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   Chapter 7 No to Marriage

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When they reached home. Chris poked her in the arms to wake her up, but she was not waking up. Chris was about to throw water at her face, but then he dropped that idea.

Chris got out of the driver’s seat and opened the door of the passenger seat, “it seems I have to lift her up.” Chris said to himself and lifted her up in his arms and then started going inside the mansion.

Opening her door with his back, he carefully tucked her on the bed and was about to get up when a star of her silver chain stuck in one of the buttons of his shirt.

“I don’t know how we always end up like this, so close to each other” Chris thought and started trying to detangle his button from the star but Mishka suddenly opened her eyes and was shocked to find Chris so close to her.

She tried to sit on her bed in her panic state and because of which that stuck button came out of his shirt and now was hanging in her neck with the star.

“How did I come to the room?” She asked in a sleepy voice.

“You slept in my car I tried hard to wake you up but you did not get up so I had to pick you up and bring you to your room.” Chris said and got up from the bed

“Oh, I am so sorry for bothering you,” Mishka said while rubbing her eyes.

“It’s alright and thank you for tonight. Now, you should sleep, you are very tired.” Chris said, and she nodded her head, coming out from her bed to close the door.

“Don’t bother, I will close the door while going out. You go sleep, goodnight.” Chris said and closed her door, switching off the lights.



My eyes fluttered open because of the alarm’s continuous ringing, I groaned and switched it off. I sat on the bed and startled looking around, then slowly, I started remembering all the events of yesterday. I put on my slippers and walked towards the window, removing the curtain I recalled my and Dadu’s chat in his study room.


“WHAT? I.. I… thi… think I have heard s… some.. something wrong.” I stuttered as astonishment engulfed me.

“No, my daughter. You have heard right, I want you to marry my Grandson Chris.” He said smilingly.

“You are joking, right?” I chuckled.

“No, I am very serious I want you as my granddaughter in law. The day I heard your thoughts about the family values at Ganga Ghat, I was very impressed with you, and then when we met again I understood that I want someone like you for my Chris. You are beautiful, witty, smart, educated and most importantly you know how to keep family together.” Dadu said offering me a cup of coffee.

I took a cup of coffee from his hand “My thoughts about family values at Ganga Ghat? I remember our first meeting when I saved you from drowning.” I said staring at him.

“No, dear. I saw you the day before the drowning incident happened. I heard your conversation with your friend about how she should try to adjust with her in-laws and not try to separate their son from them. You were sitting on the stairs of Ganga Ghat and I was sitting right behind you, leaving a gap of one stair. You were explaining things to her in Hindi but suddenly you stood up and shrieked saying, “Come on Sakshi, I am trying to explain to you the importance of family, and still, you are adamant to live with your husband in a separate condo. Think about his parents, he is their only child”

“I looked at you surprised, and then you sighed and sat down beside her and started explaining again in Hindi. I asked my tour guide to translate whatever you are saying and he started telling me everything in a whisper and I must say I was impressed. Such thoughts can be of the girl whose parents raised her very well.” Dadu said, crossing his legs.

I nodded my head “But Dadu why me? I mean, I have come from an entirely different place. I don’t think I and Chris have anything in common. Moreover, this is not my place, not my people, not my country, I will never be able to mix myself with people here.” I argued.

“Mishka my dear. I do not want you to mix yourself with people here and become one like them, I want you to mix them in your color. The color of love, warmth, compassion, and sacrifice. My family has forgotten the love between them and now I only have you, who can remind them of their lost bond. Please do not disappoint me.” Dadu said, holding my hands. “Please think about it overnight and then decide”

“Does Chris know about this?” I asked, biting my lips.

“Yes, he knows, and he is ready for this marriage,” Dadu replied and I nodded

“Okay dadu, I will think about it and will tell you my decision tomorrow,” I said and then left

his study. Suddenly I felt thirsty and went to the kitchen.


Mishka closed the curtains and went to the washroom to brush her teeth when and saw the mirror while splashing water on her face that the star in her chain has a button in it. She took the button out in her hand and wondered where it came from.

She heard a knock on her door. She quickly placed the button on the side shelf and wiped her face with the towel and came out to open the door. She saw Grandpa standing with a parcel in his hand.

“Hey, Dadu! Good Morning and a very Happy Birthday to You.” She said while hugging him.

“Thank you, my doll. Can I come inside?” He asked, breaking the hug, and Mishka smiled, opening the door wide enough for him to enter.

Leo sat at the bottom of the bed and handed her the parcel, “This is your dress for the evening party. I want you to wear this tonight. Shoe and jewelry are also in there.”

“Dadu I had a dress to wear tonight. It’s your birthday and you are giving me a gift. It’s not fair,” Mishka said, sitting beside him on the bed.

“If you want, then you can also give a birthday present to me,” Leo said and Mishka furrowed her eyebrows, “Say yes to marriage. I do not want anything else from you.” Leo said, looking at Mishka with hope in his eyes.

Mishka took a deep breath “Dadu, I am sorry. I am going to hurt you, but I cannot say yes to this marriage. I come here just to attend your birthday and I was not prepared for this surprise.” Mishka sighed.

“I love you Dadu and you know that. You are very special to me, but both I and Chris differ greatly from each other. We are not suitable and you also know someone is waiting for me in India. I have to go back to him.” Mishka said, and Leo looked down in helplessness.

But after some moment he composed himself, “It’s alright. You don’t need to be sorry. I understand this is all so sudden and I respect your decision.”

Mishka looked down not able to face him “I am sorry you asked me something for the first time and I disappointed you” but Leo lifted her chin with his index finger and looked into her eyes

“Hey, I am not sad. I understand your point of view. Now cheer up, it’s your Dadu’s 70th birthday,” Leo said with a broad smile and hugged Mishka. “Okay now I have to go I have an important meeting and will see you directly at the party.” He said breaking the hug.

“Dadu, you are working on your birthday?” Mishka asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I am very sorry. This meeting is very important otherwise I would have never left you alone,” Leo replied, ruffling Mishka’s hair.

“It’s okay, Dadu. I understand. See you at the party.” Mishka said and Leo nodded, exiting her room. Mishka sat back on the bed and started thinking to make his birthday special. “I have already ruined his mood enough for the day.”


“Lia, I don’t think Miashka is a fraud. She seems to be a nice girl, I spent some time with her yesterday while purchasing a gift for Grandpa.” I said, taking a sip of my favorite chicken soup.

“So she also trapped you like she trapped your grandfather. Wow, just great. Her fan following is increasing.” Lia replied glaring at me, “You called me here in the café to praise her in front of me.”

“It’s not like that. I am just telling you what I observed.” I replied.

“I am sure she is pretending to be nice. I have searched a lot last night about Indian girls and all I found is they are super cunning and gold digger.” Lia stated, and I chuckled.

“Why the hell are you chuckling?” She asked angrily.

“Actually, I am hearing this Gold Digger word quite a lot these days. Grandpa always calls you gold digger and now you are calling Miashka gold digger. Isn’t it weird, every girl who comes into my life is a gold digger?” I said and laughed.

“What the hell, Chris? You are calling me gold digger?” Lia stood up and stomped her foot.

“No, of course not, baby. That’s what grandpa calls you, I was just stating that to you.” I said and got up as well. She took out some paper from her handbag and slammed it on the table.

“This is your contract marriage paper which Danny has given me, whatever conditions you sent me on WhatsApp, he put everything in it. Since you have successfully ruined my mood, I am leaving I have a shoot in half an hour. So enjoy your chicken soup alone. Bye.” She said and started collecting her things. “and lastly her name is Mishka, not Miashka.”

“Lia, come on, I am sorry. I didn’t mean that. You are taking it all wrong.” I said, but she left, showing me the middle finger.

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