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   Chapter 5 Fourth Chapter

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Blair had been working with him for three months already and he appreciated his good work. The man was efficient in his job, and he couldn't ask for more. His mother always asked him to invite Blair to their house after work, and Jacob thought that the day he would grant his mother's wish has arrived. "Are you free after work?" Jacob asked his secretary after he signed the document. Blair regretted making a deal with Tracy that day because when she returned to work, she kept noticing how great Jacob was as a man. She tried to suppress her attraction towards Jacob Gordon, but it was difficult. Day after day, she discovered that Jacob Gordon was one of a kind, and he has great qualities too, even if he's gay! "Why?" She dreaded the time when Jacob would ask her the question. "My mother wanted you to have dinner at home, " he said. When Jacob mentioned his mother, how could she refuse? Mrs. Gordon was always kind to her, and she would always favor her over Jacob whenever they're in a heated argument. "Okay, " she agreed. It's her job to drive his car, but when they get off from work, Jacob sat behind the wheel. She argued with him, but Jacob insisted on driving. When he started the engine and drove, Blair yelled in horror! He's incredibly fast, and he laughed like a maniac behind the wheel. If only he wasn't gay, he would be perfect before her eyes. "My cousin, Jenny might make you uncomfortable later, do you think you can handle her?" Jacob warned Blair about one of his cousins who's a natural flirt. "Don't worry about it, Mr. Gordon." She replied. "We've been working for more than three months, Blair. Shouldn't you be calling me with my first name?" He suggested. Blair recoiled at Jacob's blabber. What's the use of warning her about a cousin named Jenny when it was him who made her uncomfortable? "I'm not comfortable with the first name basis, Mr. Gordon. Shouldn't you focus on the road?" She implied that he should stop talking to her while he's driving. Jacob sighed deeply when he realized what he's doing. What's wrong with him lately? He's not gay but why did he keep on thinking about Blair? The man has been on his head these past few days, and his inner peace has been disturbed. "I used to race cars, Mr. Cuizon." He mentioned a fact, but his grandmother prohibited him from racing cars after two of his cousins died in a car accident in one of the races. Blair imagined Jacob in a fast car and her heart thumped louder. She shook her head and discarded the thoughts with Jacob in it. "Why should I be wary with Jenny?" She changed the topic. "She's good at flirting, " he answered. "Really? I haven't seen a woman in action before, " she lied. Jacob gritted his teeth when he noticed the excitement in Blair's voice when they talked about Jenny. "You'll see later, " he answered. When they arrived at their destination

, Blair was surprised to see Mrs. Gordon waiting for Jacob at the foyer. She knew that the mother and son have an unusual relationship, where the woman treated her adult son as a baby, and the son tolerated his mother. Carmela Gordon welcomed her like a member of their family. Just like their first meeting, she ordered Jacob to go ahead while she would talk to him about some important matters. "So, everything's okay at work?" She asked. "Yes, Mrs. Gordon." She replied. "That's good to hear. You know, I've been discussing this with my son last night, and he didn't object. Come and live with us, Blair." She offered. Blair stopped on her track and glanced at Mrs. Gordon. "Why?" She asked. "So you can monitor your boss all the time, " Mrs. Gordon explained. "I'm a secretary, Mrs. Gordon, and not his nanny." She didn't mean to offend Jacob's mother, but she didn't understand why it was necessary to move in with them. Carmela laughed at his response because she found it funny. "Of course, you're not a nanny! I just need someone to be always on his side. You know, he's always alone, and he had more enemies than friends." Mrs. Gordon was right, and she could attest to the truthfulness of her claim that Jacob Gordon had more enemies than friends. Wolf Bank's competitors always aimed to bring him down, but as a saying goes, no one could bring a good man down. "I'll think about it, Mrs. Gordon." Blair thought that if she would be always close to Jacob, then maybe she would have an answer to why she's attracted to a gay person. Blair said she would think about it, but Mrs. Gordon informed the rest of her family during dinner that she's moving in, and everyone was glad. What's wrong with Jacob's family? They should have voted against it because she's a stranger, but they gladly accepted the news! After the sumptuous dinner hosted by Mrs. Gordon, Blair came face to face with Jenny Gordon. Initially, she didn't want to believe it but Jacob's cousin was the supermodel she idolized. She knew that the supermodel's name was Jenny Gordon, but there could be another Jenny Gordon in the country. "Blair, right?" She could only stare at the tall goddess near her, and she was amazed! It was rumored that she's pregnant and that's the reason why she stopped modeling, but when he glanced at her tummy, it was flat! Did she perhaps abort her baby? "Yes, " she replied. "You must have heard some rumors about me, " Jenny referred to the way Blare stared at her tummy. Blair nodded. She was supposed to answer only when being asked, but she's dying to know the truth from Jenny herself! "Did you have an abortion?" She asked without mincing her words. "Hell no!" Jenny exclaimed, and she didn't understand why she wasn't offended by the question when it usually would hurt her feelings. She narrowed her eyes at Blair and ask, "Are you single?"

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