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"Pack up your belongings and collect your salary. You are fired!" Jared spare no effort on firing those incompetent and bad manners employees.

Those three receptionists couldn't do anything, they knew they did wrong but didn't expected that it will cost their job. Now, there is now way the could be in other companies because rumour of their being fired by Lux Empire will haunted their careers wherever they go.

Even though Kalen is a girl with softhearted, she couldn't let anyone behave like that in the company as everyone is reflecting the image of the company. Lux Empire always appreciated their employees and that the reason why everyone diligently working on their way to be come an employee of the Lux Empire.

Jared leads the way to elevator and press the 66th button. Few moment later, the arrived at 66th floor that is exclusively for President office.

A man stand up immediately when he saw Jared. He knew their CEO must be on his way to the President office. He was the President trusted man also his personal assistant, Tony. Tony smile when he saw his CEO and a young girl walking toward his direction.

He immediately took a few paces to the President office door and wait for them to arrived at his spot.

"Ceo Si, Miss Si". Tony greeted them in respectfull tone of voice and push the door for them. Kevin just nodded his head while Kalen smile showing her white teeth and long dimples and wave her hand excitedly.

When the door was opened, a middle age men whom still blessed with handsome features deeply engaged while reading the documents  on his table. He had is the 3rd generation of Si family. Kalen grandfather, Nicholas Si passed away due to heart attack when Jonathan was only taken over the business for three months.

Nicholas Si death created chaos at that time as Jonathan was still rookie in business and many of the shareholders started to turned their back on him. But Jonathan proved his capability, started working day and night. As a result he manage raise up the share value up to 80% in just two month after his father death!.

With that proof, no one dares to question every decision that he made.

"Daddy!". Kalen voice echoed in the entire room made Jonathan Si raised his head unconsciously stood up. He saw his daughter running toward him. Kalen hugged her father and start sobbing again. She is such a crybaby. Jonathan rub her back and asked "Oh my dear beloved princess. Why I didn't know that you are coming today?".

He then glance at his son and said with angry voice "Did you in this together?". Kevin sighed. He knew his father might think that he plotted with Kalen for her sudden surprise return.

'I also only know about her arrival few moments ago!' he answered in his mind. Even that he was being wronged, he did not bother to defend himself. Well, even if he did, his father would never listen to his explanation and he used to that kind of situation since Kalen was born.

Still, he understands his father very well. Being protective towards Kalen, is always what both of them did to her.

Kalen wiped her tears then kiss her father cheek and said "Daddy, even brother did not know that I was coming today. It just I miss my family so much and decided to come back today".

Hearing how much his little daughter missed her family, Jonathan calmed a little. He softly caressing Kalen's face and sai

d "Princess, I know that you miss us here because we also miss you so much. But coming this way is dangerous. You know that right".

Kalen pouted. She understands her father concern. "I know. I'm sorry Daddy" she apologised.

Now matter what she do, her father always got by her side. Her bother on the other hand always the one who got the blame if anything happened to her. Well, that is for sure she is the little spoiled princess to her father.

To Jonathan, it was a brother responsibility to taking care of his sister. Kevin, even without his father telling all over again, he love his dear little sister, he never complained everything she did to him. Kevin is such loving brother, attended to every Kalen's demands, that's why Kalen deeply attached to him.

Finally, Jonathan calm down and walk toward sofa with his hand on Kalen shoulder. Deep down, he knew his son always taking a good care to his daughter. But seeing her all of sudden today, he somehow upset because he was afraid she might become a target of their business rivals.

Well, money and power, that what people wanted from wealth family. That's why, Jonathan never exposed about Kalen to the public, not even her picture. She got numbers of bodyguards with her in the US, and yet there she is, managed to slipped off and luckily safely arrived in B country.

If anything happened in between, God knows what he will do to those careless bodyguards. Little that he know, his little princess bribed those bodyguards to make sure she successfully slipped and planned for her surprise. Of course the bodyguards refused but Kalen managed to convince them and they also ensured that she got in plane safely.  

Being at middle age, Jonathan doesn't seem to age at all. He and his son shared the same features only different in hair colour as him getting grey but still make him attractive though.

"Daddy, Brother, I'm hungry" said Kalen with her pitiful eyes and look back and forth at her father and brother faces. Jonathan glanced at his watch on his wrist. It was 40 minutes pass 12 mid day.

He sighed a little. "Daddy and your brother can't get out for having lunch with you because daddy will have a shareholder meeting after lunch hour" Jonathan said with low loving voice caressing his little spoiled girl hair.

Being 22 years old, she still treated the same like 3 years old kid. Kalen pouted. Then her eyes shine glimmering as an idea struck into her mind.

She then said happily and clapped her hand "But we can having lunch here, right daddy?". Both Jonathan and Kevin was dumbstruck when they heard Kalen. They rarely got their lunch in the office because they didn't like the smell of the food lingering in room.

Of course the little innocent Kalen didn't knew that. She saw both of the heroes with her cute puppy pleading eyes. She knew very well that they will not turn her demand this time. Well, they never turned everything she wanted.

Just like that, they are having lunch in Jonathan's office together with Tony and Jared. Those two is more than an assistants to Si family.

Their loyalty, honesty and sincerity make the Si family treated them like a family. During their lunch, Kalen with her lively and happy personality continued to make their lunch much merrier. Chatting, laughing and teasing each other make every moment more cheerful and family like bonding time.

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