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   Chapter 4 Marry My Grandson

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As soon as Mishka entered through the main door, Leo stood up from his chair and started going towards her with a broad smile.

Mishka grinned and when Leo came closer to her, she bent down and touched his feet first (Indians take the blessing of their elders, by touching their feet) and then hugged him.

Leo also embraced her tightly and all the people standing there were watching as if a father and daughter met after a long time. Leo broke the hug and asked, "How are you my child, and how was your flight? I hope you reached here comfortably.”

"I am good Dadu, the flight was great, but I am exhausted right now. I can barely open my eyes." Mishka replied in a tired voice.

"I know sweetheart, let me introduce you to everyone here then I will take you to your room," Leo said holding her hand and started going towards the dining area to introduce her to everyone.

"This is Luke, my son and Chris's father, this is Jennifer, this is my daughter Berry and her husband Dan, Jake’s mom, and dad, and that's my youngest son Rony and his wife Rose." Mishka shook hands with everyone and said hello smilingly. But when she went to Rose to shake her hand, Rose asked her if she would not touch her feet like she had touched Leo's.

Mishka smiled and said, "Yes, why not." and then she bent down but before she could touch her feet, Rose stopped her by holding her arms in the middle and chuckled, "I was kidding, come on give me a hug." Rose said and then they both hugged each other.

Leo looked around the room and then noticed that Chris and Daniel are not present, "oh yes, both of them went out to play basketball." Leo called a servant and told him to go and call Chris and Daniel inside. The servant nodded and left.

***After a few minutes, Daniel came running inside and stood holding both ears in front of Leo. Leo narrowed his eyes, "What did you do this time young man?" Leo asked, folding his arms across his chest.

"He threw the ball at Mishka's face. It was good that Mishka caught the ball before it could hit her face.” Jake replied glaring at Daniel.

"Oh, my god. Are you alright, Mishka? Are you hurt anywhere?" Leo looked at Mishka and asked in a concerned voice.

"No Dadu, I have not hurt anywhere. I am absolutely fine, it was just an accident, he did not intend to throw the ball at me. He was just playing with that guy." Mishka said pointing towards someone behind Leo.

Leo turned, he saw Chris standing at the door with his hands in his pocket, watching all the drama happening. "Chris, come here, I want you to meet Mishka," Leo called him in an enthusiastic voice and Chris started taking big steps towards her with a poker face.

"Mishka, this is Chris, my eldest grandson, and Chris, this is Mishka." Leo introduced both of them and they both started shaking hands with each other.

Leo looked at everyone's face in the room and realized that only four people were genuinely happy, i.e. he, Rony, Rose, and Daniel. Leo then looked back at Mishka and Chris and saw them still holding each other's hand. He smiled and broke Mishka and Chris's trance.

"Mishka, come, I will show you your room so that you can take some rest because I want to discuss something really important after that," Leo said and Mishka nodded her head, leaving Chris's hand to follow Leo upstairs.

***~ CHRIS ~

When she was going inside with that jerk Jake, I was watching her from behind. I was so lost in her and came back to reality when someone tapped on my shoulder. When I looked back, I saw Pasha behind me with

a smirk plastered on his face.

Pasha is grandpa's college friend and the most trustworthy person of Grandpa, he is Grandpa’s advisor, private detective, and blah blah. He is basically grandpa’s everything except his wife. He is like grandpa’s shadow and he reports every minor detail to my grandfather.

"What? Why are you smirking at me?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Nothing, I can see that she has cast her spell on you as well, He said grinningly.

"Bullshit. There is nothing like that. I am just surprised to see that Indian girls carry themselves so confidently. I thought, the girls there are shy. But she is exactly the opposite of what I thought." I said, looking at the way from where she went in.

Pasha chuckled, "Don't worry. She is full of surprises and gradually she will change all your thinking. Just wait and watch.”

I was about to answer him, but the servant came from inside and said that Grandpa is calling me and Daniel inside. Listening to this, Daniel ran in and I followed him.

I stood at the door and saw that Daniel, holding his ears was standing before Grandpa, and Jake was complaining about him to Grandpa. But Mishka said, that it was an accident not intentional, and pointing at me, she said that Daniel was playing with me.

Grandpa turned to look back and then asked me to come forward and meet her. I came forward and shook hands with her and honestly; I don’t know about her, but I felt some spark inside me. But then she removed her hand from my grip and started going upstairs to her room with Grandpa.

As I was watching her going upstairs, I heard Daniel's voice from behind, "She is gorgeous, Isn't she?”

I looked back at him and saw him watching her with wide eyes, "No, she is not beautiful, and stops staring at her like that. Go back home and start completing your homework, you have school tomorrow." I replied in a stern tone.

"If she does not look gorgeous to you, then why were you staring at her? Ever since she set foot in this house." He replied, glaring at me.

"Shut up. I was not staring at her." I said and started going upstairs to my room.



Chris was watching something on his mobile while walking in the hallway when he bumped into someone. He looked up from his mobile screen and saw Mishka. She was wearing black Joggers and a grey T-shirt, the same as him.

"I am so sorry, I did not see you coming." Mishka apologized.

"It's alright," Chris said and started going away.

"Hey Chris, Can you please tell me where is Dadu?" She asked.

"What is Dadu?" Chris asked, puzzled.

"Oh, we in India call Grandfather as Dadu." She replied with a smile.

"Oooo, Grandpa will probably be in his study. Third door on the second floor. You can go from there." Chris said pointing towards the staircase.

"Thanks," Mishka smiled and started going towards the stairs.

***In Leo's Study,

Leo was reading some important documents made by his lawyer as per his request, when someone knocked on his door. He said “come in” and started reading documents again.

"Dadu?" Mishka called, peeking in through the door.

"Oh, Mishka. Come inside and sit. I was waiting for you," Leo called her in and put all the documents aside.

"You said, that I should come and meet you after resting because you have something important to discuss.” She said, sitting on the chair right in front of Leo.

"Yes Mishka and that important thing is that" He paused and looked at her in the eyes, "I want you to marry my grandson Chris," Leo said and Mishka widened her eyes in shock.

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