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   Chapter 12 Official Announcement

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Leo, Mishka, and Agnes headed back inside the hall and Leo left Mishka’s shoulder walking towards the stage.

“Oh shit, I didn’t tell Chris that I have changed my decision.” Mishka mentally facepalmed herself and looked around for Chris.

She spotted him near a bar drinking alcohol and doing something on the mobile. Mishka was three-four steps away from him when he looked up at her. She was about to take another step in his direction when she heard an announcement.

Mishka turned to look at the stage and saw Leo holding the mic, “Now no one can save little Chris from this big surprise.” She thought.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight and now I am going to announce something really important. I request Chris and Mishka to please join me on the stage.” Leo said and Mishka looked at Chris who was looking confused, but he stood up and started going towards the stage and Mishka followed him. Soon they stood beside Leo.

“I am proud to announce the marriage of my grandson Christian Knight to Mishka Ranawat. I am so glad to have Mishka as my granddaughter in law. Soon we will announce the wedding date. Thank you, everyone, for being here with us today.” Leo said in excitement laced voice, and Mishka saw Chris paled after hearing him. Soon all the guests started clapping hands followed by confetti blast.

Leo asked Mishka to stand by Chris, and nervousness engulfed her. She started taking small steps towards him and stood beside him. Paparazzi started clicking their pictures, and she tried to give a genuine smile but was failing miserably.

One reporter asked them to come closer and give couple shots and Mishka felt Chris slipping his cold hand around her waist pulling her closer and she felt butterflies inside her stomach.

Mishka looked up at him and noticed his features closely for the first time since they met. Chris was tall compared to Mishka’s 5’5 self. He was definitely 6ft with a wide shoulder and muscular body, blackish-brown hair, black eyes, sharp nose, and defined jawline “My god Mishka, you are marrying this Greek God.” She praised Chris inside her head.

Chris looked at Mishka in the eyes, and she forgot everyone around herself for a moment. She came back into her senses when the camera’s flashes flashed on her face. Mishka composed herself and they clicked a couple of pictures with each other.

Soon people started coming in their direction to congratulate them. Rony and Rose came first to congratulate them.

“I am so happy for both of you. Welcome to the family, Mish.” Rose said while hugging Mishka lovingly.

“Thank you so much,” Mishka replied, breaking the hug. She looked at Chris’s face and find him a little annoyed, but she ignored it. Then she saw Danny coming in their direction with a gigantic smile plastered on his face.

“Hey, congratulation buddy. I didn’t know oldie was going to announce it tonight,” He said while hugging Chris and then he came to hug Mishka but she moved back a little, Danny understood that she is not comfortable hugging him. So he extended his hand saying congratulations and Mishka shook his hand saying thank you.

“I really can’t resist myself from saying this. Your smile is really beautiful,” Danny said, and Mishka smiled, removing her hand from his.

“Thank you so much for the compliment,” She replied.

“I need to talk about something really important. Can we please go out for a moment?” Chris asked Danny without throwing a single glance into Mishka’s direction. Danny nodded his head and then they both disappeared, leaving Mishka alone.

Mishka was standing alone, when she saw Jennifer coming towards her with an evil smirk holding a glass of wine “I don’t why but I don’t get positive vibes from her.” Mishka thought, looking at her.


“What happened? Why are you so stressed?” Danny asked.

“What happened? Like really, don’t you know what happened inside?” I as

ked while kicking the flower pot from my foot.

“Why are you behaving like this, Chris? You knew that it was bound to happen, then why are you angry?” Danny asked, widening his eyes at his actions.

“Lia was right about her, that bitch is definitely planning something big for me, she rejected me in the car saying that she will never marry a guy like me, then how did this announcement suddenly happen?” I asked, throwing my head back.

“Oh, stop believing whatever nonsense Lia says, and I feel Mishka is really a nice girl.” He said crossing his arm over his chest.

“That is all drama. She is pretending to be nice, but she is not.” I said and was about to kick another flower pot, but Danny removed it from there. “I wanted her to sign the contract marriage agreement before the official announcement, so that if she refuses or creates any problem, then I would have time to think about something else, but she tumbles down my entire plot. Now I can’t back out from this marriage because whole media knows and I am not sure if she would sign the agreement or not.” I said, holding my hair in frustration.

“Chris, I really think that you should give fair chance to Mishka in this marriage, she is beautiful, smart, modern, she is just perfect for you,” Danny said and I looked at him furrowing my eyebrows.

“Are you out of your mind? I have a girlfriend, you remember?” I said, waving a hand in front of him. “Oh, of course, you don’t, I love Lia and I will marry her one day, and even if Lia was not in my life, still I would have refused to marry that gold digger bitch.” I spat furiously, looking at him.

“Why are you again calling her gold digger bitch?” He asked in a tired voice.

“Because this is what she is. You tell me who marries an unknown person in today’s world? Of course a gold digger bitch like her.” I yelled in frustration.

“You are drunk, we will talk about this tomorrow when you are sober. Now let’s go inside before they come out searching for us,” Danny said grabbing my arm, but I jerked away.

“I am not going back inside to face that bitch, I am going back home, tell them something, I don’t care.” I said and started going towards my car. He tried to stop me, but I entered in my car and left the place.


Jennifer spoiled Mishka’s whole mood with her words, Mishka didn’t say anything to her and listened quietly because Jennifer was present yesterday in the Knight Mansion, maybe she Chris’s aunt or someone important that’s why she kept her mouth shut. Jennifer became frustrated with Mishka’s quietness and left after throwing her venomous words at her.

Mishka was standing beside Leo looking at the entrance, waiting for Chris to come back so that she could tell him why she changed her mind, but she saw only Danny coming back inside.

He came to where Mishka was standing with Leo and said that he is leaving. Leo asked Danny about Chris’s whereabout and he glanced at me before saying that he had some important con call to attend, so he left early.

Leo nodded his head saying, “We are leaving too. I am tired as well and want to rest.”


I was heading back home in the car with Pasha and Dadu. I was looking outside feeling lost “Marriage was never my plan, I wanted to do so many things in life but maybe God has planned something different for me.” But the question which constantly wandering inside my head is “Have I made the right decision for myself, what if I feel suffocated in this marriage?” then I dismissed this thought thinking, “Whatever decision I had to take, I have taken. Now is the time to justify that decision.” I sighed and looked at Dadu on my left. He was relaxing, keeping his eyes closed.

“Dadu?” I said in a low voice

“Hmm,” He hummed.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked, looking at his face.

“Ask away,” He said, keeping his eyes closed.

“Who is Jennifer?” I asked, and he opened his eyes, looking at me.

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