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   Chapter 8 Grandma's Last Designed Dress

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Mishka was sad about not able to fulfill his Dadu’s wish, While sitting on her bed, she was thinking about what special she should do for her Dadu’s birthday. Suddenly an idea popped into her mind. She quickly got out of her bed and walked out of her room.

Asking all the ingredients from the servants, Mishka made a sugar-free vanilla cake for Leo. After doing all the icing work on the cake, she kept it inside the refrigerator.

It was already six pm when she got free from the kitchen and now she was going towards her room to take a shower when her mobile buzzed in her pocket. She took the phone out and saw Leo’s message.

Dadu: I have called some stylist for you. They will be coming shortly to prepare you for the party.

Me: Dadu, there was no need for you to do so much for me. I would have prepared myself. It’s your birthday and you are pampering me.

Dadu: I know you can prepare yourself, but still I wanted to do it for you.

Me: Okay Dadu (smiley)

Mishka closed the door of her room and then went to take a shower. She came out wearing a robe and started blow drying my hair. She saw the parcel in the mirror lying on the bed; she turned around and went towards her bed to open the parcel.

Inside the parcel, there was absolutely a stunning blue evening gown. Mishka was about to open the second parcel when someone knocked on her door. She opened the door and as expected three stylists entered inside, closing the door behind them. But Mishka confused seeing the dress designer because she already has a dress.

The dress designer asked Mishka to change into the gown so that they can start doing a miracle on her face and hair. Mishka nodded her head picking up the dress and went inside the bathroom to change.

She came outside wearing the dress but a little disappointed, “Hey, I think the gown is a little loose on my waist” Mishka said looking at the designer pointing at the sides of my waist.

The designer smiled “That’s why I am here to help, let me take your measurements and this dress will be ready for you in the next 15 minutes meanwhile, she will do your makeup,” The Designer said pointing towards the makeup stylist.

Mishka nodded her head with a smile, “Okay then, let's get started.”

***Chris wore a Royal Blue Suit with a white shirt underneath and spiked his hair with a gel. He wore his shoes and was all set for the party. He closed his door looking at himself in the mirror for the last time and started going towards Mishka’s room.

He knocked at her door and the door opened after a few seconds. Three women started coming out one by one, passing him a smile. He looked at them going downstairs and then he turned around to enter inside.

When he entered inside, he saw that Mishka was looking in the mirror, her bareback was facing him. Chris cleared his throat to make her aware of his presence, and when she turned around to see him, his breath nearly stopped for a second. Mishka was looking undeniably stunning in the blue gown, and Chris could not look away from her. Looking at her from top to bottom he was awestruck but then something clicked in his mind, “Wait, that’s grandma’s last designed gown.” He inwardly said in his mind.


“How much more time it will take?” I asked my make up stylist.

“Only a little touch up is left, by the way, you do not need it. You are already so beautiful. Indian girls are definitely hot.” She replied and winked at me looking in the mirror.

“Thank you so much,” I thanked her and after a few minutes my phone buzzed, I picked up the phone from the dresser and unlocked it.

Pasha: I am waiting for you downstairs.

Me: I am sorry, but I

need 20 minutes more.

Pasha: No worries, I am waiting for you in the living room

Me: Okay, I am trying to wrap it up as soon as possible.

I replied and kept my phone on the dresser but after a few minutes, I again received a text from him which says that he is leaving and I will be accompanied by Chris. I swallowed hard looking at his text but then quickly replied back, “Okay no problem, but I made a cake for Dadu, would you please take it with you? It’s in the refrigerator.” and then his reply came after a few seconds “Sure, with a smiley.”

Twenty-five minutes later, I heard a knock on my door; I was done with my dress, makeup, and hair so one of the stylists opened the door. I was applying lipstick looking in the mirror when they started going out and a few moments later, I heard someone clearing throat.

I turned around and witnessed Chris’s shocked face. He was staring at me as I slowing started walking towards him, but he was in his own world. When I reached closer, I waved my hand in front of his face, and then he came back to this world.

“This is the second time, you zoned out. What happened? Am I not looking good?” I asked, looking at him and then at my dress.

“You are looking gorgeous.” He complimented looking into my eyes and I know I blushed.

“Let’s go otherwise we will be late.” He further added.

“Yup. Just give me a second.” I said and quickly turned to my left to pick the gift-wrapped painting for Dadu. I held it up in my hand but tripped, taking the next step because of the long gown and heels. Luckily, Chris held my wrist, and I composed myself.

“Give this to me, it would be enough if you just manage yourself.” He smirked and turned to go downstairs and I started following him, holding my gown a little high.

***Once seated inside the car, Chris started the engine and soon they were on the highway. Mishka was looking outside the window, humming some song.

“So how did you meet grandpa?” Chris asked, focusing his eyes on the road.

“I met him at the River Ganga Ghat.” Mishka turned to Chris and replied.

“Oh, okay and……” Chris was about to shoot another question when his phone buzzed on the back seat of the car.

“Hey, can you please see, who is it?” Chris asked Mishka, and she nodded, picking up the phone from the back seat.

“Its Danny,” She said looking at the screen “Receive or Reject?”

“Receive and put it on speaker,” Chris said still focusing on the road and Mishka nodded receiving it.

Danny: Hey buddy, where are you? I am already at the party.

Chris: Hey, I am just 20 minutes away

Danny: Come soon, there are so many hot chicks here.

Danny said excitedly and Chris looked at Mishka who was busy on her own phone as if she did not hear what he just said.

Chris: Okay, I am coming.

Danny: By the way, where is that Indian Bitch you were talking about? I don’t see her anywhere here.

Chris swallowed hard and looked at Mishka again, hoping she might not have heard like before, but no, she was glaring at him angrily. He looked back at his phone.

Chris: Danny shut your mouth. Don’t say that.

Danny: And why, you were only roaming around calling her that. So what’s wrong now?

Chris looked at her again and found Mishka still glaring at him

Chris: Will you just keep your mouth shut? I am driving. Bye.

Danny: Yeah okay, bye.

Danny disconnected the call and Mishka threw the phone on the back seat. She again started looking outside, and Chris understood that the next twenty-minute ride is ruined. Thanks to his fucking friend.

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