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   Chapter 9 Episode 9 When Danny met Mishka

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At the Farmhouse,

“Leo, I think you should cut the cake. The guests are waiting.” Agnes said, giving a glass of wine to Leo and Pasha.

“No, I will not cut the cake until Mishka comes. Pasha, did you call them and ask where are they?” Leo asked Pasha anxiously.

“Yeah, I messaged Mishka, and she replied that they are ten minutes away from here. They will come soon.” Pasha replied and Leo nodded his head.

“Okay then let’s start the party if they are only ten minutes away. They will join us soon then.” Leo said and gulp down the whole wine, then all three of them started going towards the center table where the three-tier vanilla cake was placed. Soon all the guests started gathering around the table, but Leo’s eyes were fixed on the entrance.


After knowing that Chris abuses her behind her back, Mishka does not even want to see his face, even if he is the most handsome man she has ever seen, but her honor is on top for her. The entire day Mishka was sad about declining Dadu’s wish, but now she is sure that she took the right decision.

“The person who doesn’t know me is already judging me, calling me bitch, don’t know what he would do after marriage.” Mishka thought looking outside, ignoring him completely but she could feel his eyes on her from time to time but she busied herself looking outside the window when a message popped on her mobile screen. She picked the phone from her lap.

Pasha: how much time will you guys take? Your dad is waiting for you here eagerly.

Mishka turned her face to Chris and asked, “How long will it take us to get there?” She asked with absolutely no emotion on her face.

“We are just ten minutes away,” Chris replied, taking a glance at her, and Mishka nodded her head.

Mishka: We are just ten minutes away and Pasha, can you please come outside to receive me?

Pasha: Yeah sure, I will see you outside.

Mishka kept her phone on her lap and again started looking outside when she heard him saying.


After what happened just now, I just don’t know how I should start talking to her again, but I mustered up the courage and said, “Hey, I am really sorry. Please don’t spoil your mood because of me. I know what I did was wrong but…..” I tried to apologize but she cut me off by showing her palm.

“I do not want to listen to anything and thank god I refused to marry you. I can’t marry someone who doesn’t respect me. So now I would suggest that you drive me there without talking to me, and after this journey is over, the two of us will again be oblivious to each other. We were just fine strangers.” She retorted, and it was like someone poured cold water on my head.

We soon reached the farmhouse, and she was first to go, slamming the door on my face. I looked out and saw that she was talking to Pasha, and then he took her inside, and soon she disappeared from my sight. I sighed, putting my head on the steering wheel to relax.

It was not that I was not happy that she broke this marriage thing, but the question which was constantly wandering in my mind was how can someone reject me. Here all girls are ready to throw themselves on me and she rejected me, right in front of my face.

How can she reject the heir of Knight Inc? After a few moments, I calmed myself down and called her dumb in my mind. I turned to pick up my gift for Grandpa from the back seat and saw that she left her painting too. I huffed, coming out from the driver’s seat and opening the door of the back seat; I picked up both gifts.


Just as Chris entered inside, he saw that everyone is around the center table, and then his eyes found grandpa’s scrutinizing eyes on him. Chris put the gifts on the side table and started walking towards him and as soon as he reached, Leo shot his first question “Where is Mishka?”

“I don’t know she will be here somewhere. She came inside with Pasha before me. Haven’t you met her yet?” Chris asked looking around and when he focused back at Leo, he found him glaring at him.

He mentally said, “What? What have I done now to deserve this look?” Chris was about to say that he hasn’t done anything to her, but suddenly the hall darkens and the spotlight focused on the staircase.


Mishka was descending the stairs holding the cake in her hand, looking like a pure goddess in blue color. Everyone was staring at her beauty, Chris included.

I have seen so many beautiful girls, but I haven’t met someone like her. I don’t know why, but there is something in her that a

ttracts me. Chris thought.

All of a sudden the light came back and Chris came out of my trance. He saw hatred for himself in her eyes when she crossed him to go near grandpa and stood between him and Leo.

“Happy birthday, Dadu!! See, I made your favorite sugar free vanilla cake.” Mishka said with a broad smile on her face and put the cake on the table.

“Oh dear, thank you so much, sweetheart,” Leo said, kissing the back of Mishka’s hand when she hissed.

“What happened?” Leo asked, looking closely at her hand. “Oh, my god! What happened to your hand, why your skin is looking dark here.” Leo asked in concern, and Chris too tried to take a look and saw a dark patch.

“It's nothing, Dadu. I burned my hand while baking this, Makeup artist tried to cover this up but I guess she failed.” Mishka said and removed her hand from grandpa’s hand. “Now can we please cut the cake, I want you to eat it and praise like me like you did last time.” She pouted.

“Are you sure? You ok?” Leo asked furrowing his eyebrows.

“Yes, Dadu. It’s not even paining now. Please let's cut the cake,” she said. “I am starving” she whispered to Leo, but it was loud enough for everyone to hear. Everyone laughed, and Leo shook his head, ruffling Mishka’s hair lovingly.



Soon the cake cutting ceremony started and as expected the first bite was for Mishka and then for me and then for Daniel. After the cake cutting ceremony ended, guests started getting dispersed in different directions and I spotted Mishka talking to one of the stylists who prepared her for this party. She was standing in the opposite direction and her back was facing me.

Sitting on the barstool, I turned to the bartender to order my drink when I spotted him eye fucking Mishka, and my blood boiled. I slammed my fist, and he looked at me frightened “Whiskey” I said and he nodded his head dismissing himself.

I was looking here and there to spot Danny when I saw every man and woman was looking at her in pure lust or jealousy. I shook my head “I need to distract myself otherwise I might punch some guys tonight for looking at her like that.” I said in my mind and retrieved my mobile from my pocket to call Danny.

Me: Where the fuck are you?

Danny: Making out with a girl near the poolside.

Me: I want you here inside in the next two minutes.

Danny: Coming, bro.

I cut the call and started chugging on my drink when someone tapped on my shoulder I turned and look at Danny. He sat on the barstool beside me and ordered his drink.

He started drinking, “So, where is your Indian bitch I am dying to meet her.” He asked looking here and there when his eyes stuck on someone.

Before I could say something, he stood up and started going towards Miahka, I shouted, “Danny stop, where are going?”

“Wait, I’m just coming.” He shouted back, going near her.

Soon he stood between her and that stylist and tilted his head towards Mishka. “I think he finally now met my Indian bitch” I murmured to myself, shaking my head.



I was taking the first sip of my drink while looking around to spot Chris’s Indian Bride when someone bareback came in my view. She was standing at the bar in the opposite direction and had all her hair on one side of the shoulder. She was looking like a model with that hourglass figure and as usual, I couldn’t help myself and my legs started dragging me into her direction.

I stood between her and her friend and looked at her and my god she was pure goddess, I have never encountered someone so beautiful like her ever before. Big brown eyes, long dark brown wavy hair, gorgeous oval shape face, and that sexy dimples. For a moment I froze, but then I composed and introduced myself.

“Hi, I am Danny,” I said, extending my hand.

She shook my hand and said, “Nice to meet you.” and then removed her hand immediately.

“I have never seen you here before. Who are you?” I asked, but she ignored my question.

“Are you by any chance friend of Chris?” She asked, raising her one eyebrow.

“Yes. You know him?” I asked, and she nodded her head, turning to leave.

“Hey! What’s your name?” I asked again, and she turned to me with a smile.

“Indian Bitch.” She said and then left.

I was stunned and swallowed hard “Fuck, she was in the car with Chris at that time and she heard our conversation.”

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