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   Chapter 4 Third Chapter

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Blair cursed like a sailor when she arrived home, and Tracy immediately joined her in the living room. Before she could rant heavily, she stormed off towards the kitchen, and a Popsicle was on her hand when she returned. She also handed one to Tracy. "I'm pissed!" She declared while licking the Popsicle with watermelon flavor. "Pissed? You said that everything's going to be alright!" Tracy reminded Blair of their conversation before the woman left for Wolf Bank to work. "Don't tell me that you got fired on your first day, " she said apologetically. "I'd rather be fired than to work with him, " she replied. Tracy narrowed her eyes at Blaire because she believed that there was something more to her story and she had to know all the details. "Why?" Tracy inquired. "Jacob Gordon is the most impossible boss that I've worked with, " Blair answered. "You work at Wolf Bank?" Tracy asked. Blair creased her forehead at Tracy because the woman seemed knowledgeable about the company where she was recently hired. "Yes, why?" She asked. "Tell me about your boss, Blair. Is it true that he's handsome as a devil?" Tracy inquired. Blair glanced up at the ceiling as she reimagined how Jacob Gordon looked like. Handsome as a devil? Nah, he's more handsome than an angel but with a devilish attitude! "Have you seen a devil before? How did you know that a devil is handsome?" She chose to be sassy with Tracy, and she earned a scowl from her friend. Tracy slapped Blaire's hand when she toyed with her, and the popsicle she was holding fell onto the floor. "Shall I get you another one?" She offered to fetch another popsicle from the fridge. "Never mind, but why are you so interested in Mr. Gordon?" The man asked her to sign a confidentiality agreement before she clocked out from work. It was made in a hurry that she failed to read everything that was written on the contract. "Why not? He's famously handsome, and he's everyone's crush! Don't you know that?" Tracy explained why she's interested to know more about the new CEO of Wolf Bank. The man looked good on television and she bet he looked better and hotter in person. "He's ordinary, end of the story, " she replied. Tracy made a face and begged Blair to disclose more details about Jacob Gordon but she flatly refused her request. "I bet you also like him or you wouldn't be this mad, " she mocked Blair after the woman shook her head to refuse her request. Blair sighed and slumped her back into the worn-out sofa. "I don't like him as a person, Tracy, but I have to get along with him." She admitted to hating the man's arrogance. "He's so full of himself, and he assumed I'm a gold-digger who has designs for his mother." She hid it well during their confrontation, but she's not stupid, and she knew why he asked about her dreams. Tracy laughed at the absurd situation, but o

n the other hand, she was glad that Blair convinced everyone in the Wolf Bank that she's a man. "We should celebrate, " she suggested. "Celebrate over what?" Blair asked. "Because you did a good job of transforming yourself into a man, I mean, look at yourself in the mirror! There are no more traces of a woman in your form, " Tracy said and guided Blair into the mirror. "Yes, you're right!" She agreed with Tracy. The company provided her with a clothing allowance and she spent the money on fine suits and tuxedos. As Mr. Gordon's secretary, she's required to dress well and formally. Although she's no longer bald because her hair has grown an inch in a month, she still looked like a man, with a tattoo and an ear-piercing. "You're lucky that you don't have a voluptuous figure or it will be hard to hide your curves, " Tracy said. Blaire laughed at the woman's indirect mockery over her not so gifted breast. Tracy was a voluptuous woman and she envied her big boobs and big butt. "You're mean, Tracy. Do you have to rub some salt into my injury?" She jested. "I'm just kidding and you don't have to get mad at me for telling the truth, " Tracy responded, and before they would get into a girly fight, she stood up first. "Milk tea and fries? What do you think?" "How about chicken and beer?" She countered. "No beers, darling. You have to report to work tomorrow, remember? What if we'll get drunk and you'll fail to show up at Wolf Bank?" Tracy suggested a gruesome scene that the CEO of Wolf Bank would probably look for her or even visit her place. "Stop it! I don't want to imagine that he's going to pay me a visit at my residence, " she said because it would be a disaster. "Okay, let's go to Makchang!" Tracy said and walked ahead of her. Makchang is a Korean restaurant located a few blocks from her house. She and Tracy were frequent diners at the said restaurant because they loved their chicken and beer. Sometimes, they would try their main dishes too, but it would only happen if they're starving. "Let me wear a hoodie first, " Blair called out for Tracy to wait for her outside the house. If she had to cover her head with a hoodie, then nobody would question what happened to her long hair. She changed her work clothes into sweatpants and a black hoodie. Then, she secured the hoodie to avoid a similar accident in the past when Tracy accidentally discovered her bald head. "Blair, what if you'll fall in love with your boss?" Tracy asked when they almost reached the Korean resto. "Never!" She was sure of her heart, and Jacob Gordon was into men. "Never say never!" Tracy reminded her. "I will not collect your rent for a year if it will happen, " she declared. "Seriously?" Tracy got excited at the possibility of not paying her monthly rent. "Yes!" Blair assured Tracy, and they made a promise along the street.

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