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   Chapter 5 Asking Her Out

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It was around ten-thirty pm in the night, everyone checked in their rooms after dinner. Chris was descending stairs to grab his black coffee from the kitchen, when he got a call from Lia.

“What’s up?” Chris asked while sipping his coffee, sitting on the kitchen stool.

“What are you doing? The entire day has passed, and I have not received a single call from you. Are you already busy with your soon-to-be wife?” Lia complained angrily.

“Jealous?” Chris teased, raising an eyebrow.

“Why would I be jealous of that Mishka? She is just a temporary arrangement. I am a permanent one.” Lia said proudly.

“Fuck, how did you take her name so well. I practiced overnight, despite that, I am not able to pronounce it so smoothly.” Chris said, stunned.

“Hahaha, anyway, I called you to tell you that Contract Marriage papers are ready. I just got a text from your annoying lawyer friend Danny. Now you just have to convince her to sign them.” Lia said anxiously.

“Okay, I will call him and......“ Chris was about to reply when he saw Mishka coming into the kitchen. She smiled and crossed him, going towards the kitchen aisle.

Chris looked back at her and found her looking for someone. “Lia, I will call you later. Bye.” Chris said in a low tone and hung up before she could reply back.

He turned back to Mishka and walked right behind her. “Can I help you?” Chris whispered in her ear.

She suddenly turned around, and they both came face to face with each other, so close that her wildflower fragrance filled his nostrils.

“You startled me.” She said keeping her hand on her chest.

“I-I am sorry I d-didn’t intend to startle y-you. I just came to ask if you need something.” Chris stutter while making a gap between them.

“It’s alright,” Mishka said, “I came here to drink water but I do not see glass anywhere and there is no servant here either.”

“The glasses will be here in any drawer. Wait, let me see.” Chris said and started opening each cabinet of the modular kitchen.

“This is your kitchen and you do not know where the glasses are kept. I am surprised.” Mishka mocked.

“Here I am helping you and you are mocking me. Is this the Indian values Grandpa was talking about?” Chris said, while opening the last drawer of the cabinet, and there he saw wine glasses. He took one glass out “here you go,” he said, forwarding the glass to her direction.

“Wine glass? Hahaha.” She laughed while filling water in the glass. “Thank you,” She thanked and started drinking. After drinking water, she put the glass in the sink and started going out, mouthing him good night, but Chris stopped her.

“Mahika?” Chris called and she stopped in her track.

She turned around and said angrily, “My name is Mishka, not Mahika, and I get very annoyed when someone pronounces my name incorrectly.”

“I am sorry but your name is so tough that I don’t get it right but I am trying, really trying hard to pronounce it correctly.” Chris said while walking near her.

Her anger slowly subsided, and she asked crossing her arms over her chest “It’s okay. Tell me why you stopped me.”

“Well, you and I both know why you are here,” Chris said, and Mishka got nervous all of a sudden. “You must have already known everything, but all this is new to me.” Chris said and paused for a few seconds “That’s why I was thinking, Why don’t we go out tomorrow evening and try to know each other?” Chris asked, looking into her eyes.

“Are you asking me out on a date, Mr. Knight?” Mishka asked with an amused face.

“What? No.. of course not. I was saying this just to get to know each other better…. But if you want it to sound like a date, I don’t mind.” Chris said calmly.

Mishka chuckled, “Mr. Knight, we do not have any relationship which is formally announced, and who knows what will happen tomorrow.” She said and started going out from there but then turned to

Chris and said, “secondly, I think you have forgotten but tomorrow is your grandfather’s birthday so I don’t think we can go out. There is a party at your farmhouse.” She said and started going towards the staircase.

“Oh shit. How can I forget that?” Chris shrieked in frustration and dialed Danny’s number, but it switched it off. “hooking up with some girl again.” Then he dialed Lia’s number but disconnected it because he knows how dangerous it can be for his plan if anyone sees them together.

Chris facepalmed himself thinking what should he do now. Suddenly an idea popped in his mind and he got up from the kitchen stool and ran towards the staircase.

“He knocked on the door, but no one responded. He knocked again and a faint voice came “Coming” and after few seconds Mishka opened her door “Mr. Knight? How can help you?” she asked, leaning at the door.

“I am so sorry to disturb you like this but I was thinking,” he said and looked up in her eyes with expectation, “Can you help me buy something for grandpa. I am not good at buying gifts and if I did not buy anything, then grandpa will definitely harass me at the party.” He said huffing.

“So you don’t want to buy a gift for grandpa, you want to buy a gift to escape embarrassment at the party.” Mishka stated and Chris pursed his lips together.

“Come on, ya! It’s not like that, you are getting me all wrong. Of course, I want to purchase something special for him, and no friend of mine is available right now to help me out, plus you are grandpa’s favorite girl, so you probably know better what he would like. Now, will you please come out with me, we have to reach the mall early because its closing time is soon.” Chris said.

“Okay, fine. Let’s go.” Mishka said rolling her eyes and started coming out, closing her door behind.

“Wait.. wait, you cannot come out like this.” Chris said pointing at her clothes “You need to change.”

“Why? What’s wrong with my clothes?” Mishka asked, raising her eyebrows.

“We are going out for god’s sake, you can’t come out like that. Being the successor, of the Knight Group, I have a reputation to maintain, and the whole of London knows our family, so I would suggest you go back inside and change into something nice meanwhile I will also change and wait for you outside in the car.” Chris explained and Mishka nodded her head saying “Cool, I will come down in 15 minutes.”


Chris was waiting for Mishka in the car when the front door opened and Mishka came out wearing high waist blue jeans with a white crop top and hairs open. She slid herself inside, opening the passenger seat.

“Wear your seatbelt,” Chris said and was about to start the engine, when he saw her struggling with seatbelt

“May I?” Chris asked politely and she nodded her head. He moved closer to her seat and figured out that the seatbelt is really stuck, he moved a bit more closely, his face was so close to her, that her wildflower fragrance was again filling his nostril. Both of them were looking at each other in the eyes while Chris was struggling with the seatbelt and finally, he succeeded. He buckled her seatbelt and started the engine.

Mishka was silently enjoying the entire ride, looking outside the window. “So you always wear western clothes?” Chris asked in an attempt to start the conversation.

She turned her face and looked at Chris, “Not always, but usually, I prefer to wear wester, it’s more comfortable. Why you ask?” She asked, staring at Chris.

“Just like that. I thought Indian girls always wear Indian clothes like Saree and other conservative dresses, and we have reached.” Chris said, stopping the car right in front of the mall.

“Well, it looks like you have lots of misconceptions about India but don’t worry, I will clear them all one by one.” Mishka smirked and got out of the car slamming the door on his face.

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