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   Chapter 3 Episode 3 First Meeting

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Till late last night, Chris kept trying to pronounce Mishka’s name properly but he still can’t take it properly. “Why are these Indian names so difficult. I will definitely name her Mia after marriage. Fuck, I still can’t believe that I am being forced to marry an Indian girl whom I have not met yet.” Chris thought.

He looked in the mirror “You can do this Chris. You can do this.” He kept chanting this in mind again and again to calm himself, But he was still losing his patience.

“How can I marry a girl whose name even I am not able to pronounce properly? God, please get me out of this trouble.” Chris was thinking of another way to get rid of this girl when his phone started ringing.


“Good morning babe. Did you had a good night’s sleep?” Lia asked as if this is some other normal day.

“What is so good about this morning Lia? Till late last night, I was practicing to take that bitch’s name properly, I don’t know when I slept. I am still sleepy.” Chris said while yawning.

Lia giggled listening to him “Oh by the way. What’s her name?” Lia asked.

“Mika nooo….. Maika no... no.. oh god I forgot again. Wait I wrote her name on a paper somewhere, let me see…..” Chris said and started looking for the paper in his room, he found a paper on the side table “hmm it’s MEESHIKA” Chris said and sighed.

Lia chuckled and it annoyed Chris. “Well if you are done with your giggling and chuckling then I need to go and take a shower that Indian bitch can come anytime and Grandpa wants to see me for breakfast, he said he wants to talk to me about something important.”

“Okay Okay…you go, I just called you to say I love you and a great day ahead. I know that once she comes, we will not be able to speak properly.” Lia said sounding unhappy.

“Hey baby girl don’t be sad, no one can stop me from talking to you, not even that Indian bitch. Nobody can come between us.” Chris said to comfort her.

“I love you, Chris. I hope we will be together soon. Anyways Bye.” Lia said.

“I love you too Lia. We will be together soon. Bye, see you.” Chris said and cut the call, he then went to take a shower and after taking a shower he wore a grey t-shirt with black jeans, he looked at himself in the mirror and then left his room to meet his Grandpa in the dining area.


Leo was sitting in the dining area on the head’s chair, waiting for everyone’s arrival when a message popped up on his mobile screen which brought a huge smile on his face.

Leo was writing a reply when Chris arrived “Whose message brought this big smile to your face, grandpa?” Chris asked while sitting on the chair next to him and took a sip from his orange juice.

“It’s Pasha, he said your soon to be wife’s plane has landed and he is bringing her here now” Leo answered but Chris choked on his juice and started coughing very badly.

Leo quickly started rubbing Chris’s back “What happened to you all of a sudden? Are you alright now?” he asked and Chris nodded his head and, after a few seconds, he calmed down.

“Aren’t you excited to meet her?” Leo asked again looking at his red face due to coughing.

“I am very much excited to meet her, I didn’t even sleep all night,” Chris replied and took a bite from his toast.

Soon all the family members arrived in the dining area. Luke, Chris’s father with his girlfriend Jennifer, Leo’s daughter Berry with his husband Dan Mathew and her son Jake, Leo’s youngest son Rony with his wife Rose, and their adopted ten-year-old son Daniel.

Leo’s son Rony did not leave Rose even after knowing that she could not conceive and Leo was proud of him. This is the kind of love he appreciates.

“Is this family breakfast or something? Why everyone is here so early?” Chris asked widening his eyes looking at everyone’s presence in the room.

“Yes I have an announcement to make before the arrival of my granddaughter-in-law.” Leo said taking a sip of my black tea.

“That is soon to be granddaughter in law grandpa. I have not married her yet.” Chris said rolling his eyes.

“Well that’s going to change soo

n Chris,” Leo said looking at him and then looked at other family members “Anyways I want everyone to talk to her respectfully, no one will use abusive words in her presence, I want her to be comfortable here.” Leo directed everyone.

“She is very special to me, I will not tolerate it at all if she is insulted in this house and one more important thing for you Luke and Rony, you two will not fight with each other in her presence.” Leo order.

“Woah! Is she a new headmaster of this house?” Luke asked rolling his eyes. Like father like son.

“No good girl would like to live in an abusive environment, where people quarrel with each other day and night,” Rony said while feeding porridge to his son.

“Nobody is asking for your opinion here, so I would suggest you shut your mouth” Luke replied angrily.

“You guys started again? Can’t you guys sit quietly during breakfast?” Leo said in a high pitch. “I remember there was a time when both of you guys use to fight for each other and now you both are fighting with each other,” Leo yelled and sat back on his chair.

There was a moment of complete silence in the dining area and everybody was looking down at their plates.

“Hey, Daniel! If you are done with your breakfast then let’s go outside? We will play basketball” Chris asked breaking the silence and Danial started jumping in happiness.

Soon both the boys disappeared from the dining area and went out to play basketball.

“Now everyone please behave properly in front of her, I do not want her to think wrong about our family. I hope you will understand your old father and respect what he is saying” Leo pleaded.


Whenever Luke and Rony fights. Chris moves away from there. He doesn’t like them fighting at all. He doesn’t know what went wrong between them in past but he still has a faint memory of childhood, where both of them were inseparable then he doesn’t know what happened between them.

But still, Rony loves Chris so much, he treats Chris like his own son, and for Chris, Rony is like a father figure and, his son Daniel, he loves Chris so much and Chris, he loves spoiling him.

“Brother let’s start playing,” Daniel screamed and threw the ball in Chris’s direction. The ball was about to Chris’s face, but he moved aside and that ball went straight flying beside him and was about hit a face badly when the girl caught the ball right before it could hit her face and that girl stilled for few seconds.

Chris could not see that girl’s face because she was holding a ball right in front of her face. He was about to run toward her but suddenly Jake overtook him and went to the girl.

“Hey, are you alright ?” Jake asked in a worried voice and that girl took the ball away from the front of her face and Chris just kept looking at her gorgeous face.

“I am alright Jake. Don’t worry.” That girl responded with a smile. Chris was lost looking at her and he came to his senses when Daniel started pulling the hem of his grey t-shirt. He looked down at him asking “WHAT?”

“Let’s run away from here if grandpa finds out what we have done, he will scold us badly,” Daniel whispered.

“He will not do any such thing. Chill.” Chris said and looked back at Jake and that girl. He was wondering who is she?

“Let’s get inside Mishka, grandpa is waiting for you,” Jake said and Chris was shocked to the core to find out that she is Mishka.

“How can it be Mishka?” He thought that someone from India will come draped in a saree with a red dot on the middle of the forehead, bangles in hand, and lots of gold jewelry around the neck but she was the exact opposite of what he thought.

Mishka was wearing black pencil-fit jeans with a white crop top which were showing all her curves in the right place and nude five-inch heels.

“Yes sure but my luggage?” Mishka asked.

“Don’t worry driver will bring your luggage inside,” Jake replied and both of them started walking in Chris and Daniel’s direction to go inside the house and when Mishka crossed Chris, they both looked into each other’s eyes for the first time.

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