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Fifteen minutes later, Angel car arrived at lobby entrance of Lux Empire. Kalen bid goodbye to Angel and kiss her cheek. When Kalen exit from the car door, people started to stare at her with different expression on their face.

Kalen ignored their indifferen gaze, walk passed the automatic sliding door, then continued toward the receptionist desk. As she walking toward the receptionist desk, she notice that receptionist face look at her with disgusted look.  "What a bold fashion sense!" said receptionist with Sara on the nametag pinned on her right chest. "Is she someone mistress?" asked another receptionist. She is Sara best friend, Mia. "She looks familiar. Is she some new actress or model?" asked receptionist with the name Shelly.

Those three receptionist considered themselves as beautiful women. Well, they are beautiful but in common way.  

They discussed among themselves with their low voice but still can be heard by others as they intended Kalen to heard them. Kalen took a deep breath, she know her clothes a bit provocative somehow, she clenched her fist then smile and asked politely to Mia "Is CEO in the office?".

Mia rolled her eyes and said indifferently checking her manicure nail "Do you have an appointment?". Mia obviously didn't intended to entertain her as what she supposed do. It was almost lunch break hour when Kalen arrived and there is a lot of eyes that keep looking at her.

Kalen however still showing her smiles, trying hard to supressed her anger. She knew that her clothes a bit too much, but that doesn't mean they can treat her like that. And she is now really regret didn't inform her family regarding her return.

'Just you wait' she thought while gritted her teeth. The other two receptionist, Sara and Shelly watched Kalen with intense gaze, seizing her up and down. Trying to find her imperfections unfortunately they couldn't!. That make their eyes filled with envy and jealousy.

However, when Kalen was about to say something, she heard people say repeatedly. "Good afternoon Sir""Good afternoon Sir"

Kalen noticed the three rude receptionist straightened their clothes, fixed their hair and adjusting their postures.

She turned body to the voice and saw a man with handsome and cold face plus the dominering aura around him make him so attractive but not approachable. He was her beloved her brother, Kevin Si!. He just passed the entrance and was about to walk toward the vvip elevator.

Kevin pause his pace when he saw people at the lobby keep murmured something, pointed at receptionist desk. He squirmed half of his eyes and met Kalen eyes and he immediately shocked. "Isn't she supposed to be at US?." Kevin asked himself.

"He is so handsome" Said Mia"He look at me" Now Sara excitedly uttered those word. The other two squirmed their eyes at her. Those receptionists thought that their CEO is finally look at them. They completely forgot about a beautiful young lady who stood before them.

Kalen giggled when she saw her brother expression, she knew exactly what's in his mind. She then start running excitedly toward her brother.

The receptionist was in shocked and stood still as their mind went blank and did not know what to do. They wanted to stopped hear but too late as Kalen jumped and throw herself to her brother with her both hand grab and lock behind Kevin's neck tightly and rest her head at on his shoulder. Kevin firm stand swayed one step back because of her sudden jump.

Now, Kevin also hold her by her waist and close his eyes and softly lovingly patted her back. Embraced by her brother suddenly make Kalen sad and overwhelmed with emotion.

How time passed, and she missed her family so bad. Since she was studying in the US, she only got time to return to B country during her semester breaks. But her family also never missed a chance and visited her in the US regularly from time to time.  

With her tears and sobbing voice, she said "Brother, I miss you so much!". Even though in her low voice, people could hear every single word she said.




That word keep repeated echoed by people at the lobby. The receptionist who was so arrogant just now immediately keeps their head low as their face went pale. Well well. Their ignorance now backfired themselves.   

"There there. I missed you too" Kevin slowly rubbing Kalen's back. His soft and tender voice showed how much his sister mean to him.  His employees were in shocked, because they never heard and saw that kind of side of him.

Now they knew, the little girl in his arm is so precious to him. Actually all of people in B country knew about the Si family daughter but for safety reason, only little infromation of her can be found, let alone seeing her face!.

Suddenly, Kevin realised that they are in the middle of the lobby where everyone is looking at them. 'This is dangerous' He said in his mind. He then turned his head, his eyes met his assistant and he nodded his head.

Years working with Kevin, Jared knew everything that he want even just by a single glance. Without spare any single second, he started taking an action.

"Everyone, get back to your own work and business" said Jared with his firm and stern voice. Everyone in the lobby immediately dispersed and get back to their business.

Kalen who was still holding Kevin with her feet hanging few centi meters from the floor also gradually break the embrance and stood in front of her brother.

Kevin wiped her tears with both of his hand and said "Alright alright. Let's go to daddy office". He grabed her hand and walk toward the elevator.

As they passed the receptionist desk, she suddenly stopped her track and Kevin wonder why.

"What's wrong?" He asked. Kalen spared a glance and smirked at the receptionist. By now, they knew who she was, they must be frightened as their job is on the line. They knew Lux Empire is one of the most elite company and offered high salary together with great benefits.

They couldn't afford to lose their job because of their bad attitudes. They immediately lowered their head. They knew their faults and even offended their boss's sister.

"Nothing. I just think that our receptionist is really beautiful with great manner." Kalen said with obvious sarcasm. She purposely emphasised the word GREAT MANNER.

Kevin seem to understand something and threw his typical cold glance at them. Even with their head lowered, they could feel the intense glance by their CEO. Kevin did not say anything, he just nodded at Jared, and he knew how to handle the rest.  

Just like that, the three receptionists were fired. The Lux Empire had a great reputation to maintain, and they might tainting it with their bad attitude and behaviour. One should entertain their customers no matter who they are and what they wore. Si family itself is always treated everyone equally. The wealth didn't make them held their head up and belittle others.

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