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   Chapter 10 First Dance

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After the cake cutting ceremony was over, all the guests dispersed in different directions, Since Leo was busy attending some foreign delegates, Mishka was roaming around aimlessly when she spotted Lisa the dress designer who prepared her for the party, she was at the bar sipping red wine.

Lisa was around Mishka’s age with a height of 5’2, petite figure, round face, and shoulder-length jet black hair. Mishka made her way towards her. “Hey Lisa, you here. I didn’t know that you are coming to this party too?” Mishka asked while standing next to her.

“Hi Mish, I had some work, but later on that work canceled, so I came here to wish Sir Leo,” Lisa replied and Mishka nodded her head ordering orange juice for myself.

“I am glad you came, and by the way, you are looking stunning tonight.” Mishka complimented.

“Not more than you Mish, you are looking breathtakingly beautiful, and this gown, this is Madame Rosella’s last designed gown and the diamonds in the neckline are worth two million dollars, but sadly it is not for sale. Sir Leo reserved this dress for Chris’s future bride. He wanted to gift this dress to the girl as Madame Rosella’s blessing. When I saw this dress in your hand back at home. I knew that I am meeting the future’s, Mrs. Knight.” Lisa said, and Mishka was stunned with her mouth open wide.

Lisa smiled, “Wearing this dress is like a dream for almost every girl who is standing here at this birthday party, but you are the lucky one. Just look around yourself, all the girls are envious of you.” She said, and Mishka turned her face briefly to the left side and found every eye filled with jealousy on her.

Mishka swallowed hard and focused again on Lisa, “I didn’t know the story behind this dress.” She said nervously.

Lisa was about to reply when a man in a black suit stood between them, keeping one hand on the bar counter. He tilted his head towards Mishka and introduced himself.

As soon as he said his name is Danny and extended his hand towards Mishka, she recalled that phone call incident from the car

“Is this the same Danny?” She wondered, then shook his hand politely. But when he threw another question, she couldn’t stop herself from asking him if he is he a friend of Chris and as expected he was.

Mishka’s blood boiled when he said yes, but she composed herself and started walking away from there, excusing herself from Lisa. But he again asked her name.

Mishka turned and told him the same name which his friend has given to her, “Indian Bitch” and the look on his face was priceless when she said that. Mishka smiled and walked away.


Mishka desperately wanted to ask Leo about the dress, but she found him busy with the foreign delegates. She was looking at Leo when she felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned. “Jake?”

“May I have the honor to dance with this gorgeous lady?” Jake asked, leaning forward, extending his hand in her direction.


Danny was coming towards me with an upset face, I tried hard to control my laughter looking at his face but was failing miserably. Soon he took a seat on the barstool next to me and I knew what would have happened there, yet I asked him in a concerned voice, “What happened, why did that girl leave you standing there alone?”

“Don’t you dare pretend fucker, you perfectly knew she is that same Indian girl, yet you did not stop me from going near her,” Danny roared “and why the fuck she knows about our conversation which we had when you were driving? Why did you put the phone on speaker?” He spat, glaring at me angrily.

“How would I know that you will start vomiting about her once I pick

up your call, that was all so sudden, and I did try to stop you but you continued your nonsense and now because of you, she is angry with me and secondly, I shouted to stop you from going near her remember? But you ignored me and went to her and so now shut up and bear like I am bearing her wrath.” I said, gulping the down the whole whiskey at once.

“Yeah, but you could have said that there is someone with you in the car or you have placed your phone on speaker. Anyway, I must say she is gorgeous, your oldie grandpa has selected the finest girl for you. Just look around here, no girl can match her in terms of looks, beauty, voice, and she seems a hard-headed sexy girl. I mean, she walked away from the attractive chap like me. Trust me, she is your soon to be wife that’s the only reason I am not hitting at her, but it seems that your cousin is definitely trying to woo her.” He said looking behind me.

I furrowed my eyebrows, turning my barstool to the left, and I saw Jake dancing with her.

“Go get your girl dude before he takes her away like before.” Danny whispered in my ear and I stood up from the stool, taking steps towards them.


I was on stage with Jake. Actually, it would not be wrong to say that I love talking to him. He always makes me laugh with his silly jokes. In fact, in the last two months, we both have become wonderful friends, I love our conversation, it’s so easy to share anything with him. He is a happy-go-lucky man, and a friend like him is like a blessing.

I was happily dancing with him when someone tapped on his shoulder and we both looked behind him. “Can I have a dance with her?” Chris asked politely, but by the look on his face, he was looking quite annoyed. Jake nodded and put my palm in his hand, leaving us alone.

Chris took a tight hold on my hand and pulled me towards him. I tried to maintain a distance between us but when he placed his hand on my bare waist pulling me closer, I felt a chill ran down my spine with his touch. I froze for a moment but then I tried to move away from him but he tightened his hold on me, crushing my front to his chest.

“As far as I know, Jake did not go to India with grandpa, so how you both know each other?” He whispered in my ear.

“I don’t think you have anything to do with this matter.” I whispered back into his ear and I felt him tightening his hold on me.

“I have asked you something and I expect an answer?” He asked again in a serious tone, holding me tight in his arms.

I swallowed hard looking at his face, “Dadu introduced us on a video call and since then, we are very close,” I replied in a hushed tone and then looked down.

“Oh, I see, this close?” He asked with an evil smirk and again pulled me even closer to him, leaving no space between us.

“I... I mea.. meant c-c-close friend and Chris, you are h-h-hurting me,” I stammered, but he didn’t leave me.

“I don’t like you talking with him. Stay away from him,” He said in an authoritative tone, loosening his grip on me.

“And who gives the fuck about what you like?” I said in a high pitch raising an eyebrow and then again he tightened his grip on me, pulling me closer.

I panicked and looked at his face. He was going to kiss me but, before he could do that, his phone vibrated and soon he removed his hand from my waist, retrieving his mobile from his trouser.

Chris looked at me and then again on his mobile screen. He took a step back and mumbling sorry; he left me alone on the stage. I just stood there like a statue, I could not understand what just happened. “Was he going to kiss me or I just misinterpreted his action?”

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