xiao Mei immediately closed the door. She asked Lin to help Rong Xuan on the sofa, and she turned around to look for something in the makeup box.

Xiao Mei’s tone was very calm, "Don’t panic, I remember I brought a big red wedding veil over, just enough to cover the whole face. Today’s dress is also red, it fits well, I will use it later. We’ll put some natural flowers in the veil to make it suit the occasion.” She pulled out a small piece of yarn and started to work, "Is there a medicine chest? Quickly help handle the wounds on her face."

Maybe Xiao Mei’s calmness was infectious because Lin quickly calmed down and started moving.

Today’s engagement banquet is very important and should not be missed.

She found the medicine box in the corner and took out the cotton swabs and iodine. The movements were very neat, "Miss Rong, there may be some pain later, but it will heal soon. Your wound must be treated immediately, or it’ll scar. You’re good looking,so it won't be good to leave scars in the future."

Rong Xuan was still a little at a loss, but as the two of them had more and more conversations, an impossible thought began to emerge in her mind.

She... Isn't she in a book?

Because of all the things in front of her, the plot in the novel "The Love of the Giants: Gu Shao, Tease Me" that she had read before was so similar.

In the novel, the female partner Rong Xuan, who had the same name and surname as her, tried to escape the marriage on the day of her engagement with the male lead, but was trapped by someone from Father Rong. But the female partner did not give up. She wanted to sneak away using the excuse of the toilet, but she didn't expect to be pushed hard from behind when she sneaked to the door of the toilet.

I don't know why there is a lot of water on the toilet floor. The female partner fell so hard that her whole face was knocked open.

Although there is no evidence, the female partner felt that this was the strategy of her stepmother and step-sister. After realizing this, the female partner broke out. She is only 17 years old this year, just in her second year of high school, impulsive and irritable. Regardless of other people's obstacles, she recklessly put a wounded face into a fight with her step-sister Rong Yi at the engagement party.

Because the female partner was greatly stimulated when she was a child, she may have resisted communicating with others in her heart, so she has been unable to speak for these years. She couldn't speak, she couldn't express her dissatisfaction through words, she could only use her actions to express her unsatisfied heart, and caused a scene at the engagement party.

The engagement banquet was not cancelled. In the end, she was engaged to the male lead, but because of this, she also completely offended the Gu family.

The Gu family were top-notch giants, who values ​​face most, but in front of so many guests, she stomped their faces on the ground, leaving them faceless.

The female partner didn't know that this engagement banquet was the result of her grandfather's expense, begging for her in vain, so that after he passed, she could have a reliable husband. It's a pity that the female partner didn't know the grandpa's good intentions, and she personally destroyed this century's engagement banquet.

Her grandfather Lu Lao was in poor health, and  passed away not long after the engagement banquet. A few months later, the Gu family cancelled their marriage contract for various reasons. Then, the heroine appeared. After the heroine appeared, there was nothing left for a female partner.

After recalling the plot of the novel, Rong

Xuan finally knew what was going on.

She had read this novel right before she was put into it, so she knew that the original body had not guessed wrong. It was indeed her step-sister Rong Yi who pushed her down, in order to prevent the engagement banquet from being held smoothly.

Rong Yi met Gu Ye, the youngest son of the Gu family, a long time ago, and fell in love with him at first sight, but it was a pity that he did not have the opportunity to contact him.

Instead the original body was able to be engaged to Gu Ye. Rong Yi felt jealous after knowing that she could not get him, and did not want the original body to get him. She knew that the original body was irritable and couldn't control her emotions well, so she designed this one and let the original body destroy the engagement banquet by herself.

Just thinking of this, Rong Xuan felt a pain on her face.

Lin's tone was obviously apologetic, "Miss Rong, bear with me." Rong Xuan's appearance is extremely delicate, she looks like an elf who has strayed into the world, ethereal and elegant, but it is a pity that she has a large area of ​​scars on her face. It abruptly destroyed this beauty.

Both Lin and Xiao Mei knew that there was something wrong with this fall. Even if someone fell, it didn't make sense to fall forward. In general, if you slip, a person will fall backwards, and the face will never be hurt so badly. Fortunately, Rong Xuan had no other issues, but now there is no time to investigate so much. The top priority is to make sure this engagement banquet is successfully held. Other things can be calculated slowly in the future.

Rong Xuan blinked. Lin's movements were actually very gentle. Although the wound on her face was a little painful when she rubbed the medicine, she could bear it.

Lin looked at Rong Xuan, who was well-behaved and quiet in front of her, a little strange for a while.

She remembered that Rong Xuan's face was still full of resentment, dissatisfaction, and viciousness not long ago, but at this moment, all these negative emotions have disappeared, and only gentleness is left.

In fact, seeing the resentment on Rong Xuan's face before, she was not surprised, only distressed. She and Xiao Mei were invited by Mr. Lu, and even the dresses were prepared by Mr. Lu himself. It can be said that Rong's family didn't have much chance to intervene in this engagement banquet.

She knew the depth of the wealthy family, but did not expect it to be so deep. Lu Lao obviously guarded her from the Rong family, especially Rong Xuan's father and Rong Yao, and his current wife Ji Ning.

But they didn't expect that they would still have this accident.

Fortunately, there is still a solution.

Lin acted neatly to help Rong Xuan apply the potion, and finally a smile appeared on her face, "Miss Rong, this wound will take a few days to heal. Don't forget to apply the potion when you go back."

Xiao Mei helped Rong Xuan quickly, putting on the veil, she said, "Apply the medicine every day, and after the face is good, it won't be any different from before." 

After helping Rongxuan get the look, Xiao Mei was finally relieved.

Rong Xuan's dress was very colorful. It was specially designed by Lu Lao who spent more than one million yuan specially inviting a foreign fashion designer to design it, it was the most unique in the world. Although it is a bit strange to have a veil covering her whole face, it was the only way now. Xiao Mei thinks that this look is no problem for attending tonight's engagement banquet, and the additional flowers she added are very well embellished.

At this time, the door of the dressing room was knocked.

Xiao Mei locked the door when she came in just now, so people outside could not get in. She checked again and opened the door after making sure everything was ready.

Tonight's waiter stood outside, with a respectful tone, "May I ask if Miss Rong is ready?"

Xiao Mei nodded, "She’s ready."

"Okay, please come with me, Miss Rong."

Xiao Mei hesitated. After a while, finally gritted his teeth and followed. As Rong Xuan's makeup artist, she accompanied Rong Xuan to the banquet hall, although it was a bit inappropriate, it was fair. She was afraid that there would be any accidents on the road, so she could only follow her closely.

Rong Xuan wore a veil and followed the waiter quietly. After knowing the plot, she is not very panicked now that she can't speak, because she knows it is temporary.

The original body did not speak because she had been greatly stimulated before, and her heart resisted speaking, and over time she really couldn't speak. But now after changing to her, she doesn't resist speaking in her heart, so this situation can gradually improve.

She will speak again, but it will take a while.

In the plot, the original body has been stimulated so much before, but the author has not revealed the secret for a long time, and might have revealed the secret later, but Rong Xuan has not seen it yet. Rong Xuan has a hunch in her heart, always feeling that this stimulation was not an easy matter.

But from a better perspective, she is now a rich second-generation heir, not short of money. Now that she was in the book, she can only take a step forward.

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