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   Chapter 20 Helpless or Gold Digger

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“Why do you want to get married in the next three days?” Mishka startled, and turned to look at the source of the voice. She found Leo standing with his arms across his chest.

“I heard your conversation with Pasha. I know you are seriously ill, that’s why I decided to get married in the next three days. So that you can freely go to Canada for your further treatment.” Mishka replied in a plain tone, and Leo’s face dropped.

“I am sorry, dear, I know I am troubling you a lot, but I am helpless,” Leo said pursing his lips, and Mishka moved towards where he was standing.

“No Dadu, there is nothing like that. Please don’t cry,” She said while holding both his hands in her hand. “After him, I only have you. I can do anything for both of you. Please don’t be sad. It breaks my heart to see you like this,” Mishka said while stroking Leo’s hand.

“Look at me, Dadu, see I am happy and I genuinely wish to marry Chris in the next three days. But you have to promise me that you will leave immediately for Canada after our marriage and will come back here healthy.” Mishka said and Leo nodded his head, saying promise.

“Dadu, Can I ask you something?” Mishka asked.

“Yes dear, anything.” He said while ruffling Mishka’s hair.

“Do you really think that I can save this family from crumbling? Uncle Leo and Jennifer already hate me, Uncle Rony and his family do not live here. Why would anyone listen to me? How will I do it?” Mishka asked with her tears threatening to come out from her eyes.

“First of all, I don’t think, I know you are the only one who can save my family. I don’t know how will you do it, I guess you will figure out something but I can assure you that after the wedding everyone will listen and obey your decision,” Leo said and Mishka looked at him, confused.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He chuckled, “Come on, let me drop you at your room, it’s freezing out here and you are shivering.” Leo said, and they started descending the stairs while dropping Mishka at her room, Leo said: “tomorrow morning we will go to meet Vera.”

Mishka smiled and nodded her head, wishing him good night.

~ LEO ~

I dialed Pasha’s number, and he picked up on the first ring.

Pasha: Yes, Leo.

Me: Are those papers ready, which I asked for?

Pasha: Yes, everything is done according to you. I will bring those papers tomorrow. But are you sure? Luke will create a big scene.

Me: I am sure, Pasha, and right now I don’t care about what Luke will do. I only care about Mishka. Anyways, Good Night. See you tomorrow.

Pasha: Bye, good night and take care.

I cut the call and dialed another number. The person on the other side picked it up in the second ring. “Hello, Sir Leo, I was waiting for your call.” The person said from the other end of the call.

“Do you have any information?” I asked.

“No, Christian attended his meeting at Meridian Hotel with two males, and then he went to his office. He did not go to meet Lia today, he was in his Office from afternoon till night.” The person replied.

“Alright, still you keep a close watch on him for the next three days, I want every information. Where is he going? Who is he talking to? Every single detail, and especially if you see any girl around him, inform me immediately.” I said.

“Yes sir, I will not disappoint you,” He replied, and then I ended the call.

Perhaps Chris is saying the truth that he broke up with Lia and he has moved on and I am doubting at him unnecessarily. But I need to be sure of Mishka’s future. I can not jeopardize Mishka’s life. I will not let history repeat itself.


“What the

hell is happening, Chris? You said last night that she refused to marry you, then she agreed to marry you. The whole goddamn London knows about your engagement announcement and now wedding in three days? Are fucking kidding me?” Lia yelled and Chris kept his phone away from his ear.

“Stop yelling, Lia, even I don’t know what is happening here. I am jumbled just like you. So, please give me some peacetime. Calm down, I will figure out something.” Chris said massaging his temple.

“Have you taken her signatures on the contract marriage paper?” Lia inquired, and Chris sighed heavily.

“No, I didn’t get a chance, but I will take her signatures. Don’t worry.” Chris said and there was no response from her side “Hello?” He asked again.

“I don’t know Chris, I have a feeling that this Mishka is not a nice girl she is definitely up to something. I have this unsettling feeling inside me that she will separate us, and I also feel that you like her. You didn’t call me the whole day, even now I called, you were busy, God knows where.” Lia muttered in a sad tone.

“No, Lia, I don’t like her. I love you. How can you even think that I like her.” Chris said, and the images of last night when he kissed Mishka flashed in his mind, making him guilty.

“Lia, please don’t be sad. You know that I can’t call you regularly from now, and you only decided that it's best for both of us to hide our relationship. It’s just for a year and, then Chris and Lia will be together forever.” He said to cheer her up. “Okay, I will take my princess tomorrow on a lunch date, what say?”

“Hmm... that’s a good idea.” Lia replied.

Chris ended the call, and then, lay down on his bed with his hand under his head, watching the ceiling, thinking about the bank statement that he saw today.

She took money from grandpa, but why? She is going to be Mrs. Knight soon, then why she needs money. Lia was right about her, Mishka is really a gold digger, she is robbing grandpa, and he is so innocent that he is not understanding her tricks to trap him.

Her images when he saw her for the first time in the basketball ground holding the ball in front of her face flashed in front of his eyes “How can someone be such a big fraudster with an innocent eye?” Chris thought and then closed my eyes.

Next-Day, outside Vera’s Room,


“Are you ready to meet her?” Dadu asked, and I nodded my head in yes with a broad smile. He smiled back, and then he knocked on the door.

An old lady around fifty years of age, opens the door and greeted, “Good Morning, Sir Leo”

Grandpa nodded his head and asked, “Is she awake?”

“Yes, she is watching the rain outside the window. Please come inside.” She said and opened the door wide enough for both of us to enter. We both entered inside, and I saw a lady sitting in the wheelchair looking outside the window.

“Turn her wheelchair around,” Dadu said, and the nurse nodded, turning her chair in our direction.

My eyes went wide, seeing beauty in front of my eyes. Wearing the white gown and sitting quietly on her Wheelchair, she was not looking at me or dadu, she was looking straight at the wall without blinking.

Dadu sat on his knees, and held her hand, “Look, Vera, whom I brought here today.” But still, she didn’t look at Dadu and was staring at the wall.

“She is Mishka,” Dadu introduced me, but still she didn’t respond, not even blinked her eyes.

“She is Chris’s soon-to-be wife and your daughter-in-law,” Dadu said happily, and then suddenly something unexpected happened. She moved her neck in my direction and looked at me in the eyes.

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