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   Chapter 11 Knight in Shining Armor

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“I don’t know what the hell happened to me all of a sudden, I was about to kiss Mishka. What is wrong with me? Why I feel so attracted to her? Why I keep thinking about her ever since she set foot in my house. Why there are so many whys in my mind all of a sudden?”

I left Mishka alone on the stage when I saw Lia’s name flashing on my mobile screen and came out to pick up her call.

Lia: Hey baby, How is the party going?

Me: Umm, yeah party is going great.

Lia: Are you having fun?

Me: Lia, is there something important, I need to go back inside.

Lia: Yeah, I called to apologize for my afternoon’s behavior.

Me: it’s okay, no worries

Lia: And have you taken Mishka’s signature on the marriage contract?

Me: Now there is no need to take her signature because she said that she refused to marry me.

Lia: WHAT?? Why? Why did she refuse to marry you?

Me: I don’t know she said that she doesn’t want to marry a guy like me.

Lia: I am sure that bitch is planning something big and….

Me: Lia, no, she is not planning anything. I was wrong to judge her. She is a nice girl and you should stop calling her that, please.

Lia: Why? You were the one who gave this name to her. So, what’s wrong if I am calling her that?

Me: Fine, I agree I gave this name to her and I am ashamed. So, now I am telling you to stop calling her that.

I turned around while speaking the last part and saw Mishka standing behind me. “I will you back later, bye.” I quickly said and disconnected the call before Lia could reply.

Mishka looked at me briefly and crossed me going towards my car. She turned and said, “I came here to take my gift out of the car. Can you please open your car?”

“Your gift is already placed on the side table inside the hall,” I said, and she nodded her head.

“Okay then, let’s go inside, everyone is giving their gift to Dadu.” She said, and we both headed back inside.

We both picked up our respective gifts and started going in grandpa’s direction where all our family members and guests were gathered. As soon as we reached, grandpa looked at us and smiled.

“So my dearest grandson, where is my birthday gift or you forgot to bring like before?” Grandpa asked, folding his both arms over his chest and raising his one eyebrow.

“Well, I don’t know if you will like this or not, but I brought this for you,” I said while giving him the gift-wrapped trophy.

“Oh! That’s a pretty little thing.” He said, and I looked at Mishka cussing her inside my mind.

“Can I open this now?” he asked, and I wanted to say no, please don’t open it in front of everyone but before I could say anything Grandpa beat me “Nevermind, why am I asking you. This is my gift now.” He said while opening the ribbon.

I started looking on the other side in the hope that I would hear everyone’s laughter very soon, but I did not hear anything. I looked back at Grandpa and he had tears in his eyes while looking at the trophy and everyone was looking at him.

“Grandpa, please don’t cry, if you don’t like this, I will bring something else for you.” I said.

“Shut up you idiot, you made me cry on my birthday. Come here and hug me.” Grandpa said and opened his arms for me. I looked at him confused but moved towards him. He hugged me tightly.

“You know this is the best gift anyone could have ever given me.” He said breaking off the hug.

“I have won so many trophies in the business world, but holding this tiny trophy in my hand, I am feeling like I have accomplished everything in my life and I want this trophy buried with me when I die. Thank you so much, son. I never knew that you realize my efforts for you” He said holding my hand and I felt a tear rolled down on my cheek. He hugged me again when we heard someone clearing her throat.

“Dadu, my gift is also waiting to be opened. It is feeling kind of left out.” Mishka said pouting, and I and grandpa chuckled at her childish statement.

“Come here, my princess, show me your gift.” Grandpa took that gift-wrapped canvas from Mishka’s hand and asked the servant to clear the table. Keeping her gift on the table, he opened the ribbon and shock was an understatement that was written on everyone’s face.

It was a beautiful painting of our family picture with grandpa and grandma sitting in the center, Vera and dad standing in the center behind grandpa and grandma, Aunt Berry and Uncle Dan on the right and Uncle Rony and Aunt Rose on the left, Jake and I sitting beside grandpa and grandma on each side of grandpa and grandma but what caught my attention was Daniel sitting in the middle but grandma died twelve years back and Daniel is only ten. How come he is in the painting?

“I don’t remember meeting grandma ever,” Daniel said, looking at the painting closely. “Then how am I in this painting?” He added, tapp

ing his chin.

“Umm.. the family picture was incomplete without you, so I included you in this painting,” Mishka replied with her dimpled smile, and I saw Uncle Rony and Aunt Rose looking lovingly at Mishka

“Mishka, I don’t have any word to thank you. This is truly amazing. All the birthdays I have celebrated till date. I received only expensive gifts from everyone, but today I got two gifts, one that is made of love, this painting and second, this acknowledgment trophy.” Grandpa said in an emotional tone, and I saw Mishka smiled.

Soon everyone was busy talking to each other, and I was trying to locate Danny, I don’t know where the hell he disappears all the time when I saw Mishka leaving the hall speaking to someone on the call and then I saw Dr. Agnes going towards Grandpa with a worried face. He whispered something in Grandpa’s ear, for which he nodded and left with him.


Everyone was pleased to see the painting, and Daniel was thrilled to see himself in the painting, and I was so happy to see everyone so happy. I was looking for Dadu when I got a call from India. I got panicked seeing the number and picking up the call I quickly left the hall.

Me: Hey, is everything fine there?

Unknown: Oh yes, everything is fine. In fact, there is an improvement in his condition that’s why I called to inform you.

Me: Really? Is he recovering? I wish I was there to see it with my own eyes.

Unknown: Don’t worry we are taking good care of him and when you are coming back?

Me: Thank you so much, and I will try to come back as soon as possible.

Unknown: Okay then, see you soon, bye take care.

Me: Bye take care.

I came back inside the hall and started searching for Dadu to tell him that I cannot accept this expensive gown and I need to go back to India sooner than expected, but I did not found him anywhere so, I asked the server if he saw Dadu somewhere and he said that he is on the terrace.

I turned my heels and walked upstairs, but when I reached the terrace I heard someone saying in a high pitch, “Do you even understand Leo, how sick you are?”

“I know Agnes and I am taking your prescribed medications seriously, but I don’t know why my condition is not improving,” Dadu said, slamming his fist on the railing.

“There is no improvement Leo, you have a grade two brain tumor, you have to go to Canada for your further treatment,” Dr. Agnes in a sad tone and I covered my mouth in shock. Tears started streaming down my cheeks.

“You know Agnes, I cannot leave my family behind. Rosella’s dream of a complete family living together will be broken. Jennifer and Lia will destroy my Rosella’s dream.” Dadu said, keeping his hand on his head.

“What about Mishka? You said that you believe that she can save your breaking home.” Agnes said.

“Yeah, I am sure she can save my family, but she refused to marry Chris and I can’t force her to marry him,” Dadu said in a sad tone.

I was in pure shock that I did not notice when the mobile phone fell out of my hand and banged on the floor. Both of them turned around and saw me standing in the corner.

“Mishka,” Dadu said and started coming in my direction.

“Mishka, what are you doing here? Let’s go back to the party. Come.” He said holding my hand.

“Dadu stop, why didn’t you tell me about your sickness earlier?” I asked, sobbing.

“Its not serious. I am alright,” he said, assuring me.

“Its Grade 2 brain tumor Dadu and you are saying it’s not serious,” I sobbed, removing my hand from his hand.

“I am fine, Mishka, trust me,” he said with a broad smile on his face.

“Okay, if you insist, but I came here to tell you something,” I said.

“What?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“I am ready to marry Chris,” I said, mustering up the courage inside me, and he widened his eyes.

“What? Are you serious?” He asked, and I nodded my head in yes.

“But I have two conditions.” I said.

“Please ask away anything,” he said with his lip curled up.

“First you will go for your treatment after the wedding, and second, if anytime, I feel that I cannot handle this relationship anymore, then you will let me go without asking me anything.” I said, and he ruffled my hair.

“I would do anything to make you my daughter-in-law. Just please save my family.” He said the last line in a pleading tone.

“I don’t know Dadu how will I do it, but I promise you that I will try my best to fulfill your dream,” I said holding his both hands.

“Okay, let us go back inside. Now I have an announcement to make.” He said holding my shoulder, and we started walking inside.

I don’t know what I did was wrong or right. I have taken a very big decision of my life in the blink of an eye. But at that moment it felt right to take this decision, and now I have to do this for Dadu, for my knight in shining armor.

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